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Marijuana farmer sentenced to over 3 years in prison

Alson Quashie

A Carrot Bay man was sentenced to a total of three-and-a-half years at Her Majesty’s Prison after he was found cultivating more than 200 cannabis plants last year.

Alson Quashie was sentenced on Friday after Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards found him guilty of possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply to another.

In delivering the guilty verdict, the senior magistrate said the police officers who testified against the offender were ‘unshaken’ and ‘believable’.

A breakdown of Quashie’s sentences shows him being slapped with three years imprisonment for the ‘intent to supply charge’ and another six months for possession 78.3 grams of cannabis.

The sentences will run concurrently (at the same time).

What the court heard happened

In June last year, police executed a search warrant at the Vincentian’s Carrot Bay home.

The search uncovered cannabis in his refrigerator and around other parts of the residence.

The court heard that the accused man then willingly led police to an uphill farm located a little more than a mile away from his home. There, police reportedly discovered about 220 cannabis plants in the ground.

Police also discovered more cannabis and cannabis seeds inside a wooden structure on the farm, all belonging to Quashie.

The illegal drugs were confiscated and Quashie was subsequently arrested and charged.

Attorney-at-law Patricia Archibald-Bowers represented Quashie.

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  1. duck1951 says:

    fighting a losing battle . While the rest of the world figuring ways to move forward with cannabis we believe that this will solve the issue . Meanwhile there are more serious crimes being committed . You do not hear those going to jail .
    So much for justice ; Just us !

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  2. well sah says:

    ADVANTAGE NEVER DONE…..innocent should’ve been on this case

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  3. Hmm says:

    Marijuana clouds the mind especially that of young people. Look at what it has done through the Caribbean. You all need to think. Yes it has medical properties but it is a lethal drug.

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    • coke is says:

      coke is what make ppl crazy.

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    • Valenonymous says:

      “Lethal?” I challenge you to name one case of someone dying from marijuana use.

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      • ghutty says:

        take a look at all marijuana users. lack of judgment, always agressive and high tempered. whether we like it or not,it needs to be banned. some of your kids smoke weed and when they does, you all live in fear that something might happen because their behavior change. always in prison. this thing is not safe and it needs to be off the street.

        • hmm says:

          lack of judgement always aggressive and high tempered. haha sounds like alcohol.

          We need serious education to for these old people who got their high dose of negative propaganda based on lies.

      • Hm hmm says:

        No problem ban alcohol too

      • Frango says:

        Here you go. My cat died from eating my hash cakes 6 years ago. He totally freaked out. Believed he was God and dissed all his friends. Then he stole from me to feed his habit. Started hanging out with trashy street cats and ended up selling his a** for weed. So sad.

    • ghutty says:

      lol…ppl think about what you are saying…if it good then why is it a control substance? why is it band from the streets? the most related accident in america came from marijuana since it has been legalise. come on think ppl.

  4. bull junks says:

    Lord man! The minister and all suggested that we start growing medical marijuana…The rest of the caribbean trying to decriminalize/legalize while we busy sentencing

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  5. island man says:

    but how come some of they others just walk away with little fine or no harsh sentence. the man showed the police his farm.

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  6. nah man says:

    She too harsh

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  7. one sided says:

    So the scatliffe boy that get hold with cocaine guns and threatning language get 3 (as a repeat offender)and ayo give this man WHAT????!!!!!!!???ayo serious or seriously one sided.

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  8. Islander says:


    • ghutty says:

      i would love to see it legalize and lets see what happen especially with the behavior of ppl. i guess the doctors office will be more full due to the extensive use of this substance and not to mention, every island and countries around the world will definitely need a metal asylum to put all of you addict after. lol

  9. b marley says:

    legalize it

  10. dude says:

    hoping the vip will change the law and let all those wrongly incarcerated out

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  11. lawyer says:

    The local man got away and the vincy got canned!! I am sure he didn’t own the land where the weed was growing.

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  12. Daaa says:

    What is so amazing this man been remanded from time he was arrested where is the justice in this fing place

  13. island man says:

    what is this magistrate trying to prove that she is better than mr. innocent??

  14. Caca glow says:

    Most of the people that are fighting against the herb is the same people that’s enjoying the benefits when they kids/ families bring it in.

  15. Hm hmmm says:

    Filling prisons with people who are not criminals. One day the BVI will catch up

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