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Market Square being revamped

Work is underway to revamp Market Square in Road Town.

A media release from the Ministry of Works & Utilities said the project “will add aesthetically to the city and provide more business opportunities for entrepreneurs, especially those in the farming community”.

Vendors who usually occupy the location to sell will be temporarily relocated to Fishlock Road, opposite the Virgin Islands Fire & Rescue Headquarters until the works are completed.

Meanwhile, Works Minister Kye Rymer said meetings were held with vendors to inform them of the relocation.

He said one such meeting was held on July 10 and “vendors were given an opportunity to share concerns and suggestions as plans were brought forward to modernise the Road Town market square”. 

“The design for the temporary location was also presented to those vendors who were in attendance,” Rymer stated.

The vendors were also shown their potential staging areas, he further stated.

The development of the market square is expected to be another change for Road Town as part of the government’s ‘Transformation for Resilience and Sustainability: SMART strategies, empowered people and green development’ plan.

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  1. HMMM says:

    this project look cheap. let us see how much it is going to run them.When it rain everybody wet! this the most laughable design i have seen. LOL

    Also, I hope they taking into consideration DRAINAGE… Government keep building and no one is study about DRAINAGE.

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    • @HMM says:

      It’s cheap and are those tents? WTF are these people really thinking? Level that building and make it parking, find another spot for the market square. If it was supposed to be a real market square all those commercial buildings that lack parking should not be there. That area only works with proper policing by a parking attendant/security personnel monitoring the parking and flow of traffic in the area. It’s an embarrassment and eye-sore to the entire city of Road Town.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      City of Road Town? Where’s that?

    • Project says:

      That illustration looks like it was done by a high schooler. A first year architectural student would be thrown out of the program if that was submitted. I bet the cost is $3mil. $2.75 for the cronies and $250k for the project. The project should be a large open air metal structure that vendors can set up under and patrons can ship out of the weather. Stop these stupid silly ideas and do it right for a change. It will then be sustainable and long term.

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    • Q&A says:

      It is not the drawing of the new Market Square the news house has it wrong. That is the drawing of the temporary location next to the Fire Station. They will be situated there until the original location of the Market Square is revamped. God knows why this media house didn’t properly relay this information

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    • to market to market to buy a says:

      It will be like the Pier Park only the favored few who can fill in countless forms that need a lawyer give bank references and know all the right people will get a place if it is ever built nice. Otherwise put up a roof and stalls and let come who may to sell their produce on a Saturday paying a small fee for cleaning and electricity.

  2. Hmmmm says:

    Pie meets sky! Where in the Market can look like this? Pure nonsense.

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  3. ok says:

    They also need to put all the food vans in one place……………..

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  4. blind man says:

    I saw panchie’s van but didn’t see nito’s own

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  5. Uhhh says:

    That’s not the plan for the new market square in your illustration. That’s the plan for the temporary location. Get it together.

  6. Tara says:

    We come every feb for several weeks. We’ve always enjoyed the market, and it’s quaintness. I’m sure after these “improvements” the vendors will have to pay more?

    • Q&A says:

      The illustration is incorrectly captioned. The illustration is of the temporary location next to the Fire Station until the original location’s construction is completed.

  7. wow says:

    can you tell me we in the modern age. and far better designers on the islands looks at this presentation. this is what the world seeing this is why the world think we are a third world country with the cheap looking 3d. for big money.

    • No NO says:

      You are a fourth world country.

    • Motiv8 says:

      What is a third world country??

    • @wow says:

      By definition, we are a “developing country” formerly known as a third world country. The term Third Wold is deemed somewhat outdated. So when you look around you at the infrastructure (roads, electricity, internet, water/sewage, waste disposal), school system, political BS, our financial dependence, you should understand why we are still in the developing country status. We as a territory could do so much better.

  8. BVIlander says:

    Why would you give the news site the drawings for the temporary relocation and not the drawings for the new market? Sounds like more lies to me makes no sense

  9. Just thinking. says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to place the market in another area where it will have more space and parking ? Also restrooms and place to wash things that needs to be wash .

  10. Concerned says:

    and where is the parking for the new market square and the temporary market square. There is no parking in that area to start with. Haven’t gone to the Post office in ages since no place to park. Now the little parking around there will be market square. How did all these large buildings get permits without parking?

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