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Man who uses marijuana for ‘seizures’ fined $2,500

Not the marijuana mentioned in the story

Not the marijuana mentioned in the story

Devaughn Callwood who previously told the court he used marijuana to prevent ‘seizures’ was fined $2,500 in the Magistrate’s Court today, March 7.

The West End resident opted to pay the sum before the end of the day.

Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards however warned the offender that, if he does not pay the fine, he will serve six months at Her Majesty’s Prison.

When he pleaded guilty to possession of 8.5 grams of marijuana last year, Callwood explained to the court that he suffers from a disorder called PKND (paroxysmal non-kinesgigenic dyskinesia), which is a condition that causes short episodes of involuntary movement attacks.

At the time, Senior Magistrate Richards ordered Callwood to get drug counselling.

The counsellor made a recommendation for Callwood to get help from an appropriate ‘specialist’.

Callwood however told the court that he does not think he needs help.

What happened

Reports are that police were on mobile patrol in the area of David’s Funeral Home when they saw Callwood standing with two other males outside a motor vehicle.

The officers approached the three, and searched them as well as the vehicle.

A bag was observed on the front passenger seat.

Callwood said it belonged to him, the court heard.

The prosecution further stated that a consented search of the bag uncovered seven small plastic bags containing marijuana.

Callwood was taken into custody and charged.

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