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More promises | Water to be fully restored ‘soon’

Works Minister, Mark Vanterpool.

Works Minister Mark Vanterpool has said plans are in the pipeline to have water fully restored to all factions of the territory soon.

He said most of the territory already has a steady flow of ‘public water’ except for a few communities in the First and Third districts.

“In my assessment, we still continue to have concerns about Sea Cows Bay area and in the western area of the island.”


The Minister said problems persist in those two areas because of leaks in their water distribution system.

In terms of the Sea Cows Bay community, which is located in the Third District, taps remain dry so repair works can continue on the community’s main water line, Vanterpool said.

He said a ‘permanent solution’ is being worked on.

Two more weeks for First District

As for the First District, residents will only have to wait another two weeks for piped water.

However, Vanterpool made that very two-week promise three months ago during a meeting in that district.

At that time, he said the district would have received a steady supply of water once the Capoon’s Bay Water Plant received a 500-kilowatt generator, which was slated to arrive that week.

But, while answering questions in the House of Assembly last week, the minister said ‘major’ leaks were discovered in the distribution line in West End, and the Capoons Bay Water Plant now needs repairs.

“What had happened was once they got power to the plant, a number of issues were discovered as a result of the storm.”

“They (Water and Sewerage) have been working and they hope to have a steady supply of water in that area within the next two weeks … by the end of March,” he promised.

Struggling and anxious

Vanterpool admitted that the people in that area have been ‘struggling’ and said he was “anxious to get it (the water plant) up and running very, very soon”.

The community has been functioning on trucked water for the past several months.

The territory’s water distribution network was severely impacted by last year’s hurricanes.

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  1. Julia Santos Baby says:

    So ironic the water wooo is just happening in the 1st and 3rd districts. Dos mio!!! ????

    • FIRST DISTRICT says:

      In Decemember when the 1st District rep invited this minister to the weekly District meetings he promised that the water will be back in two weeks and so will the West End ferry. We are now in March and he’s saying the same things. SMDH.

      • USA says:

        My two cents West End is a port of entry and from the time the NDP get into power they flush it in the toilet but let tell them this the same place they say they love and care for they are keeping down v——- you all think is right to have staff working in that condition in the US they fix up trailers you will be surprise to see how nice they fix them so stop the damn pride get trailers fix them until better can be done. The BVI get a lot help and people is still willing to help. It is a shame the way these ministers are using tax payers money tax is to be use to benefit the entire place. The outside world is watching you all conduct.

        • Stupes says:

          In the US they close down the St John entry port altogether. The same should have been done in West End until they can get a proper temporary structure. BVI want to please everyone. If you are going to Red Hook, St Thomas, you had better clear in Charlotte Amalie.

    • SCB says:

      What 3rd District? We have water from about 05:30am to around 11:00 the latest. And that is not since Irma but for many years!

  2. 2018 says:

    meanwhile its 2018 and you can’t figure out water, power, or sewage. Basic. The rest of the world is sending rockets to space, building self driven cars, etc.. while we have no water but own part of an airline somewhere?

  3. Strupes says:

    This man just says what he thinks people want to hear knowing full well that it isn’t going to be.

  4. My take says:

    I am so disappointed with this NDP gang before IRMA and now even more after Irma.

    • I will say again says:

      I have been living in Duffs Bottom for the past 7yrs up to present the water issue is terrible water comes on 5-5:30 every morning then it cut off at 9:30-10 in the morning EVERY DAY or sometimes no water at all for two to three days per week i am hoping and praying that this will truely solve

      • duffs says:

        Presently water now comes on at 5:30 am up until 7:45 am whenever they turn on the water which is not on an every day basis.
        This man is just not ready all promises.

  5. Concerned says:

    The water constantly being redone is just an example of contracts/workers being “not the best”, but the most favored. Why in the name of the Lord was the water not put in properly when first done.
    I have seen the same place torn up and redone 3-4 times. I have watched while the pipe was put in improperly and I am only a lay person with common sense, not a contractor.

  6. Rubber Duck says:

    The major leak will be because the water pipe is destroyed between Caopoons and Apple Bay as is the road it runs beside. And no one has even attempted to fix it.

  7. Sam the man says:

    …. take with a large pinch of salt because it ain’t gonna happen period….

  8. Gang says:

    This guy has turned out to be a classic w—– ….!

  9. Brad Boynes says:

    More of a v—- king’

  10. Anonymous says:

    I in the 4th and still don’t have none hmm

  11. VILander says:

    Restore the wells so that we’re never out of water again

  12. You says:

    First of all water n sewerage needs to get new staffs the people not doing there work one set of office staff always watching movies on their computer on phone our sleeping but when you go you can not get a bill or the bill wrong

  13. Bob says:

    It’s been how long since the hurricanes???? Get your act together & get the people the essentials!!!!!

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