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Men told to test for breast cancer! BVI has had male diagnoses

Health & Social Development Minister Carvin Malone

With reports of males in the territory being diagnosed with breast cancer, Minister for Health Carvin Malone is urging both men and women to screen for the fatal illness annually.

Malone’s appeal comes at the commencement of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is celebrated in October.

He said: “In the BVI, we have had a high rate of cancer, especially breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men. We have also had some instances of breast cancer in men in the BVI. We have had four cases with only one survival.”

“So during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my hope is that each and every one of you will have your annual physicals, have your annual mammograms and that includes men as well. Men must be mindful to get your colonoscopy done, especially if you are over the age of 45,” Malone state

Victims of the disease to be remembered

During this month, emphasis will be placed on remembering persons who won their battle against the disease as well as those who are presently still fighting and the persons who succumbed while battling, the minister said.

“Breast Cancer Awareness month serves to bring our focus not only about breast cancer, but all the different types of cancers that have affected and continue to affect the health of our people,” he added.

Persons encouraged to join CHIP

The Health Minister further urged residents to get on board with the Complete Health Improvement Programme (CHIP) which is being led by his ministry.

“We here at the ministry are pulling out all the stops to ensure that persons from across the territory become involved and are trained in this Complete Health Improvement Programme with the long term aim of improving the health of our citizens and reducing the growing occurrences of cancer cases in the Virgin Islands,” he said.

The theme for this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month is ‘Believe There Is Hope for a Cure’.

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  1. Rubber Duck says:

    A colonoscopy is not the test for prostate cancer. A PSA test is. It’s a simple non invasive test that it extremely useful in detecting prostate cancer at an early stage. A small sample of blood is taken from your arm usually and analysed.

    Detect it at an early stage and it’s curable

    Detect it at a late stage and it probably isn’t.

    All men over 50 should have PSA test once a year.

  2. :) says:

    There are some pretty large male breasts in the BVI so that is definitely worth thinking about. It would have Never occurred to me.

  3. lol says:

    Them gay men is who need to check

  4. i wanna know says:

    will nhi pay for it?

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  5. FEO Gomez says:

    Yup with you all FAT A**ES.

  6. Wslwyn says:

    Check him lol

  7. rofl says:

    When will they be replacing this Minister?

  8. Born here says:

    Too much inbreeding and imported food ,mostly inbreeding

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  9. Daffy Duck says:

    Too many inbreeding and fat hogs, this little Territory has too many morbidly obese people who cannot control their piehole and refuse to move.

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  10. The Nation says:

    They need to be telling us WHY is the cancer rate sp HIGH in BVI?

    • Hard message says:

      Nobody likes the message as to why.

      You know why? Nobody wants to be told they are to be blamed themselves. You don’t get obese by chance, your diet and lack of exercise got you obese. And the same goes for diabetes and coronary heart disease.

      Cancers, just as the fore mentioned diseases have a higher chance of development when people live on the standard Caribbean diet: meat meat meat fish fish rice fried and a little bit of vegetables every now and then.

  11. @ Dafft Duck says:

    And to many racist, hatefilled satan fuelled monster living among decent people here in BVI also.

    Sad to see what awful mentaliriwa now existing here.

  12. How about says:

    How about advising people on a lifestyle that could decrease cancer:

    You know, tell them to move. Tell them to stop eating big piles of rice. Stop eating burgers. Fried chicken fried fish fried anything etc etc etc.

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