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More tweaks being made before roll-out of new traffic route in RT

The transition into the new traffic route in Road Town is closer to reality, as the second simulation exercise has been deemed a success.

Residents came out in their numbers to try out the soon-to-be-implemented route despite it being a public holiday yesterday, June 1.

Works Minister Kye Rymer said the second and final traffic simulation exercise was done after making amendments following the first exercise a few weeks ago. He said more data was collated yesterday to fine-tune the changes.

“So far, it seems to be working seamlessly to me. I am proud to see we actually have a lot of vehicles going through the stimulation,” Rymer stated.

“After this, we are going to do some more sensitization of the public, some more educational campaigns and then we will hopefully have it done in a couple of weeks. This is a big deal, this is something that we have been dealing with for over 10, 15, maybe 20 years,” he added.

He said while there are some criticism to the undertaking, the overall goal is to have a more efficient flow of traffic in the capital.

Contract for new lane

In the meantime, Rymer said government just signed a contract for a third lane in the area, “so that we will have an additional outlet for vehicles going to the westerly end.”

The lane will be from the junction at Administration Drive to the crosswalk at the ferry terminal adjacent to the taxi stand.

The contract in question was to the tune of $203,069.43. Works are to be done by S&S Construction and Accurate Construction.

“The works will include the removal and replacement of the existing sidewalks; construction of pedestrian-friendly sidewalks; construction of a new lane heading westward; a bus layby to facilitate the picking up of persons heading west; drainage improvement along the entire project and asphalt overlay,” Rymer said.

Additionally, a few sidewalks along the route, such as the pedestrian lane next to the Republic Bank (formerly Scotia Bank) has been downsized to provide a wider lane in that area.


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  1. Try this says:

    If you want to eliminate the traffic issues on Tortola, then you need to restrict the number of vehicles. For every new vehicle that is brought to the island an old one needs to leave. It’ll clean the place up and keep the vehicle numbers at a constant level. Give it a try, you might like it.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      It would make sense that all vehicles imported paid a scrapage charge, $500-1000 should do it. The fund would be used to collect and scrap old cars so that they do not become the eyesore they have been in the past.

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      • No it wouldn’t says:

        The scrapage charge would be made and the money would disappear. The old and unused cars would remain. Remember this is the BVI. No good deed goes unclaimed by a politicians pocket

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        • Rubber Duck says:

          You are right of course. Some special arrangement would be necessary.

          • Try this says:

            To make it work, you make the car dealers round up the derelicts so that for each car brought in they send one out. If you want to bring one in yourself then it is up to you to find a car to take off the island. If something isn’t done Tortola will eventually become one big junkyard. It’s already on its way.

  2. Smh says:

    Atleast advertise the updates properly, people driving wrong side today neatly causing accidents

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  3. Close mainstreet says:

    please close mainstreet and make this a pedestrian zone!

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    • mrs says:

      and for goodness sake please insist that the landlords give the buildings a face lift

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    • Norris Turnbull says:

      Real People still live on main street. Did you think about them at any point or you are are just letting out hot air to score brownie points?

  4. can see ahead says:

    Ayo could tweak all ayo want it will be problems when the cruise ships return, schools open and government complex come back on line….Yo want to hear bout traffic woes???

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  5. More Thought says:

    Where would cars park when not allowed to park on the road by One Stop Mall?

    There are a lot of businesses on that stretch and already difficulty finding parking.

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  6. kora says:

    le dah le dah le dah alone

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  7. Click says:

    That new lane needs to go past customs otherwise we just throwing money in the sea.

  8. Rubber Duck says:

    Good idea. Now let’s have some incentives for electric vehicles. Sun powered. Silent and fume free.

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  9. Apart from the new traffic route says:

    Why are folks in those pictures invading each others personal spaces without wearing a mask or using them correctly? I’m puzzled.

    Are we in a pandemic or not? Are we to be wearing masks appropriately and socially distancing or not?

    The only one who appears to be doing the right thing is the Premier.

  10. Yup says:

    I myself drove through it yesterday. I have the opinion that it will work. Minor tweaks needs to be donein my view. 1) mainstreet needs to get pave from joes hill straight down to the courthouse and hospital. The persons that parked on the side of that road needs to find another place of parking allowing that space to be a drop off for those going church and dropping of kids at school while traffic continues to flow. The stop light at the end of admin drive needs tweeking. A traffic light should be placed at nibbs street where once the flow of traffic on the new highway is green, those on nibbs streer is res waiting and not have persons on nibbs street to fight to get into the highway. All vehicles parked by the fonseca boys corner needs to be park on the right side of the road leaving the middle and the left side of the road in which the traffic has been set to flow on that one way road completely clear. Boobay drive needs to completely stay clear AT ALL TIMES. One vehicle parked on boobay drive road can cause a big distraction in town. Just my 2 scents.

  11. Main Street says:

    Great opportunity to make Main Street a pedestrian zone!

  12. Just Saying says:

    too many right hand vehicle, we need to cut back on these. look at how much came in since the hurricane and them still coming by the hundreds.

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    • Horse Man says:

      So what is the problem with right hand vehicle?

      • BVI says:


        • Mr Shovels says:

          @BVI you have that backwards. Japan charges extremely high fees for LEFT HAND vehicles. In Japan its usually cheaper to buy a new car than to keep an older car up to standard. All unwanted cars have to be crushed or exported, hence why we see so many 2nd hand Japanese exports

  13. Used Japanese cars... says:

    There are plans in the works for dealing with this junk littering our roads.

  14. Concerned1 says:

    People of the bvi, and those in Authority. There are many companies out there that would gladly come to the bvi and remove all derelict vehicles with the Authorization of the government. Don’t see a problem here

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