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More $$$ to assist impacted taxi operators

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Minister responsible for transportation, Mark Vanterpool has announced plans to offer additional financial assistance the local transportation-for-hire sector.

While speaking with taxi operators during a meeting in Road Town last week, Vanterpool said the amount previously allocated to assist taxi operators to get their vehicles repaired was insufficient.

Government had granted $250,000 the taxi operators.

Vanterpool said his ministry is now holding talks with the Ministry of Finance and the Department of Trade to get more funds for taxi operators.

“We are discussing with them for about half-a-million more. But that’s taking some time because of the financial situation,” Vanterpool said.

“We are working on it and I am pushing that because you guys need that to get back on stream,” he added.

In the immediate aftermath of the September hurricanes, the number of available vehicles for public transportation was approximately 30 percent.

According to the Director of the Taxi and Livery Commission, Dameon Percival, that figure has risen to 81 percent.

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  1. Slick says:

    waste of public money

    • It is so easy says:

      lower the fares, which will mean that more people will take taxis, and revenue will go up – however there will be less time for sitting around playing dominos.
      Please let UBER into the BVI!

  2. Online Now says:

    They should have invested from the huge fares they charge. Or reduced their fares and increased the number of passengers. Either way, I do not support the government giving them any money at all.

  3. See says:

    Easy to tell when elections are close

  4. /////// says:

    Really. NO WORDS for such a stupid move. How about helping people that have NO means of helping them selves. Why did the TAXI DRIVERS NOT HAVE THEIR VEHICLES INSURED…How about getting other things back up to 81%.. Let the taxi drivers get a side job, paint house, clean up debris… something instead of the government taking care of them and imposing high fee on people.

    • 860tourist says:

      I agree, they should have insurance on their vehicles. Why does the government have to pay? Pay for homes of the people still in Shelters and others that still have to roof or power?

  5. guest says:

    Invest on the roads please..

  6. Responsible says:

    What about bars and hotels they need help too real help. Some of the Taxi men are too greedy. It is alleged they need to start depositing they earnings in the commercial banks for rainy days instead of the hairy bank.

  7. WTF says:

    This is a disgrace with so many other needs! Absolutely appalling!

  8. WELL says:

    MARK VANTERPOOL please put that money to better use like roads and ghuts. Taxi drivers should be fully insured to drive passengers especially tourists. This is a sign that you start wasting money because election is getting close.

  9. What!! says:

    A disgraceful waste of public money the taxi drivers must of had vehicle insurance. Pandering for votes!

  10. strupes says:

    Wha de a**e i hearing here???

  11. strupes says:

    Weren’t their taxis insured????

  12. /////// says:

    It certainly is a disgrace… the same as giving barber and beauty shops the generators after the hurricane. The unthinking and the priorities of government is just so appalling. What are the people to do?

  13. Expected! says:

    Can’t say I am surprised….and you had people b-tching about oversight?

  14. Outsider says:

    Why da hell they need special help and half of then need to retire and don’t pay tax,NHI and SS. They don’t know their history/Island much less speaks the Queen language properly. And you say that is our best #1 pillar….look again!

  15. Windy says:

    While sh.t runs in the streets.

  16. The Nation says:

    WHY ARE TAXI OPERATORS GETTING FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE???? TO DO WHAT??? THIS IS DISCRIMINATION AND UNFAIR TREATMENT>…when it have thousands of other workers who lost their livelihoods in the same storm!!! this is nonsense

  17. The Nation says:


  18. The Nation says:


  19. Rubber Duck says:

    Disgraceful waste of public money. What were they not insured? Why are they more special than other businesses?

    Stop this Governor.

  20. Lodger says:

    If they need money because they were not insured, then they were breaking the law and should be prosecuted and their licence revoked. With no insurance their passengers would have been at risk in the case of accidents. I hope the cruise companies and their agents are on to this. If they were insured then there is absolutely no way government should be helping them.

  21. Concerned Voter says:

    ALL persons in the transportation business should have comprehensive and liability insurance full stop. This is bull…..

  22. devon says:

    This place is crumbling !

  23. rastarite says:

    Look after the people!!! Now is the time to bring in a well run bus service. Let the taxi operators find other work like being fishermen!!! OR farmers!!!

  24. Charnele says:

    I can now understand why the UK is treating us the way they are, the Government is spending money so stupidly. The road no the be fixed or the cruise ships will not return. The Government buildings vs need to be repaired and the Minister is asking for that amount of money for taxi operator, Bull
    Boy you guys haven’t learn your lessons. You really don’t know how to spend wisely.

  25. Slick says:

    BVI govt a joke me son

  26. Struggling Man says:

    If the Honorable gentleman used the money to prepare the island for Disney and Norwegian we would be better served and the taxi drivers could make their living as normal.
    The people see through the lies and de—- and the minister should resign the post immediately for having the people drive on the deplorable roads on a daily basis.

  27. Suspicious transaction report says:

    This just looks like vote buying. As people say, the should be very well insured given they have a duty of care. Business is down maybe but it is those businesses where they take people from/ to or the infrastructure that need this cash. Half of these probably have government salary also anyhow.

  28. Are you sure? says:

    All taxi operators have to insure their vehicles it also cost more to insure a vehicle used for taxi. If you all realy believe that the minister is going to be handing out money to the taxi drivers theñ you all will believe anything.

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