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Most of the BVI’s hillside ‘big houses’ came through hard work

Myron Walwyn.

Amid the call for the BVI to clamp down on individuals with unexplained wealth, former legislator Myron Walwyn said some members of the public are using the opportunity to question the hard work of Virgin Islanders who have hillside mansions.

Police Commissioner Michael Matthews recently called for legislation that will help to stop people who are getting rich from the illicit drugs trade which often leads to violence in the community.

Since then, Walwyn said he has heard “many comments recently about how many of the big houses on the various hills of the BVI were built.”

And in a Facebook post, he sought to defend the work ethic of BVI homeowners by pointing out that most Virgin Islanders are decent law-abiding residents who have acquired real estate through hard work and dedication.

“Yes, we do have persons who have acquired wealth by unsavoury means. However, I submit to you that those individuals are in the severe minority. The vast majority of the people of these islands got their homes/wealth by working hard and making sacrifices,” Walwyn’s Facebook post said.

Volunteered labour

Walwyn went on to explain the history of many mansions in the BVI, stating that people volunteered labour to build houses that grew into mansions over many years.

“Many of us who own a home got a start from our parents/grandparents. It was a joy for parents/grandparents to give their children a plot of land. Many years ago, the first floor of a home in the BVI was built by many hands (free labour). Friends and family would come by, most times on the weekend, and help to cast the cistern, etcetera. Once you provided good food, kept the drinks cooler filled with cold drinks and had some good calypso music playing, you would see action with cement and blocks,” Walwyn explained.

He continued: “When you moved into the first part of the house, you waited until you caught your hand and then you started on another part of the house and you continued that way over many years until you got to the size of house you desired.”

Mansions driven by expat community 

Walwyn also sought to debunk the view that many of the hillside mansions were built from unexplained wealth, reasoning that many locals have strived to acquire large houses so they could rent houses to the BVI’s growing expatriate community.

“Fortunately for the BVI, we have a huge expatriate community and accommodation is needed to support this. This is how you got disposal income for other investments or if you got a loan to build, this assisted in paying most, if not all, of the loan payments,” Walwyn posited.

“Most of what we see on the hills is the hard work, togetherness and industrious nature of the people of the BVI,” the Facebook post said.


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  1. Seriously says:

    Walwyn. You got something to —- ? People who have these mansions and show how they came to own them have no worry. When people have 3rd and 4th homes and blocks with 6 or 8 or 10 apartments. How they build them? When they have normal mans income. Sure there are genuine cases but don’t belittle this brilliant new law that will only benefit the BVI in the long term. This drug business has so much to answer for. What is more important than life. How many life gone due to this filthy business.

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    • 007 says:

      Walwyn is correct, most people legally obtained their house. But what about civil servants with lots of houses?

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    • Black says:

      When they sold their souls to the devil to get what they have were you there? This is the biggest problem for black people always envious of what a next man got. They took risk and made sacrifices to get what ever they got house , boats, cars, trucks, excavators or cranes and the girls to match their boats for the weekend limes ect.
      There’s no reward without risk. Don’t envy someone for their wealth cause you don’t know what they did or sacrifice to get it . Our old people always reminded us of that . You do whatever you need to do to get whatever it is you want even if you’re willing to die for it.

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    • seriouly? says:

      Did you read the statement properly? The man said most of them were built legally. Of course, there are a handful of those who used malicious means to obtain their wealth.
      Do not forget we had people such as Mr. Black, and others who were approving loans for poor people go have a fighting chance to build their home. Now a days the bank does not want to see you period.
      So the statement stands for those people who are involved in what they are into, they know who they are..

      • Lilly says:

        Seriously, You are so right. The people in the blue bank do not even respond to correspondence and the others do not answer phone calls because they do not want to answer any questions. The banks nowadays are for banking only. I wish people had the guts to take other risks because there are good investment firms around offering better interest rates.

  2. Sage words says:

    Very true words Myron. We do have some who acquired wealth and houses through illegal activities but the majority of people earned their home through hard and smart working. Many homes have big loans attached to them but because you could rent part of the house out you can carry the burden.

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  3. Senior says:

    Thanks for this important bit of information Myron. Our house was built the same way you described. It will now go on to my children.

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  4. Thank you says:

    We cannot allow those who got their wealth through unsavory means to dampen the hard work and sacrifices of those who went through the right channels. Thanks for sharing this post on your Facebook page Myron.

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  5. ROTFLMFAO says:


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  6. History says:

    Hillside homes were built this way in the 20th century. Since 2000 most hillside homes are built in 1-2 years with lots of heavy equipment and paid labor. Welcome to the 21st century!

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  7. BVI says:


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  8. Simple says:

    If its through hard work, then they got nothing to hide… right ? I don’t see the problem

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    • @simple says:

      We have a lot of people, our own local people, who do not try to understand things. Don’t you realize that you are encouraging them to claw back on our civil liberties? If the police suspect someone is doing illicit activities go after them. They should not have the blanket right to force ordinary folks to show where they got their properties etc from if they have no reasonable grounds to believe that it was illegally obtained. Stop supporting ignorance with your bad minded self. It will come back to haunt you.

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  9. Political Intelligence says:

    myron! You hitting on the wrong set of topics and u end up looking dootish before you even begin explaining your position. There needs to be a clamp down on individuals with unexplained wealth. If you cannot prove that your wealth comes from a job, legal business, or any other legally obtain source, the wealth needs to be forfeited.

    If someone receive a large some of monies as a gift, the gifter should present evidence of source of wealth. Failure of this should mean forfeiture of the gift to the state.

    Alot of u politicians are guilty of unexplained wealth, so I expect any kind of legislation concerning this topic will have little to no teeth.

