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More festival booths this year, some to serve alligator meals

This structure is among a select number of booths being constructed inside the Road Town festival Village with an upstairs balcony.

Patrons will have more food and beverage options during this year’s emancipation festivities as the number of booths at the Road Town Festival Village will see an increase from to previous years.

“This year we have 28 booths which include the VI Festival & Fairs Committee booth. Last year we had 16 booths, and the year before that I think we had 26 booths,” Chairman of the Road Town festival sub-committee Khalid Frett told BVI News on Tuesday.

“We have an anticipated deadline [for booths to be completed] — July 19, which will be for inspection. But, I can safely say we are looking good for the deadline,” he added.

More changes

In the meantime, Frett said meals made with alligator meat will also be served during the festivities.

“From speaking to booth owners, some booths are even planning to bring alligator on the menu. It is a delicacy, and some people know about it, so expect the unexpected as they are catering to different cultures,” he said.

“We are also going to have five booths who were approved to have upstairs balconies. So they will be catering to patrons who want to go upstairs and look over in the village.”

Frett continued: “It is something that we couldn’t offer to all booth owners because we have to analyze them before we make it across the board for all vendors.”

He further said the stage used in the recent concert featuring Jamaican star Buju Banton will also be used for the upcoming festival.

The territory will be celebrating its 65th anniversary of emancipation from July 26 to August 10 under the theme: A colourful cultural vibe as BVI Festival turns 65.

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  1. No principles says:

    “The stage that was used in the Buju Banton show is the stage that will be used for the festivities”. So, the stage that belongs to one of the elected at large members is the stage that will be used for the festivities. The current Premier used to call this conflict of interest when he was in the opposition. I wonder what name he will call it now that he is in the government. Our country has no principles whatsoever. Our views are based on who is doing something rather than what is being done. Most of us are just about ourselves. I will wait to hear if anybody calls this stage issue a conflict of interest.

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    • Hmm says:

      @ No Principles.
      You hit the nail on the head. I heard allegedly that Buju people payed something like $80,000.00 for the stage.
      I dont know if it true. But we need to have a proper breakdown of what festival which seems to be a money racket is costing us every year.

      We hear that artists are not paid on time and it was a deficit. But the people here are in trouble. The same face on both sides of the coin.

      And those responsible for making sure that these conflict of interest dont happen, has shown in the last few years they have no interest in making elected officials doing what is morally and legally right and they have the power to do so.

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      • VI political says:

        You guys did not see this coming? Please…stay woke! They provided for Easter Festival, for Buju and from time they did not take it down you could have expected that. Well expect it for another set of years.

        I saw this from Feb 25, 2019. Everybody got to eat. They said NDP bread was butter, so it is VIP turn. That is the BVI cycle.

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        • Facts says:

          That man been providing stages for donkey years. Everyone knows that. When P****e was getting the lion share for all these years we had complaints and his price was through the roof. It’s one out of the two so it ain’t like we have much options. All that has to be done is compare the prices of both.

          Now compare that to how many restaurants we have and how many were allowed to cater to the House of Assembly for the past 8 years. No conflict and bias there though?

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          • @FACTS says:

            You have proven the point of @No principles. You have just made a comparison that may be similar but just gave justification based on which side you are on. This place will not get any better soon with our behavior and bias ways.

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  2. Transparency @ its Best says:

    Same stage from Buju Banton show. Same rented stage that was brought in by the government minister and there was no tender bid.
    I guess that’s how he is being repaid, all three festival locations one stage provider

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    • VI political says:

      4 festivals

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    • Thing 2 says:

      So tell me ….who else is there to provide a stage…a suitable one at the where patrons won’t be complaining left right and centre

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    • reality says:

      why don’t all people questioning the motives try to find out if it was a cheaper option to leave up as festival soon after Buju concert? It may have saved the government some cash? Also, why not suggest and support leaving booths open all year! Do you know how many business opportunities having those booths could provide to locals who need to find new ways of income? Farmer’s market could even move there and expand so think of all the possibilities Paint them all up to the Caribbean way with all our local artists. Car park idea for that area talked about recently could be moved to all the land by the pier dock instead. Be a big help to those hustling to earn a decent living after Irma

      • @ reality says:

        I notice you said save government some cash, but do you think it would be fair for that initial cost to be paid by the promoter only? Had he not have the event this supposed cost savings would not be seen by the government. Let’s talk about fairness across the board.

  3. Crazy says:

    What baffles me is NO ONE is outraged at the amount of international acts that we have for just road town and carrot bay alone. In the past years we bashed the committee and Walwyn for all the international acts, which caused him to limit them to three per night, including the usvi. But I guess the problem isn’t the international act but the minister at the time. My people never cease to amaze me.

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    • true says:

      no not the minister but the quality of international acts that are coming is why there is no grumblings, well until you spoke!

