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‘Most fires at dumpsites deliberate’ — Malone shares video proof

Health Minister Carvin Malone

Minister responsible for waste management, Carvin Malone is convinced a number of the fires plaguing local dump sites such as the one in Pockwood Pond were man-made.

Malone’s conviction is now evidenced from an amateur video he circulated locally last evening. 

The video shows a male resident standing beside, and seemingly nurturing a bonfire inside the dump.

After sharing the 19-second video, the minister wrote: “Footage of someone catching fire at the dumpsite at Pockwood Pond. I was always convinced that most fires at the various dumps were deliberate.”

Fires previously considered ‘spontaneous combustions’

Over the last several months, multiple fires have happened at the Pockwood Pond dump, especially. Before this video surfaced, officials have been describing the fires as “spontaneous combustions”.

Just weeks ago in December, Malone said his ministry was focusing on how to prevent spontaneous combustions at local dump sites. 

Speaking in an interview with BVI News at the time, the minister said: “The BVI Waste Management Strategy will incorporate what are our steps ahead for legislation and for an immediate, medium, and long-term fix to the issue of the spontaneous combustions at the waste [facility] down at Pockwood Pond and Virgin Gorda and Anegada,” the minister stated.

“We have to get it fixed and we have to reduce the amount of waste going into the stream. So it’ a comprehensive look that we are now embarking on. And coming this week, you will hear a lot more on it,” he further told our news centre.

Authorities have been dumping Tortola’s waste on, and along the hillside since an unrelated fire that rendered the Pockwood Pond incinerator non-functional back November 2018. The incinerator has since been repaired but there have been a number of fires where the piles of trash were being dumped.


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  1. Doh says:


    Since this I***t doesn’t know anything about waste management, a little education.

    Landfill fires are due to the buildup of methane gases released from garbage, especially organic waste. As more trash is piled on top, this increases pressure. The compacting of even more trash increases the temperature. These are what is needed to crate fire – fuel, pressure, and heat. Chemistry 101 and this eff tard just showed us he failed it..

    Showing a video of someone burning trash in their backyard is not an explanation for the fires at the dump. It’s due to mismanagement and incompetence.

    But carry on

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    • Scientist says:

      Doh is completely correct. Some landfills even harvest methane gas. That said, waste disposal in the Territory is pretty much unregulated, so it is quite likely there is all manner of waste chemicals (oils, paint) and waste containers (gas, solvents, etc) that are flammable mixed in to waste piles. To boot, there are likely to be incompatible materials that react, creating heat and or ignition sources. Without the desperately needed changes in waste management, this problem will continue, Sadly, it seems this is unlikely to happen when people like Mr. Malone seem convinced that because there is one amateur video (how did it come to be made?), all landfill fires are caused by humans. To be fair, many likely are caused by landfill workers trying to make make more space for more waste, again illustrating the importance of trying to move from essentially 19th century practices to the 21st century.

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    • Gwah says:

      “Footage of someone catching fire at the dumpsite at Pockwood Pond.”. What a t**t. The dump caught fire, not the person. M****t.

  2. Wow says:

    So why was it smelling dump fire last night if you know
    You are killing us slowly in the West

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    • Longy says:

      “Footage of someone catching fire at the dumpsite at Pockwood Pond.”

      That’s not evidence that “a number of the fires plaguing local dump sites such as the one in Pockwood Pond were man-made”.

      That’s evidence that ONE fire was man made. Everything else is guesswork.

  3. "A Stretch" says:

    The minister must believe that the people of the BVI are Bobo the fool. An isolated incident is the majority of the time!? Minister is your inability to get the issue under control is the problem and have us on the western end of the territory suffering.

    You got up bragging that the issues were addressed and the scrubber will be fixed but we are still suffering. Just constant photo ops and empty promises. Minister you have failed and you should stop blaming everyone else for your failure. I’m so tired of all of you.

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  4. Yup says:

    So post a link to the video so we can offer our own opinions. That’s how you report a story…

    Come on bvinews

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  5. WTF says:

    So someone is intentionally burning toxic waste onto West End residents? WOW! Please fire them on the spot including management!

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  6. WTF says:

    Does this include the dumpster fire that is the Government?

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  7. excuses says:

    there is always a blame game with politicians. Who is responsible for the site? take responsibility for what youall are in charge of. Everybody blames somebody else. Its a pity people here don’t step down and out of office when they are proven to be a failure

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    • Anonymous says:

      Are you an idiot? Somebody committing arson is now the government’s fault. Some fool threw a bed on the side of the road miles away from the garbage is that somehow the politician’s fault too?

  8. EU Citizen says:

    It’s been clear since the beginning that this is intentional. Trucks dumping trash on live fires etc. But hey the premier bought gas masks for people in West End!
    Problem solved?
    Scrubber for the incinerator coming?

  9. SMFH says:

    What an abject waste of f**king time this guy is.

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  10. WEW says:

    Yep, set fires just like Pockwood Pond & cox heath, set by the government

  11. Scrub It says:

    The ineptitude is painful. Millions is wasted each year by government and they can’t find $250-$500k for a scrubber?

    Meanwhile NHI costs soar. How many patients living west are being treated for who knows what from the smoke?

  12. idlewanderer says:

    The best fire of all was the cox heath one by the government, where it was carefully prepared and then denied.

  13. The Incinerator is not working says:

    The Incinerator has not been working for a while and the pile of Trash is once again shocking and incredibly unhealthy. The cause of fires at the landsite dump is due to inability to maintain the Incinerator in good working order. When will we spend necessary funds getting the basics sorted (garbge, sewerage, wate supply, education) rather than say a $10m glass houses for a national emergency office. I have lost faith, this gov too just wants its handout rather than doing the right thing

  14. Fires says:

    Those fires I see almost every night on the hillside cannot be set by any outsiders. May be deliberately set by who?

  15. "Most Fires"?? says:

    Come on! – we are not that stupid. What evidence do you have Malone of this? This is why we cant rely on Govt information. Its often too sloppy and not reliable. Do you have data, videos to support that claim! – NO way Jose!

  16. Managing director says:

    Alkebulanmindsrecycling@gmail. Com. Contact mr. Gavin Baird the Managing Director of a bvi based recycling corporation that can give a comprehensive view on the ultimate benefit of a realistic recycling plan that you can join and support us to aid the government’s pollution issue of incinerated recyclable materials. The corporation will soon be moving towards a greater public mention as we make greater strides. There are way too many words given that are not assisting the present situation.

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    • Bassa says:

      You may be good at recycling but your written English is s***.

      I’ve helpfully reworded your post below. You’re welcome.

      Alkebulanmindsrecycling@gmail. Com.

      Contact Mr. Gavin Baird, the Managing Director of a BVI based recycling corporation. He can give a comprehensive account of the benefits of a realistic recycling plan that you can join. You can assist by joining us and helping to solve the Government’s problem of pollution caused by incinerated recyclable materials. The company will soon be gaining greater publicity as we improve our services. There is too much public commentary given that is not assisting the present situation.

  17. Wow says:

    There was a fiberglass boat up the hill at the dump site, it dissappear?? Nice smell, and always at night???? Strange

  18. boat man says:

    I feel sorry for the people In West N Tortola I can smell it in Saint Thomas tonight When people in West End get cancer down the road will no Why

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