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Clarification: Marlon Penn not involved in stealing

On October 2, BVI News Online published a story under the headline: Authorities Accused of Stealing Hurricane Supplies.

In that story, representative of the Eighth Electoral District Marlon Penn is quoted as distancing himself and the government from the claims made by a resident on social media.

The story published also initially clarified that Mr Penn is not among the authorities being accused of stealing relief supplies.

While Mr Penn remains satisfied with the accuracy of the story itself, he is concerned that the use of his image at the top of said story may have led casual readers to walk away with the impression that he is among authorities involved in the misuse of relief supplies.

BVI News Online wishes to make it clear that it shares the very sentiment Mr Penn expressed in the story – that he does not support any misuse of relief supplies, and that he unequivocally is not involved in such nefarious activity.

Mr Penn is an upstanding citizen of the Virgin Islands, and has used his political office to do nothing but advance the lot of the people who call these islands home. His reputation is beyond question.

While BVI News Online regrets any negative interpretation the positioning of Mr Penn’s photograph may have caused, we take comfort in the fact that Mr Penn is satisfied with the accuracy of the story itself.

We wish Mr Penn the very best as he continues to represent these islands and the people of these islands with honesty and integrity.

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