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Manhunt on for possibly ‘armed and dangerous’ Kevin Tyson — RVIPF

Kevin Tyson

Police have launched a manhunt for Johnson’s Ghut resident, Kevin Tyson who they said may be ‘armed and dangerous’.

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) said in a media release on Thursday that Tyson is wanted in connection to their seizure of a semi-automatic rifle last Friday, January 24.

He is also wanted for what police said are “other firearm-related offences”.

“The RVIPF is seeking the public’s assistance with locating Tyson. He is known to be approximately 5 feet 6 inches, has a dark complexion and is medium built. He may be armed and dangerous; therefore, do not approach him,” police said.

“Anyone who may have seen Tyson or have information on his whereabouts are asked to contact the RVIPF at its three-digit access number 311 or the Intelligence Unit at 284-368-9339,” the law enforcers added.


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  1. son of the soil says:

    See? Another product of the belonger status

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    • @son says:

      So you say that the natural Belonger is pure? They don’t deal drugs? They don’t steal? They don’t rape? They don’t murder? Sit down and just shut up. Your not indigenous to the land. You are a squatter that has been given the ability to live in the BVI because no other land wants you. This all will change soon.

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    • Boom says:

      Who does do more crime than bvi landers I’ll wait!!!

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      • Kiingfish says:


        It does not matter, the BVI is their home they cannot be deported to another country, people who migrate to another county should respect and obey the laws of that country or faced deportation, we see it every day from the US and the UK.

        Tell us why should the BVI be different ?

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        • Lol says:

          I really hate to hear you all fighting over what has no sense or base. People we all from one place and that’s earth. BVI SLANDER OR NOT LET’S STOP THAT DIVISION AMOUNT OUR RACE. NO MAN HAS MORE THAN THE NEXT IN LIFE WE ALL HAVE LIFE AND WHEN THAT’S OVER WE NAP FOR LIFE UNDER THE SAME GROUND OR MASS OF ISLAND WE BUSY FIGHTING OVER. THE HYPE OF BULLS**T S**T. IF YOU WANNA TALK FACT THEN DO SO IF NOT SHUT UP. LIVE AS ONE. YOU TALK ABOUT UK AND US YOU SEE THEM BUSY TEARING DOWN THEM SELF OVER WHO FROM WHERE THAT’S WHY THEM COMING HERE AND SOON TAKE OVER CAUSE LOCALS TO BUSY FIGHTING OUR SISTER ISLANDS BROTHER AND SISTERS OVER WHAT A SPACE ON THE MAP THAT ALL OF US WILL ONE DAY DIE AND LEAVE BEHIND. FACTS NUMBER 2 THINK ABOUT IT THIS WAY YOU EVER STOP AND THINK WHY WE CAN’T ADVANCE OURSELF AS BLACK PPL IN THIS WORLD WELL THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE CAUSE WE STUDY PETTY BULLSHIT RATHER THAN FOCUS ON COMBINING OUR STRENGTH AND OVER COME THE STRUGGLES OF OUR DAY TO DAY LIFE. HIGH TIME WE FOCUS AND SEE THAT WHILE WE FIGHTING EACH OTHER DOWN THE ENVASIAN OF OTHER RACE COMING IN AND TAKING OVER REVISING THE EVERYAN REASON OUR PPL FIGHT FOR MANY YEARS AGO AND IT’S HAPPENING CAUSE WE TO DAM BLIND BY THE SHIT WE FIGHTING OVER CURRENTLY. I FROM HERE SHE FROM THERE BULLSHIT, LISTEN SINCE YOU ARE BVISLANDER love to idolize America and UK so much take a page from there book rather then fighting other other Caribbean ppl who came here to make a living so they can live a decent life unite and stand from the great cause just like America and the UK. Fact 3 and the most important factor of all, for all you brainwash Born here who to young to know or old and ignorant,if it wasn’t for the agreement between the UK government and the US government to allow this small country to use the US currency you all wouldn’t been anything to talk about so when you want to knock hard working ppl for simply trying to provide a honest earning to feed there families think about what here would have been like if you had to use the same currency at the outcast step sisters and brothers. Now I know it would have the hater as that’s a norm in this place but I speck the fact and the truth is an offence to the weak and foolish who wish to step on others because they are in the mind set that they are in a better position than others my advise to BVISLANDER IS TO GROW UP AND WAKE UP CAUSE YOU ALL ARE GREATER THAN NO ONE. IMAGINE THAT IRONY OF YOU BRAIN WASH FOOLS THE WHITES COME AND THEY TAKE THE HIGH PAYING JOB YOU ALL SHOULD BE GETTING TALK SHIT NOW..LOL.. THEY BUY PROPERTY AND RESTRICTED OR OTHERWISE BLOCK YOUR FROM GETTING PROPERTIES NEXT TO THEM AS ONE ARTICLE IN THE PAPERS AND NEWS SITE FEW YEARS AGO READ BLACK PPL CAN ONLY BUILD GARBAGE so yes we don’t want them buying land next to ours bunch of fool thats what you should be fighting instead of trying to find out who from here and who from the other Caribbean islands. Oh and how can I forget that if it’s wasn’t from the men and women from the other Caribbean islands your nasty b****+*s would still be making kids with your own family. So shut up cause you ain’t shit without outside influence. I hope when the white ready to enslave you’ll again you remember the division you creating today knowledge drop for some of you hearing and blind spoil brats. Talk now.

