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Market Day to become more frequent in Carrot Bay, people hungry for it — Wheatley

Culture Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley patronizes this vendor at Saturday’s Traditional Market Day

Residents of Carrot Bay and surrounding communities will soon have a more frequent avenue to buy, sell and socialize as plans are underway to have a Traditional Market Day several times per year.

Culture Minister Dr Natalio Wheatley told BVI News that Saturday’s market day event was necessary to breathe new life into that aspect of the territory’s culture.

“I loved it. I thought it was very successful, and the people loved it as well because this is what people want. The people are hungry for it and are calling for it every month so we are going to try our best to get it going again and we want this to be happening in other communities as well,” Dr Wheatley said.

He continued: “They want a little more of the culture because they believe we are losing our culture and we are losing our culture. So we need more opportunities like this to revive our culture. I look forward to having it not just next year but several times during the year. [And] I am willing to put money into it.”

Everyone benefits

Dr Wheatley further said the benefits of having more frequent market day events are not only cultural but also social and economic.

“I think it is a win-win for everybody. It is a good way to find out what products are available, it is good for persons who want to get into business to be able to have a captive audience to be able to try their products on a smaller level and grow from there,” he argued.

Eventful day

In the meantime, Co-chairperson of the Carrot Bay Cultural Fiesta Committee Anthea Smith said the day was packed with activities for hours.

“We were out here since 5 am selling local produce, local delicacies, we had a mango eating competition, we had the plait pole, the Heritage Dancers, Zion Songs, steel pan and the Razor Blades,” she said.

The Traditional Market Day was expected to take place since 2017. However, due to the hurricanes, it was pushed to this year.

“They used to do the market day in Tortola, and we wanted to bring that back. So we are hoping that it would not be a one-off something and it may not be annually, but something we do on a more regular basis,” Smith said.

She continued: “We achieved promoting our culture. We also achieved marketing the local delicacies and give people the opportunity to showcase the things that they do.”

Vendors happy

Market Day vendors also seem to have positive reviews about the event.

“We came down with over 75 plants, and we did very well. Because I usually give away my plants,” a florist from Zion Hill said.

“We had a delay in starting up, but once we got going, it was ok,” she surmised.

Gregory Smith, another farmer who sold herbs and local produce, described the event as excellent.

“For the first time, it was amazing … It started slow, but then everybody came in and the day went well. It was very fruitful. It would be a good idea to continue and let everybody come out and see what the culture is all about on a regular basis.”

The event was part of this year’s 65th emancipation celebrations.

To close off the festivities, several major acts such as Pure Mass Band, Adam O, Pumpa, Jah Cure and VIBE entertained the crowd.

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  1. First time visitor says:

    Had a wonderful time at the Farmers Market. Tasted différent things that I never tasted before and they were all so yummy.

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  2. Have to say says:

    I am a recent implant from the United States and I love living here.The market was lovely and everything that was sold was so fresh. I do hope and looking forward to seeing a produce Farmer market poping up in the West.

    Like 30
  3. VIsLander says:

    Wheatley you jamming. 4 more years mon 4 more years.

    Like 26
    Dislike 2
    • I agree says:

      Wheatly is one of the up and comming young Politians in the BVI that is going to have a bright Political future. Ms.Decastro is also headed to a bright Political future.There is a sincere passion and humbleness that radiates from both of them.

      Like 26
  4. hit the nail on the head says:

    There was not even a plug or mention that the same was revitalized in the 7th district since December 2018 or would like to see something similar…..hhhhmmmmmm

    • It says:

      Would be nice to have a Farmer’s Market in each District. People is looking for a way to eat more healthy these days rather than eating all the process foods that is on the market.

  5. Retired says:

    Market day is a great idea anywhere in the BVI. In order to keep it simple I would suggest a money change booth somewhere in the vicinity of the market for the cash sales of less than $20US. Perhaps a local bank or money transfer company could operate/sponsor the money change booth.

  6. Dman says:

    This is great and what the B.V.I. needs. Please support!

    Like 17
  7. From US says:

    There is nothing like getting up on a Saturday Morning tote bag in hand and heading to the local Farmer’s market.I love Farm to plate fresh produce.

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  8. vip heckler says:

    This one termer reminds me of prince stoutt

    Dislike 15
  9. @VIP Heckler says:

    Say what you like but, no one is playing into the negative vibes or talk today comming from you. I personal think the young man is doing a good job.

    Like 17
  10. So true says:

    I would love to see fresh eggs, fresh cow milk, fresh goat milk and local fresh honey sold at the Farmer’s market. I would prefer to eat local grown foods because there is no pesticides or growth hormones in the food.

    Like 15
  11. Festival says:

    I think the Carrot Bay fest most closely approximates what BVI Festival should be about. That’s the only one I think people can really experience and walk away being a bit more aware of BVI culture. Very good show Carrot Bay. Literally, leading from the 1st.

    Like 12
  12. Yeah Carrot Bay says:

    You rocked it.

  13. I have to say says:

    Carrot Bay did well. To me, Carrot Bay embraced more of the Island culture. I had a great time and enjoyed the culture aspect of it.

  14. D4 Farmers market says:

    For Road Town, maybe we should turn Crafts Alive into something like this. Tourists and locals alike might appreciate it more. Don’t know when last I had some sour-sop juice.

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