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Mark Vanterpool buys Pusser’s

Local businessman and legislator, Mark Vanterpool has purchased the popular chain of restaurants and stores, Pusser’s British West Indies Limited.

Vanterpool, who owns the One Mart Supermarket Group, acquired the business last week.

He said some of his investment advisors said he was “crazy to be buying a restaurant business in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic”.

So why did Vanterpool embark on this business venture in such an economic environment? The short answer, according to Vanterpool, is faith.

“I have immense confidence in the history and culinary traditions, often synonymous with the British Virgin Islands, that Pusser’s has developed over the past four decades,” he stated in a media release on Monday.

“We are looking forward to building on the legacy and foundation laid by Mr Charles Tobias and the Pusser’s team by focussing even more on one of my greatest passions – service,” Vanterpool stated.

Pusser’s was facing major challenges

Tobias started Pusser’s more than forty years ago but decided to sell the business after being hit by a series of crippling catastrophes.

The long-time restauranteur said he was therefore pleased with Vanterpool’s bailout.

“Pusser’s has faced major challenges over the past few years, and was heavily dependent on a strong BVI visitor base. Consequently, the company was severely impacted by the recession, then by Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic,” Tobias explained.

“With virtually no visitor traffic, the past 12 months have been exceptionally challenging for our business, especially for our staff of over 100 employees as it has been for so many persons employed in the hospitality industry, not only in the BVI, but around the world,” he added.

Forth District Representative and businessman, Mark Vanterpool.

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  1. OH HOOOO says:

    thats why we get that parking lot fixed.. well sah..

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  2. Amazing says:

    Congratulations Mark Vanterpool. I am sure you bought at a great price and you have plans to rebuild this famous business in the future no matter how long it takes.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Tell the Europeans this is an example of working hard for your money.

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  4. HMMM says:

    No wonder the prices at O—– sky rocketed.

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    • Increase says:

      I thought that I was the only one that noticed. The price of almost all items… has increased. I shall now be shopping at [other] stores only!

  5. Again says:

    Hmmm, let’s see what he has actually bought?

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    • Jenga says:

      This is a bad sign when established money no longer sees
      Any point in investing in BVI. Only locals with small horizons
      Will buy now.

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  6. Novak says:

    How much did he paid?

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  7. HAPPY FOR YOU!!! says:


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  8. Crook says:

    Cripple the business then acquire it, well played

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    • Yup says:

      This is the plan of the government. Cripple the business then pick it up for nothing. Only Belongers with deep pockets can do this. Since all the deep pockets are in the government we’ll figure out what’s going on. More to come like this. Sit down and carry on.

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  9. Luis Venegas says:


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  10. rastarite says:

    Huge conflict of interest. Feel sorry for the forth district – no representation now

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  11. Congrats! says:

    Mark do you remember when you started off and used to sell to Pussers. Did you imagine that you would one day own Pussers?! Very well done to you for your ambition!

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  12. Lion says:

    Congratulations Lion!

  13. Guest says:

    So District 4 Rep is that why the parking lot across from it can now finally get asphalt and fixed after all these years??

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  14. heckler says:

    No wonder the parking lot across the street was paved by or for the district representative

  15. whites follow whites says:

    dem white people gonna stop patronizing just like what they did to captain’s table and the pub after some locals bought them

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  16. Wow says:

    One Mart and Rite Way can buy anything they want around here after the small businesses is been crippled by their plandemic.

  17. Thanks for saving pussers says:

    Thanks Mark for saving pussers an integral piece of BVI history.. it was sinking slowly for the past 6 to 8 yrs… You have to make changes Mark, Have the workers look and work more professional, The way you hear the workers talk to the managers, the managers have their few favorits who do what they want and get all the benefits..I am so happy for the change but i want to see the change..

  18. Fourth girl says:

    He done give up on the 4 long time soon
    Luce this is your chance please start campaigning my dear you got my vote

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  19. Anonymous says:

    That to showcase how the virgin island party looking out for all the the people in the house congratulations local people keep up the great work Mark the parking lot is looking great fun by the VIP for the NFL.

  20. Brappo says:

    That to showcase how the virgin island party looking out for all the the people in the house congratulations local people keep up the great work Mark the parking lot is looking great fun by the VIP for the NFL.

  21. idlewanderer says:

    service poor at pussers

    can only improve

    wear de money come from

    things always seem to turn up for the action man

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  22. 2cents says:

    Good idea— kill the business with regulations then buy cents on the dollar. Good sign that maybe he will now pressure govt to reopen with more reasonable standards so he won’t lose his shirt too.

  23. Gus says:

    See why we need to coi

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  24. Wow says:

    VIP is brilliant
    Cripple the ppl businesses which leaves them no choice to sell there business for nothing
    And the rich bvi politicians can buy
    Only a worst hurricane than Irma will change the ppl of the bvi when it take everything this time
    Who vex go to hell
    The truth always hurt

  25. Yay says:

    He and his team will do well. Congrats

  26. A see says:

    More jobs for the ‘Little Asian People’. Better customer service.

  27. Evinrude says:

    How many engines Mark got on dat boat? Lights work?

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