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More residents volunteering information to police

Police Commissioner, Micahel Matthews

Residents have started to come forward with information to assist the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) with their investigations into a number of unsolved serious crimes.

This is according to the Commissioner of Police Michael Matthews who was speaking in a recent interview with 284 media.

He said: “The good news is that we are getting more cooperation from the public than we’ve ever got. I’ve always said to people you have to stand up and be counted when it comes to these serious crimes.”

“We can’t just stand by and say I’m not prepared to come forward because I don’t trust the police or it’s too risky being a witness. If we all adopted that position, we wouldn’t detect any crimes at all,” the RVIPF boss added.

Over 50% detection of murders since 2000

Commissioner Matthews also addressed the cases of unsolved murders in the territory, stating that the RVIPF has detected more than 50 percent of the homicides which took place in the BVI during the last two decades.

“It’s actually been 69 homicides in the territory during that period (January 2000 to present) … but we have detected well over half of the homicides to date and we never forget the victims and their families,” he stated.

“So over the last two years we brought in additional resources with the support of the government and we did what we call a Cold Case Review on a number of those cases that hadn’t been previously detected and that has resulted in at least two further detections that have been announced previously, where people have now been charged and are going to be facing the court in relation to what we can term historic murders,” he explained.

New techniques to be implemented

The top cop further said nothing is off the table when it comes to the force solving cold cases in the territory. 

He said he believes the implementation of modernised techniques will help the police to achieve this goal.

“In 2020 to 2021 there are new ways to adding to our toolbox of detecting crime, so a cold case looking back is an essential part of our role and an essential responsibility. Where we can look back and look at the evidence that was found at the time don’t matter how many years ago it was, if we can apply that evidence to modern techniques and that leads us down new lines of inquiry, we will continue to do so,” Matthews stated.

The BVI has recorded a total of two murders for 2020, with one person so far charged for one of the murders while the other case continues to be investigated by the police.

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  1. SMI says:

    When are you leaving?

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  2. Rubbish says:

    Please stop posting this l***g commissioner. The public come forward and they ignore all ah we. It’s all a lie. He wants his name to end in the BVI in a good note. He is a l+++ and will retire in h**l for his deeds. He looking a hefty recommendation but no can do. The police force is no better off. He created a cesspit.

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  3. When says:

    Good question

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  4. Hmmm says:

    That’s not something to put on news sir break peoples trust

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  5. Deliberately Ignorant says:

    Guess he has to say what best serves him, but in a nation this small no one can hide and if I can’t trust the cops to keep my testimony private, putting my life at risk is stupid and irresponsible. So how about you do your job, start with the establishment of a TRUSTWORTHY POLICE FORCE.

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  6. @ deliberately ignorant says:

    I agree with you, the cops here are joke most of them. You can see them liming and having friendships with the drug dealers of this nation supporting their business. They are even cops that are related to the drugs dealers and are very much aware that persons are big into the drug trades of these BVI shores. Cops that are dealing with criminals and I do mean intercourse. Cops that pretend to be big in church and knowing very well the involvement of persons dealing with illegal business and crimes. When we see a change in this then we can trust the cops.

  7. The truth to all of us says:

    He just trying make it seem he did a good job unlike his partner j****r hmmmlol

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  8. Mad Max says:

    I look forward to the day when all these posts are held by locals – so you can’t just blame outsiders for all the inadequacies.

    Good luck.

  9. Leave dem alone says:

    Let the people run dem
    Country amock it is their place . Dem
    Don’t like yelling

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