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Monthly cash for families under Household Assistance Programme

Members of the BVI Red Cross registering families for the Household Assistance Programme recently. Facebook photo

Days after government rolled out it’s Household Assistance Programme for vulnerable families, it’s collaborative partners, BVI Red Cross and Caritas Antilles, said they will be providing financial assistance as part of the programme.

“Cash transfers will be made directly to the bank accounts of people who qualify for the programme. If you do not have a bank account, we will discuss with
you other possible approaches,” the BVI Red Cross said.

The nonprofit organization said eligible households will receive three monthly payments starting November.

“It is anticipated that approximately 1,000 households will receive financial assistance,” Red Cross added.

Households that qualify for financial top-ups include low, or no-income families as well as single-parent families.

Households with children under five years, or residents over 65 years also qualify for assistance, government said.

Other eligible households include those with people with disabilities or severe health issues.

“A weighting system is used to identify the families most in need. This considers the factors that most significantly impact a family’s need for assistance and will decide on eligibility and the amount transferred to each household,” said Red Cross.

Households have until October 28 to register for the programme.

“If you have already registered, we will be in touch with you soon. If you have not registered yet, please visit the BVI Red Cross building or call Department of Social Development helpline.”

In the meantime, Government implemented the programme in light of the recent hurricanes which destroyed several homes and displaced many families locally.





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