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Man says he sells drugs because wages are too low

A Lower Estate man that was found with a relatively large quantity of cannabis and $1,770 cash told police he sold the drugs because his salary as a sales clerk was not enough for him to survive.

Twenty-two-year-old Randolph Wescott was given a one-year suspended sentence for the offence of possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply to another.

Magistrate Shawn Innocent also ordered that the $1,770 — which Wescott admitted were proceeds of crime — be forfeited to government’s coffers.

Notably, he was not charged with possession of proceeds of criminal conduct.

What the court heard happened

The court heard that police were in the Lower Estate community for an unrelated matter on March 7 when they were alerted to the scent of burning cannabis.

The scent led them to a parked vehicle, inside of which Wescott lived. He claimed that he lived out of the vehicle because he was displaced by last year’s hurricanes.

The court heard that police the searched his vehicle and found a partially smoked cannabis cigarette, and after a further search uncovered 173 grams of cannabis, a scale, and a record book.

The book reportedly contained several names of persons Wescott conducted his illegal business with.

Wescott was subsequently arrested, charged, and granted police bail.

When asked to offer mitigation on his behalf in court on Tuesday, Wescott said: “I don’t make enough money.”

He said he got the drugs at no cost and was just trying to earn ‘extra money’.

Magistrate Innocent told the offender he would not impose any fines as he (Wescott) would likely return to selling drugs to pay the court.

And bearing in mind the offender’s personal circumstances, the court opted to impose the one-year suspended sentence.

If Wescott commits another crime within that period, he will spend 12 months at Her Majesty’s Prison.

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  1. marley says:

    “I think it’s fair”

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    • Gumption.officail says:

      @marley I must agree with you. Not in supportive of drugs, but the judge statement and action. However as a grown community and with high cost something needs to be done and people get paid fairly.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another local slapped on the wrist and sent home. Does anyone think that this is going to deter drug crimes when there is no punishment. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You have become a lawless, crime ridden territory. Great job belongers.

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    • Shame on you says:

      I guess you have a place to live in. You probably are in Tola earning big money and cast your high and mighty judgement on those trying to make ends meet. If he had to come rob your house, you would have something else to say. The man is living in his car, and still cant make enough. Have a damn heart. You should be ashamed of YOURSELF not him. And cannabis really, like that’s a drug!!!!

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    • Uhm says:

      The taxpayers are who pay to house criminals. I think the majority would rule to not take on the expense of housing a “bum”

    • @Anonymous says:

      If your opinion is a well tested and proven one, be reminded who we learned lawlessness and criminality from.

      Such were learned from the creators, perpertrators and benefactors of thievery, rape and murder, and none of whom have ever paid a consequence.

      Yes sir. Do not the world see exact, similar and worst crimes across the whole of Britan, Europe, America and Australia?

      Be also reminded that some who are the financial benefeciaries of those who stole,, enslaved, raped and murdered, while violating every human right, who live right here in this territory, are today referring to their current place of abode as a “crime ridden territory.”

      How ironic! When was the last time lawless criminal invaded you and your supporters segregated community?

      Perhas, us lawless criminals should begin invading, stealing, raping and murdering your segregated communities here in this territory of lawless criminals?

  3. Name says:

    The government do not mind collecting the proceeds of crime?

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  4. mmario says:

    Two strikes and your Out.

    Magistrate, Please take note.

  5. 2 wrongs says:

    It is not right for him to have the drugs money to pay his bills, but it is ok for Government to take it and put it in their coffers to pay theirs. smh

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  6. Just Curious says:

    This guy sounds like an excellent businessman!

    Just curious as to what will happen to the people named in the record book?

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  7. OG says:

    Young buck, mistake #1, you never keep your customers name or contact on paper. That is what burner phones are for. Outside the BVI,Five O would have snatched up everyone from the list.Young buck, do you, but you never expose your custes. It’s called slipping.

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  8. Biggie Smalls says:

    He must listen to mumble rap. Check my 1st album I’ll teach you how to do it.

  9. Treasure says:

    This goes to show how hard life is in the BVI. Government doesn’t care how you live. This dude just trying to survive. If members of government aren’t sitting in jail for their nonsense then people like this guy right here shouldn’t be in court. He ain’t harming nobody.

  10. Oh really? says:

    So he’s living in a car not paying bills, has a job, what could be costing him so much that he has to sell drugs? child support?

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