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  4. vip heckler says:

    So one politician got the contract for the 3 stages and p****e got none, wow! he really won atlarge

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    • @vip heckler says:

      The atypical ways of the Black man. A sad mntal state indeed. When will we stop keeping each oher down?

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    • LB says:

      When P****e was getting it every year at over $300 thousand nobody complained. Even though other suppliers were cheaper.

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      • @lb says:

        P****e only provided the stage for road town, but provided other needed equipment free of cost. Now I will ask you, if this stage was brought in for buju and left up for festival, was the cost shared between the buju promoter and viffc? If we really want to be fair look at everything in its totality.

        Don’t look at the perceived players and their perceived political affiliation, look at how fair and transparent are the practices of all involved.

  5. son of the soil says:

    Eating alligator meat is not our culture at all……….All i got to say is “monkey see monkey do”

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    • Shush says:

      Oh shut up! Small minded islander?

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    • Wide Eyed says:

      And where is this meat being imported from? I wonder if the allegations of alligator sightings in the nearby USVI has anything to do with it.

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      • No bo says:

        The Alligator meat is more than likely being imported from Louisiana. It is not a big deal. Heard the meat is good from someone who tried it,he said it taste like chicken. he also said rattle snake taste like chicken. I am not a meat eater so I don’t know.

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        • INTRESTING says:

          @No bo you seem to have all the answers Louisiana my big toe. only two companies import Alligator meat and one company imports the snake and it isn’t no of them in the village. so tell me are you sure them ainte prepping damn chicken and selling it to the ppl as alligator/snake? why cannt we be creative instead of biting other folks style I guess next year its goat brains smdh that’s just my two cents “monkey see monkey do

        • Alister says:

          Alligator causes leprosy….

      • USVI says:

        We don’t Alligators down here nor, do we breed Alligators down here. Heard they were breeding them in the BVI. They say they are shipping them in as babies and then they are delivered to a breeding farm somewhere in the BVI.

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    • Dim Sum says:

      So is eating Chinese, Italian (pizza/pasta) or freaking curry (Indian) our culture too moron? I tellin’ yuh mehson; some ppl need to take a test before they can get internet access!! Pardna (sos) you is an iiiiidiat…!

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      • you the idiot says:

        this is a cultural function. Not the everyday food supply. This should display your culture. idiot! Dim Sum you the idiot!

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        • Plank says:

          ‘Cultural function’? Huh? So if hamburger, fried chicken or arroz con pollo from different cultures why are they so prevalent in our restaurants? @ SoS & others: when (I’d yall do) travel abroad ayo will only eat fish in mayo sauce?!?! Gtfoh wid that caveman mentality – push on and enlighten your bellies on the gastronomic dishes around! Or maybe ayo just want EVERY booth to serve fried fish, Johnny cakes and bush tea?

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        • Good eats says:

          Are you sure this is not everyday food supply? Are you sure that the ground beef is 100% USDA beef? Are you sure ground turkey is turkey? Are you sure salmon is wild caught which is the best, or farm raised which is raised on pestersides to make them grow faster?

  6. Anonymous says:

    I knew that s**t i was buying in super market for mutton was not no mutton.

    The truth has come out. We are probably buying and consuming dog, cat and other meats not a customary part of our dietary intake either.

    Lord, the greed for money, especially the green kind, is horrendous.

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  7. Shame says:

    I hope by now the people of the BVI would realize that they were fooled by this government. The only problem they had with the last government was that they wished they were in power and now that they are their conduct is worse than the NDP. It’s a shame. An elected official’s stage is being used because he is in power. We all know that’s the reason and Premier Fahie isn’t shouting conflict of interest from the top of his lying voice.

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  8. Well says:

    I guess a lot of people is going to get a taste of some good Ole reptile meat.I’ll pass. Good eating folks.

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  9. Hmmm says:

    When P****e got the contract every year without bidding
    And charged over $100k where were your voices.
    Sick of are you….

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  10. Newsflash! says:

    I posted some time back that politicians are 6 of one and half a dozen of the other. Better believe this is so true. Remember in 1989 Sir James Mitchell in SVG won every single seat. Now his party has been trying for years to unseat the ULP of Ralph Gonsalves. That is the game of politics. They criticize when they out and turn around and do the same thing!!!!!!

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  11. One eye says:

    I heard the esteemed got a booth

  12. Ausar says:

    I have no problem. with the “delicacies” being served.

    I just don’t want to eat it unknowingly!

  13. Eagle eye says:

    Aslong y’all island people dont bring no alligators here to breed,no problem.

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    • @Eagle eye says:

      I heard from a a very reliable source that they are breeding Alligator somewhere here in the BVI. You see,there is so many people that consume meat that they have to keep up with the demand. That is why I give up eating meats a long time ago. You all been eating reptile/alligator but you just don’t know. All I am saying is I don’t want to wake up one morning and see one of those things in my yard.

