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Meet Mr and Miss World BVI 2018

Mr and Miss World BVI 2018 Temulji Hughes and Yadali Thomas Santos. (Photo by Davion Smith/BVI News)

Meet Temulji Hughes and Yadali Thomas Santos — Mister and Miss World BVI for 2018.

The 25-year-old king and 21-year-old beauty were crowned as title-holders inside the Eileen Parsons Auditorium during the Miss World BVI pageant show Saturday night, August 11.

In what appeared to be an effortless display of poise, charm, eloquence, talent and intelligence, Santos was able to capture the hearts of members of the audience and judges alike.

The young beauty copped seven of some 11 sectional prizes during the pageant.

She won Miss Photogenic, Miss People’s Choice, Best Cultural Dress/Dance, Best Talent, Best Eveningwear, Miss Intellect, and the Beauty With A Purpose segment of the pageant.

“Everything was worth it,” said a victorious Santos, who admitted to putting a considerable amount of effort into her campaign for the crown. The two other contestants in this year’s pageant were Anika Christopher and Aaliyah Inniss.

Yadali Thomas Santos

Santos will move on to represent the territory at the 2018 Miss World final scheduled for December 8 in China, while Hughes will compete in the male version of the international pageant on January 27 in The Philippines.

BVI News will provide more in a follow-up feature publication of the two newly-crowned royalties.

Editor’s Note

There was no local pageant held for Mister World BVI.  The Miss World Pageant Committee selected Hughes to be the territory’s first representative in the biennial Mr World international male pageant. Chairwoman of the Miss World international organisation Julia Morely solicited the BVI to enter the Mister World competition this year.

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  1. Guy Hill says:

    Congrats Yadali. Told you that you can do it. Be brave.

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  2. Hmmm says:

    They should have given her the crown like they did all the former Miss. World BVI. The show was rigged from the beginning. Never knew there were a Mr. World BVI as well. What if there were other gentlemen interested? All you need to stop…

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    • Faith says:

      Were you even there to make such a comment? I was there and she won the title hands down, fairly. The other two contestants were obviously not fully prepared and they made so many errors in their presentations, fogetting some of their speeches and fumbling to answer simple questions. Yadali had the edge as she had previously participated in other pageants and she used that to her advantage. Well deserved win. Congrats girl. Don’t let the haters ruin your rein as the 2018 Miss World BVI. All the best to you.

      Like 13
      • Hmmm says:

        Of course she won, there was no competition that’s the point that is being made. It’s so discouraging to other young ladies when the committee has already chosen the queen prior.

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    • Stop What? says:

      I was there and that child brought her A+ game to that show and showed how much effort she put into it.
      She deserved that win and people aught to just be fair minded when someone does well not begrudge her for it because the person you liked did not win.

      the other girls were beautiful but they were too young. That show demands a certain level of maturity that breeds confidence. It was what Santos had. It allowed her to relax and to have fun. It allowed her to capitalize on her preparation for the show.

      why are you trying to intimate that she didn’t work for it and take that away from her.

      Put away you biases.

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  3. Um says:

    So why is the queen standing and the king sitting?

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    • Good says:

      Perhaps the dress wasn’t meant for sitting so she had to remain standing ?

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    • Seer says:

      In this instance I can’t say but throughout history, we’ve seen the ruler (most times the King, sitting on the throne) and the queen standing right next to him. Even now, look at Queen Elizabeth, she’s the ruler and at most even, she’s the focus and her husband is somewhere on the side.

      Ps. its also not that serious.

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Congrats I love both superb

  5. JAY says:

    Congratulations the winners, more grease to your elbow. I wish you success in your subsequent competitions and future endeavors.

  6. Tola says:

    Them done had them winners long time

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