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…Men, dare to be faithful!

Sandra Phillip Hodge

Sandra Phillip Hodge

Contributed by Sandra Phillip Hodge (Related by Humanity)

Brothers in Christ and other nice guys who struggle with ‘every man’s battle’ – this one is for you.

The example of Joseph (see Genesis chapter 39) shows that infidelity was not acceptable then, nor is it now. Nor is it always the man who initiates an illicit relationship with an inappropriate woman.

But regardless of who starts it, it is wrong.

Joseph had a history of being picked on.

His jealous brothers tried to get rid of him by killing him, but the Lord spared his life and they sold him into slavery instead.

Joseph was bought by Mr. Potiphar, a rich man of stature in the Pharaoh’s army.

He eventually became the top servant in that house, rising to success, for he was blessed of the Lord.

Of all the ups and downs in Joseph’s life (and he had many), he remained faithful to God, and that’s what it takes to be a ‘real’ man, and a ‘successful’ one too.


Although Joseph tried to keep himself out of trouble, Mrs Desperate Housewife, Lady Potiphar, was ‘scooping’ him because she saw that he was ‘handsome in form and appearance’.

She couldn’t wait to get her hands on him. What a tra la la!

Here’s a married woman, going after her husband’s most trusted worker, eyeing him, stalking him, and throwing herself at him without shame or reservation.

Lord have mercy.

You too may have been tempted in a similar fashion.

Some of you may have slipped up and slid down that slippery sloop.

But you can still purpose in your heart to be a Joseph next time, and resist all illicit entanglements with any woman who throws herself at you, regardless of the situation.

You’re not obliged to take her on, and it won’t make you less of a man to say…
“hmm, I’ll think about it”, then leave her with the court and run for your life with your integrity.

Not all such challenges will be a ‘Potiphar’s wife’, or woman of influence and means.

Some will be damsels in distress, coming with sad stories seeking your sympathy.

Some will be shameless seductresses, batting eyelashes, and enticing you to peep where your eyes have no business to be going.

Or there may be a ‘nice girl next door’, just waiting for an opportunity to catch you in a moment of weakness (like needing a babysitter).

Weaknesses…we all have

Despite all that was good about Joseph, he had his weakness (he was probably too good-looking).

He was vulnerable to jealousy with his special ‘coat of many colors’.

You may be a man of many talents. You may have a soft spot for the ladies.

You may even be still attached to a very colorful past, because of the seeds you have already sown.

But as long as God favours you, you can overcome.

Be victorious even if it means leaving your ‘coat’ behind.

Sometimes you have to realize that you cannot have it all. You have to give up something in order to gain something better by the grace of God.

All your past ungodly alliances must be cut loose.

Close your account with Satan and don’t continue to walk the same road you were walking when you got into trouble in the past.

God is merciful

It is said that ‘hell has no fury like a woman scorned’.

But you must chose to please God above all else.

God was with Joseph when he was jailed because of the lies Mrs Potiphar told.

God raised up Joseph out of that pit again as He promises all his faithful followers that He will do.

Joseph rose from glory to glory despite the many ‘set-ups’ and ‘set-backs’ he had to deal with in his life.

Because he was faithful to God and God favoured him.

A man of God is of great value to his family, community, and his nation.

“His leaf shall not wither, and whatsoever he does shall prosper”. Your sons are watching you too!

Dare to be a Joseph, and may God richly bless you!

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