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Man who beats cop in court to pay $300


An impassioned explanation detailing why he assaulted a police officer inside the courtroom last September is what partly spared Kevin Tyson further imprisonment when he was brought before the Magistrate’s Court today.

Tyson was charged with assault causing actual bodily harm and showing disrespect to a magistrate before whom a judicial proceeding was being held.

He pleaded guilty to the offences and was told to compensate the police officer only $300.

“I don’t think it would be fair to impose a further custodial sentence… I am not going to impose a further punishment,” noted Magistrate Vareen Vanterpool.

She made the ruling after Tyson told her that he was having a bad day when he committed the offences.

“The morning before I came to court, I got some bad news [about] my mother.”

He further explained that he had heard that his mother was hospitalized.

Tyson added that his mother, whom he hadn’t seen since he was imprisoned in 2012, was suffering from lupus.

He went on to state that news of his mother’s hospitalization broke him emotionally.

“I am very sorry… I wasn’t really myself that morning,” Tyson told the court.

Before the magistrate handed down the sentence, she – among other things – noted the time the offender already spent on remand.

She however stated that, while she understands Tyson’s circumstance, she wants the offender to exercise better control in the future and to have more respect for himself and others.

Tyson will return to Her Majesty’s Prison to complete serving time for an unrelated matter.

What happened

The prosecution reported that, on September 5 last year, Tyson was in the holding cell at the Magistrate’s Court, waiting to appear before then presiding Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste DaBreo.

An officer stationed at the court went to escort him, but observed that he was not properly attired.

The police officer informed Tyson to tuck his shirt into his pants before he could be allowed to go before the magistrate. He did not comply even after several instructions were given.

Tyson eventually appeared before Magistrate DaBreo improperly attired. The magistrate told him to tuck his shirt into his pants, but again he did not comply.

As such, he was asked to leave the court.

While being escorted back to the holding cell, Tyson became ‘hostile and boisterous’ and punched the cop in the mouth, causing injury.

Other police officers rushed to the area to assist, and Tyson reportedly continued throwing punches.

During the struggle with Tyson, the injured officer deployed his pepper spray in an attempt to subdue the offender.

After subduing Tyson, the court cop was taken to hospital where he was treated for a small abrasion to the left ear, swelling to the left ridge, an abrasion to the leg, and a laceration to the upper and lower lips.

Tyson will return to court on May 4 to report on payment of the compensation.

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