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Millions being spent yet RDA is not operating as it should, says Fraser


Opposition legislator Julian Fraser has said he is not pleased that after more than a year since its establishment, the Recovery & Development Agency (RDA) has still not been given the chance to operate as it should.

When the RDA was established last year, it was intended to support the government to execute the plans identified in its Recovery & Development Plan following the 2017 hurricanes.

The RDA’s role is to, among other things, raise funds, build capacity and execute projects smarter, stronger and greener.

However, Fraser has argued that the RDA has not executed any major projects to fulfil its mandate to date.

Addressing the issue at the recent sitting of the House of Assembly, Fraser said: “I am one of those people when it (the RDA) came up, I opposed it. It came up, it was established, now it is not getting the chance it needs because here it is still not doing what it was intended to do.”

Fraser, in the meantime, said the agency has spent millions thus far on operational costs.

“A total of $2.9 million has been expended for the year. You telling me that we brought in a Chief Executive Officer and paying him over $300,000 a year to run an operation to pick-up garbage from around the territory? That’s what they did. They had some trucks out there to pick-up garbage from around the territory.”

Locals should be given preference in job opportunities

Meanwhile, Fraser said locals should be given first preference to occupy positions at the RDA.

“They have a staff of 31 persons so far – eight persons contracted, eight seconded from government, five engineers, four senior quantity surveyors, two junior quantity surveyors, one environmentalist and two persons specialized in social work. This is 31. I am sure that they are looking for another 31 people. And by the time they are finished it must be over 60 persons hired by the RDA,” he said.

“Persons who are working for agencies like this should be our people. Just the same way the Premier took a delegation to the UK to discuss the loan guarantee, I expect him to ensure — when agencies like the RDA go and hire people — that they are our people they are hiring, and we get first preference,” Fraser added.

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  1. Yes says:

    They are not doing a damn thing. The people need to know the terms of the CEO’s contract. It is taxpayers’ dollars paying him and the streets say that his allowances are crazy and that he gets a portion of the money donated. The people need to know the truth.

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    • Pissed says:

      Your all pissed off because the government and exalted families can’t get their dirty hands on the money. You think the Brits are going to guarantee loans and just allow the money to go into the government coffers so the politicians can extract it and line their pockets. Nope, that money will be watched carefully if the loan proceeds. Given that the financial sector is on its death bed the Brits will make sure the money is not used to keep the useless employed. A new day is coming to the BVI and it’s not one the Belonger will like.

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  2. UM says:

    So whose fault is that but the government? There is no funding to draw from…..stop with the nonsense!

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  3. Waste says:

    I agree with Hon Fraser. They are a waste.

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  4. Lodger says:

    They cannot operate without the loan funds and government is dragging its feet over applying because they dont like being ruled, or overruled, by UK, who, quite rightly want to see that the money is spent properly and not squandered. BVI government may not like it but they only have themselves and their predecessors to blame. With all the money we have had since 1984 these islands should look beautiful, like Bermuda, Kuwait, or Dubai.

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    • Deh Watcha says:

      It will come down to the UK placing a deadline on the guaranteeing of the loan.

      Government for whatever reason doesn’t seem to keen towards it.

  5. smh says:

    It seems to me a good bit of work is being done. I don’t know if it is RDA or VIP responsible, but I am thankful. A vast improvement from a year ago. What I don’t understand is WHY the incinerator can not be repaired or even a new one installed. I think an NDP blunder BUT VIP knew about it for years. So it seems to me also that VIP would have taken care of that and water situation before anything else was done! Humans need air and water! Just my opinion.

  6. Loan says:

    Don’t be stupid. UK is not giving BVIthe money. It is money BVI have to pay back.

  7. Wow! says:

    Did you say someone is being paid $300Ks annually? For what? Can we see and examine that person’s record of accomplishments thus far.

    I’m not sure what job is deserving of that much money

    Keep pushing Mr. Frazer.

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