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    • @Eagle eye says:

      Nothing surprise me about this place.As small as this place is,there is a lot of nook and cranies in this small place and a lot of down low things be going on. When I was living in New York, this man had a full grown alligator and a full grown tiger living in his apartment. The only way anyone knew was one day the neighbors heard the tiger growling.yes,I believe they are breeding alligators somewhere on the Island on the down low.

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    • @Eagle eye says:

      They are here, as long as they keep them contain, wouldn’t it be some S**t if one get loose and end up in one of the ghuts.

  14. what a place! says:

    That’s the BVI for you. We could care less about what is right or wrong; what is just or unjust; what is truth from lie; or what is fair from unfair. All we care about is personalities. Our views and decisions are based on that. And we see nothing wrong with that. We will be dressing up for church on sunday Morning and praising God because we are holy. What a place!

  15. But Wait says:

    Some people here eat turtle meat, if you eat turtle, alligator meat should not be a problem.They are both reptiles though. Heard it taste like chicken.

  16. HEY says:

    It having Cooney Island?

  17. To Mr. Chairman says:

    Please clarify whether the the elected official will be setting up different stages in Carrot Bay and East End in addition to the one currently in Road Town.

  18. well sah says:

    yet still we cant bring in kentucky and then we will soon got a strip club upstairs one of those booths

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  19. Blah says:

    How many people in Tortola provide event stages? A conflict of interest is not always a bad thing. In a small territory like ours it happens more frequently due to small population and close family ties within the population. A conflict of interest is only bad when there are many and better options available. Some of the main reasons for tendering is to provide transparency, fairness and best value for money. If there aren’t a bunch of stage providers lining up for business what is so nefarious about an elected member providing a stage. Suppose the stage is being provided at a lower or discounted price? For at least 20 years 1 man was sole provider of stages for festival as he had the complete package including sound system. Nobody complained because it wasn’t like we had other options. He was the go to guy year after year. Before we can complain about conflict of interest we have to provide a solution which is having more options which we dont have at the moment.

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    • @blah says:

      The elected official and the same one which has been providing the entire package in Road Town are the capable vendors in the territory for years. One provided for road town, the other had both east end and carrot bay. While in theory I am not objecting to the elected official providing it for town, equally so the other vendor should not have been excluded and could have been awarded east end and carrot bay. I am quite sure on closer examination of what was asked contractually and what was provided additionally at no cost or little cost would explain why it is perceived that the longtime provider was being favored.

      Say what you like, p****e first and foremost is a businessman who ALWAYS provided you a service above par, in a timely manner. So really and truly all this talk of aligning him to NDP is petty!!!!!

  20. Only thing says:

    I will not eat alligator but, I would love a pair of alligator skin heels and a pocket book. Alligator skin is very expensive.

  21. Jokes on Me says:

    Well sah! I shame to say this but I going say it nonetheless. You all here arguing about stage and conflict of interest when my foolish self here thinking how these people fighting over stage and somebody fool me and say the stage was imported from St Maarten for the Buju show. We look how me turn fool fool. Rule #1, never belief everything you hear.

  22. Road Engineer says:

    What is the big deal about alligator meat? Are there any alligators/crocodile swimming and lurking in VI waters? Is not the August/Summer Festival a celebration of the Emancipation from the brutal, dehumanizing exploitation of slaves, VI/BVI culture/customs…….etc? Increasingly, Virgin Islanders are casting aside their culture and embracing other cultures; it seems as if we are ashamed of our culture, believing if it comes from the outside, it is superior.

    It is great to have double decker booths. We need to make sure that the booths have the load bearing capacity to safely dissipate both the live and dead loads. Will a qualified civil/structural engineer be inspecting and certifying these booths? Safety first.

    • Bush Engineer says:

      @Road Engineer, true on the load bearing capacity. Additionally, what is the occupancy maximum capacity? How many exits are there in a case of fire? Will the fire chief/marshal be monitoring the occupancy? Since the 2 story booths have greater marketing appeal, will they be paying a higher space use cost? Will all food handlers have current food handlers permit? Will cashiers also be handling food?Will minors be handling alcohol?

  23. Wellsah says:

    so I’m guessing that the 5 Booths that have an upstairs paid extra monies ? Why only 5 ? Why didn’t the other booths get the opportunity to do an upstairs as well ?

    If all booth owners paid $100 for one story booth those with two stories should pay more . I’m just curious on how much y’all making off these booth & stalls owners .

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    • @Wellsah says:

      I hope the Festival Committee has good insurance for it is about to be tested. When fight or fire break out look trouble. A booth spot is a booth spot. $1500 for them all whether you have two storey or one.

  24. No Upstairs says:

    We should not allow Upstairs, that can be very unsafe and dangerous. I know it’s not so common but like common sense prevail!

  25. wow says:

    y’all really waited for the 65th to test run upstairs ?? That’s so unsafe. The festival committee reach a long way to be doing this type of BS.

    It’s like some on got into the Chairman & Members ears. Hmmm, you see that thing call POWER !

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