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Many young people frustrated, not coming back

President of the Virgin Islands Party Dr Natalio Wheatley

President of the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) Dr Natalio Wheatley has claimed that a number of young people from the British Virgin Islands have become frustrated with the territory, adding that a lot of them are now opting to reside in other countries.

“A lot of persons of my generation, they are very frustrated with the Virgin Islands. A lot of them go away to school and they don’t come back,” he lamented while he appealed for more citizens to become involved in the affairs of the territory.

Noting that he has two young children here, the VIP president asserted: “I am concerned very much about the Virgin Islands that they are growing up in, and we need to get people to get involved – to put themselves forward to be patriots for the community. I know a lot of persons out there are not comfortable with what is taking place in the Virgin Islands today – the financial situation, the crime.”

Dr Wheatley’s appeal, made during his party’s television programme this month, was supported by another VIP member, Dr Karl Dawson.

Dr Dawson, who contested the 2015 general election for the VIP while he was still president at the government-owned H Lavity Stoutt Community College, said it was a tough decision to make.

But he noted that the decision was worth making in the interest of the BVI its future generations.

“When I speak with people out there, there are lots of people who want to help,” added Dr Dawson.

He indicated that some persons are afraid to even voice their views publicly.

Dr Dawson further said he has witnessed that, among civil servants, “there seems to be a fear of the political directorate’. According to him, such fear has become a part of the BVI culture.


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