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          • Kingfish says:


            Your post missed the entire substance of the subject matter. Try reading it again.

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          • @lol says:

            Nobody had a problem with people coming here to make an honest living. the problem is a lot of outsiders(white and black) are disrespectful and hateful!
            I do agree that the Caucasians are taking over while we fight the black outsiders for the scraps! The slave mentality runs so deep that we prefer to pay a white person to sit on they asses while the same unqualified local do the work. I see why they flock to the Caribbean, why put up with the rat race in their white country when they can live like Gods in black idiot countries like in the caribbean and Africa. It is 21-century slavery, the only difference is that you are getting a minimum wage salary.
            when the government legalizes marijuana, I hope the boys on the block or the average citizen know that they will not get a piece of the pie. I expect ppl like J. Todman, the Romneys, the smiths and white foreign investors to be the ones making the lion’s share while they may employ the hood boys for $6.50/hr. lolol @thousand jobs in a thousand days.

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          • Lol says:

            Ok King. My statement touch the wider scope of the Bulls**t on here. The comments made about who doing crime. I agree my message was a bite strong but BVISLANDER need a wake up call. I take offence to the labels and c++p ppl have to say about good honest ppl. Simple.

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      • Silence says:

        When you look at the numbers, it’s not the locals

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        • Lol says:

          This is what happen when you put ppl backs against the wall they strike back. Nothing you saying there don’t matter but numbers. You treat the ppl indifferent what you expect there is only much one can take them come to better themselves and you make it hard when you all go other places to do the very same thing. Life.

          • Be still says:

            Well I am not sure if this response was to me, however locals back are against the wall too so I mean locals are responding bein the sense that the innocent have to suffer for the guilty. People from outside should hold their fellow people accountable. And locals need to hold locals accountable too. And non profit organizations need to hold their members accountable too. All Jesus was saying is do the right thing. Most people are delusional what the right thing is, sad to say

      • Sooooo says:

        And if that is the case.. it is their home.. where else are they meant to misbehave?

    • Local says:


  2. school children says:

    With all those highly paid retired scotland yard UK officers why do they need the public’s assistance?

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  3. badness don't pay says:

    It’s either the grave yard or the cemetery

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  4. Trust me says:

    Someone knows where he is ghosting at. As long as he stay out of my hood.

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  5. Justice says:

    Too man guns have made their way into this island and many have taken the lives of our friends and family members..Young and old. But, our society has become so wicked , that many turned the other way when many were gunned down and if that’s not a sign of demons at work…I don’t know what is. But, to all the are awaiting justice for your love ones….please remember, that DAY WILL COME, hang in there and keep the faith.

  6. Bruce says:

    You have no license to complain when you care part of the problem.

  7. Truth says:

    The is for @son. You are so right in your blog. All squatters and calling themselves indigenous. No black man or woman in the bvi is indigenous none whatsoever. This land you squatting on was rob from indigenous people by the Europeans . The Europeans bought you for almost nothing and brought you to these islands.slavery was not the beginning of these islands and was not the end. You are squatting and that’s the truth.

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    • get ya backside from here says:

      go tell that to the americans and the other caribbean nationals you t**t! neither were the indians indigenous to the islands.
      Everytime any bvislander have to stand up for their rights. yall love to use this mess to say we have no right to complain. go back where the hell you come from cause you also squatting.

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  8. Yard says:

    Mr tyson dont cross the bridge in coxheat ar done warn you

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  9. Reward says:

    If the police offer a reward for information leading to an arrest, they would’ve caught practically everyone. The cash reward even causes family members to talk.
    Money changes everything, that’s why they do it in bigger countries.

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  10. The truth to all of us says:

    From where ever Tolian island man black white and purple there is a little bit of everything everywhere .lil devil big devil it all part of life truth sinners he came to save.for he loved them derely he says .but them that is condem …those two faced hypocrites. Hmmm.all clean all pure quote a quote..only time my dear keep pushing fire ur burning hot for u all .

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  11. Reward says:

    Add a reward and I’ll talk things tight right now

  12. SMH says:

    Only in the Virgin Islands, a Virgin Islander would be ridiculed and called ignorant for defending their Birth Place. Is it me or are we being oppressed in our own Territory? Others can call Us down, put Us down, tear Us down all while claiming to be amongst Us to better their lives. But yet, we must wallow in shame and pity because We must accept and condone such behavior from them. This s**t needs to stop! Virgin Islanders can’t and wouldn’t migrate to another Country and act this way. We were thought to have Manners and be respectful to Others. A man’s home is his Castle. The Virgin Islands is Our Home! These folks needs to work with Virgin Islanders and stop trying to take over. Ain’t nobody blocking their Departure.

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    • I agree but says:

      I agree with you but it is us who allowed this mess to happen. blame your rich bvislanders who wanted cheap slave labour and to appease the outsiders they fill their heads, “oh you are better and more hard-working than the bvislanders”.
      Plus tis y’all wanted to mix up with them, what y’all think was gonna happen. Their ideology and culture will weed their way into ours. Look around you majority of the bvislanders are either halfbred or born of expats. They will have no loyalty to this place. And from time outsiders hear that you from bvi they treat you nasty on the job and in the stores. It needs population control! They say buh how they save us from ourselves, well please let us die in peace.

  13. Free world says:

    Shut the f*** up set a internet nobodies ayo go look f*****g wuk

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