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Marijuana is gateway to cocaine, magistrate warns

File photo. Not the exact marijuana mentioned in the story

While describing marijuana as a ‘gateway drug’, Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo fined Greenland resident Theron Harry $600 for two counts of a marijuana charge – possession of a controlled drug.

“When you can’t get high off cannabis, you elevate [to other drugs],” the magistrate said while she named substances such as crack cocaine.

Harry pleaded guilty to possession of 2.5 grams of marijuana as well as 1.9 grams of the said substance.

A breakdown of the penalties shows that he was fined $350 in relation to the larger quantity, and $250 for the other amount.

Harry was told to pay the fines by July 31 or serve 60 days at Her Majesty’s Prison.

Meanwhile, reports are that police were on mobile patrol in Fat Hog’s Bay on January 20 this year when they saw a group of young men loitering in the area.

Harry was among the group.

The court heard that the law enforcers approached the men and conducted a search.

Before being frisked, Harry reportedly admitted to having marijuana. Police said they discovered a pair of scissors and marijuana on him.

The police later discovered a motor scooter in the area. Marijuana was found on it.

Investigations revealed that the scooter belonged to Harry, the court heard.

Harry was charged with two counts of marijuana possession.


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