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Mitsy dedicates first book to firstborn

Mitsy Ellis-Simpson and her daughter Chelsea at the launch of Secret Code British Virgin Islands

By Davion Smith, BVI News Online Staff

Eight-year-old Chelsea may not yet fully fathom the significance of her mother Mitsy Ellis-Simpson dedicating her first book to her.

“The book is a reference book for students and adults; so I thought it was very important to do it for Chelsea,” Ellis-Simpson said yesterday (June 20) while she launched Secret Code British Virgin Islands (BVI).

The book presents a look into several aspects of BVI culture including history, economics, and governance.

Ellis-Simspon said she could not have thought of a better person to dedicate her first book to than her firstborn.

“Education is very important to me, and it is something I really want to instill in my child, and I want her to achieve and be the best she can really be…”

“When you are speaking about a book like this, you’re speaking about various aspects of the BVI that I think everyone in the country should know,” added Ellis-Simpson, who also is a businesswoman, academic, and entrepreneur.

Describing the launch of Secret Code British Virgin Islands as a personal accomplishment, the author acknowledged her husband Christopher and her mother Evadney Terry as major supporters.

The book-launch, held at Old Government House in Road Town, was a collaborative effort between the author and the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Ellis-Simpson said her book would be ideal for any initiative to make Virgin Islands history mandatory in schools throughout the territory.

“The book is a reference point for that – knowing core things about the history… It is a book that teachers can actually use in school,” she told BVI News Online.

The Jamaica-born author, who grew up in the BVI, also noted the appeal her book will have in local tourism.

“The book touches on a lot of things. It touches on our social science, our humanity… The book is a real summary of the country,” added Ellis-Simpson, who holds an Associate’s degree from H Lavity Stoutt Community College, a Bachelor’s degree in Science from Missouri Southern State University in the USA, and a Master’s of Science degree from a university in Hong Kong, China.

In the meantime, Director of the Department of Culture Luce Hodge-Smith, who attended the launch of the book, expressed pride regarding the increasing number of books being authored in the BVI.

She bragged that, since 2007, her department has assisted in launching 27 books.

“We have two more [book] launches by July; so we are very excited… It will be 29 by July,” she added.

Persons were encouraged to ‘take a glimpse’ into Secret Code British Virgin Islands. It is being sold for $49.

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