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More businesses granting incentives to those who vaccinate

The capital city of Road Town.

Premier Andrew Fahie said more businesses are deciding to grant incentives to the public as part of a government initiative to encourage more persons to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

To date, just a little more than 9,000 persons have taken the first doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

And the Premier said the decision to give incentives to those who take the vaccines has yielded some success.

“I want to give credit to all the businesses who are giving incentives for persons who take the vaccines. This is the choice that the government has chosen to push the vaccination; to educate and to vaccinate. I saw that RiteWay did a vaccination drive, Clarence Thomas with their incentives, we have OneMart coming aboard and I understand we are in discussions with Bobby’s, and the Red Cross did their initiatives. So we are seeing more and more businesses coming aboard to help with the vaccination,” Premier Fahie explained.

Our news centre hasn’t been able to ascertain the exact incentives that are being given to residents. An explanation was recently sought from Health Minister Carvin Malone. However, he hasn’t responded.

With some 34,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine donated to the BVI, many people remain reluctant to take the jabs.

Initially, the government had said they would fully reopen when the majority of residents had been vaccinated.

But having a few thousand doses of soon-to-be-expired vaccines and a population largely unwilling to take them, Premier Fahie said the BVI will fully reopen to visitors in June 2021 whether the population is fully vaccinated or not.

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  1. SMH says:

    What a PLIGHT! Should be by Choice and not tricked, influence, bribe or literal ly forced. Most People would prefer taking one shot instead of two.

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    • To SMH says:

      Exactly!!! What is troubling is that many people refuse to see that something is NOT RIGHT with all that’s being pushed with the vaccine. But, hey the Bible did warn us

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  2. VIP Government says:

    Open up and join the list of countries or risk falling further behind:

    Open for vaccinated travelers:

    Republic of Georgia

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  3. Silly children says:

    Somewhere in the BVI there are about 12 people who are going to die like gasping fish, struggling to breath. Your lungs are going to fill with fluid and you will drown in your own juices. 12 is about the estimate based on numbers in the USVI.

    Remind me about your freedom to choose when your family is crying next to your bed and you turn blue with bulging eyes screaming for one more breath.

    Your arrogance and ignorance is truly mind boggling. Right now, somewhere in the world, someone with a family, kids and loved ones are fighting for their lives because the vaccine that could have saved their life is in a freezer in Virgin Gorda. Sitting idle because you get your news from facebook.

    Shame on you and your kind.

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    • @Silly says:

      So COVID is the only thing that can kill someone or make them very ill? Isn’t it ironic that some of these establishments offering incentives for taking the vaccine are also selling processed products that contribute to chronic illnesses that have taken over the BVI over the past 20 years? If you are honest with yourself as it relates to health and welfare you would know that the numbers tell you very clearly that COVID is the least of our worries. I think you would quicker get diabetes, cancer, ran off the road by a scooter rider or shot in the streets before becoming gravely ill from COVID. The reality is that the vast majority of people that succumbed to COVID are those with pre-existing issues but there’s no focus on the fact that these people are succeptible to any illness and are at high risk of becoming very sick or dying from many other illnesses, not just COVID.

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      • 007 says:

        Statistically Covid was the number one killer in the Uk and USA during 2020. The argument that you should not protect yourself against Covid because there are other things that can kill you is pretty dumb.

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      • Hmmm says:

        Look close and u see who taken the mark and enjoying this life ..but not the next one for sure…them idiot think the game in there favor ….biggest lmaooo

    • redstorm says:

      Silly Children,
      Do you know what is consider the One World Order. Ignorance is build only in the heart of children for a period of time, after which maturity take place and the develop of greater analytics mind is seen in reasoning. Can the vaccine save an individual from contracting the virus, prevent or cure the virus?

    • Stop chat piss says:

      People dieing and killing for money and food for games u play

    • Interesting says:

      How come the thumbs down on many of these comments is not registering? Hmmmmm trying to hide how many do not want the flu shot, being sold as a vaccine so the makers of them have ZERO liability for injury?

      Disgusting how this news company is not allowing THUMBS DOWN.

  4. Rubber Duck says:

    There will be pressure from insurers for employees to be vaccinated. Those with Public Liability insurance, which all businesses should have, are going to have “ all staff vaccinated” questions on their renewal forms. Premiums will inevitably rise for those with unvaccinated staff who interact with the public.

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  5. wow says:

    This is discrimination not bvi love

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  6. Tim says:

    he is BS everyone …

    No, there are no incentive, his own Gov nothing, not paying, not policy nothing …

    he is also not opening in June. He said it in an radio talk but since then nothing.

    open up, announce dates and policies and then we believe you.

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  7. wait says:

    time longer than twine. Come the next couple months lets see how the vaccines doing. 3 months a shot and then you got to keep getting them. Know that a booster is another name for more vaccine. So go ahead and doze up. About travel, its a set of b.s. It have people showing their full vacsine card and the airlines ain’t even studying it but you got to show them your negative covid test. Continue the hype dread

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  8. Well says:

    In the United States 26% of the population has been fully vaccinated and in the UK 15%.

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  9. Tourist says:

    How about incentives for vaccinated people looking to spend lots of money in these business????

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  10. Musa says:

    When our leader from vg take the shot then i will think about it.

  11. Bull shit says:

    People who there are acting like we need them there need us . People let by cot all there asses

  12. Nonsense says:

    What about ppl that are lay-off and employers refuse to pay severance

    All round you ppl trying to force innocent ppl to take the vaccine

    Does the vaccine prevent you from getting COVID-19??? NO

    Does it cure Covid-19??? NO

    So what is so special about this vaccine????

    What happen to ppl choice

    Ayo need to stop trying to be god,

  13. Agenda 21 says:

    Weather we believe it or not,All that’s taken place from Covid to mask wearing, vaccines,Population obedience is all part of Agenda 21.Its all printed in stones,just like the Bible.Check out Georgia Guide stones Agenda 21.Climate Change is next.Pay attention.This is the time we need to promote the one true GOD and ask him for guidance.Put not you Trust in man(Vaccine).There are instructions for the Powers that be to keep the worlds population at a certain level.Be Vigilant and pray.

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