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Mi Amor burglary: Police reviewing CCTV footage, 100 diamond rings stolen

Not the cameras mentioned in the article.

Police have secured, and are now combing through available CCTV footage, which they are hoping will lead them to the perpetrators who burglarised Mi Amor Jewellers on Main Street, Tortola on December 29.

Law enforcers have also recorded statements as they continue with their probe.

Initial investigations on the early-morning burglary have indicated that the burglars gained access to the store through a window of the wooden building.

Our news centre has been told that the perpetrators made off with more than 80 gold chains, 100 diamond rings, a number of designer purses and jewellery, as well as an unspecified quantity of gold pendants.

The total estimated cost of the stolen items is $800,000.

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  1. Cig says:

    Now, if you see someone trying to sell you a diamond ring on the streets, you damn well know where it came from. Or if all of a sudden you receiving a diamond ring so casually from someone you fully well know do not have the funds to purchase one under ordinary circumstances, you damn well know where it came from. Mothers, sisters, aunties, daughters, you all know very well these lame dudes in your families do not have a decent paying job, yet you keep quiet and hold you head and bawl when they wind up in jail or worse yet, dead. Report them, do not condone the wrong that they do.

    To all those with young babies, the time to start training them is now, when they get old, their roots, trunks and stems are too tough and won’t bend. Train up a child in the way it should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

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  2. Observer says:

    Where is Caribbean security team? Let them spend some time and assist the police with video footage…

    • VOW says:

      They can also assist to make sure that it is not a s— why should she leave that amount of jewels not secure and did the customs collect duty . I smell a big rat with young ones.

      • CW says:

        THEY BROKE IN. One can only break into a secure location. Otherwise it’s unlawful entry or trespassing. Go back to sleep and let the grown folks handle this. Accusing the operator of a recently burglarized business of a s— is not only insensitive and rude, its also called libel unless you can prove it. I hope she sues you all the way into the next century hahaha, you surely deserve it. SMH at the BVI.

        • Smh says:

          She has to know the person behind the statement to sue them. Moreover pretty slick of you to label an entire territory for the irresponsible statement of one individual.

  3. wooww says:


  4. Unfortunate says:

    This can go both ways. Could have been an actual robbery or fraud, only time and investigation will tell I suppose. I agree with the earlier comment that if you see something either say something or don’t support the sale of items that you know within yourself are likely to be stolen items. Not sure how much information they’ll be able to get in terms of people coming forward because we have a “worry about yourself” mentality.

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