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Man threatens to chop motorist, court hears

Elmando Maimehon

Elmando Maimehon

Elmando Maimehon answered to a number of charges when he appeared in the Magistrate’s Court this month, after he allegedly threatened to maim another man for parking in front his driveway.

The accused pleaded not guilty to using threatening language, being armed with an offensive weapon, and common assault.

He however pleaded guilty to criminal damage.

Allegations are that, on April 1 last year, the complainant in the matter parked his vehicle on Fishlock Road near a bar.

It is reported that Maimehon noticed that a car was blocking his driveway, and so enquired about the driver of the vehicle in question.

After the complainant identified himself as the driver, Maimehon grabbed the man’s mobile phone and threw it across the street, causing it to shatter.

The court heard that the complainant walked away because he was afraid Maimehon would also have damaged his vehicle.

After removing the vehicle, the complainant retrieved his phone.

It is further alleged that Maimehon approached the complainant with a cutlass and said: “All my mind telling me to do is to just cut off your hand.”

The complainant reported the incident to the police the following day.

During a police interview, the accused confessed to damaging the complainant’s phone, but denied committing any other offence.

He was subsequently charged.

Maimehon is scheduled to go to trial on April 5. Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste DaBreo is hearing the case.

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