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    • Dont mind tha idiot says:

      It we who can vote …I listen to a lot of them on this corvid issue..them same one I give my x too I be cutting there throat …lots of room being made ..that intelligence..there think their go come around me with their slogan we keep the bvi corvid free singing in my ear for my x Haha

    • VIsLander says:

      As long as white ppl show the origins of their wealth too. Go back generations though.

  10. Reasonable Man says:

    Mr Walwyn make a good point. The majority of families and individuals who have built up wealth over the decades did it by hard work and with smart and careful investment. Just like everywhere else. There will be a few who did it the illicit way.

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  11. Very c*****t says:

    He better go explain how the wall was built and cost so much.,,

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    • @very C****t says:

      Blah blah blah blah. Tired of hearing this talk now with no action. You don’t think if they had anything that Myron did they would have done something by now? Stick to the topic and stop talking froth.

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  12. HowdDAREyouBLACKs says:

    Black people can’t acquire wealth, especially those from such a little nation. The displeasure and disappointment that Unwilling to do his Job COP must feel knowing that what he expects of black people isn’t evident on these little islands.

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  13. Me says:

    Bald head still looking votes? You campaign my boy

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  14. Anonymous says:

    It’s a shame some people co-signing this backward mentality. Not everybody with a big house sold drugs or did anything illegal. There are some people that think just because somebody white that mean they rich etc.I know people that worked undesirable jobs for decades and saved and built apartments and that apartment paid their loans and they built other apartments now their children don’t have to work a day if they wanted. At one point land was cheap in the 80’s and early 90’s it was easy to find land for $10,000- $15,000. All you needed was a steady job to afford land.

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  15. Truth says:

    Truer words have never been said. Most people work hard for what they have. I think his post on facebook was helpful and insightful.

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  16. @ ASKING says:

    So how come THE vulture ONLY TALKING about how much money is being sent out but not how much is being spent ( WELL I THOUGHT THAT OUTSIDERS DON’T PAY FOR RENT PAY FOR GROCERIES PAY FOR WATER PAY FOR ELECTRICITY JUST TO NAME A FEW

  17. Myron says:

    U just win over ur worst enemy….keep playing our card good and on time and u be back by the critics …just open your ears and our mind to the people cry …hint opening school country and protecting us at the same time from the agenda conspiracy…look wat going on there stripping ur rigth but we ain’t even got our own to protect us from them ..stand up myron and play our game u will win ..dont mind the noise…know wat I telling u ..wen the people cry out who answer in generosity will prevail

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  18. Smh says:

    Some people believe illegal acts and money laundering are hard work.

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  19. Got to admit it says:

    Sometimes it who u lease expect would be there for u will be …look our people who is against us ….playing us to our very weakest point of no defense in corvid 19 agenda

  20. @me says:

    He finally got them now …bro give to get dont mind them life is about two ways not thy self

  21. Which district and position says:

    U want to run for let know quick

  22. Which district and position says:

    U want to run for let know quick …lmaoo @very cxxxxxt yes for there is the same one who trying kill him as we too. U know

  23. The Truth says:

    Can’t speak for nobody else because I mind my business. But yes, our houses took back breaking work and years to finish (10 years plus) Maybe this is a model those with long eyes could emulate. Just a suggestion.

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  24. SMH says:

    What the C.O.P needs to do is an Internal Investigation as to how these Johnny come lately (Yes Expatriates!) calling themselves Police Officers managed to acquire Land and build Mansions within a short time Period, when it took donkey Years for the Seasoned Trained Lawful Expatriate Officers to do so. C.O.P stop ywith Your Shenanigans!

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  25. Lol says:

    Key word being “most”. 😊

  26. Anonymous says:

    Selling drugs is a job too u chose to buy just like buying a shoe.

  27. Good stuff says:

    Walwyn said most. He didn’t say all. And he also acknowledged that some got their wealth through illegal means. I think he was giving a perspective which is helpful.

  28. Ta ta we are no fools says:

    Ha ha trying to be relevant trying to win over the people but your damage good self will come to light

    Tell us about the wall and cost

  29. Yawn says:

    Myron is a bigger man that Marlon. Marlon would never say these things because he would prefer to stick to the script and be an opposer rather than an advocate for the truth. Right is right wrong is wrong no matter who says it and the fact is watch no man. A lot of them clown with scooters living off family wealth that’s why they can be up and down with no job but still got on big chain. Now some are just criminals but we shouldn’t put everybody in the same box.

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  30. Tola says:

    Matthews neeto investigate the former commissionerand Governor where they get money from to buy property here.

  31. Myron says:

    There greed and the scheme of corvid 19 open the gates ….them vip not getting back in ..marlone sowanda and mister labour u all did a good job in destroying the fahie administration

  32. Cart ur c**t says:

    U not the only born here …we I putting him up it my own people that throw us under the bus of that evil agenda of corvid .talk that …u think I forgot aggressive campaign passport vaccine…u f*ken ..s****+e m****e hmmm my lil kids all u sell for the price of rice ……got it coming. ..u dont f*k with people kids and there wellbeing and people livelihood income. Etc…..

  33. East Man says:

    If bald head and bomber unite for the good of their people they will be an “enviable” formidable force to recon with. Put down the axe and unite for good of the territory. Strategic moves are in play to take absolut control by any means. Let’s not become the next Gibraltar. Over and out.

  34. What a ting says:

    Why are people so evil ? What has Marlon done to you ? When he respond alyo tell him keep quiet – When he talks somebody better than him . Both men support each other . They are on the same team . Stop
    Creating conflict . Read and comprehend . Myron is giving the facts . Stop pointing fingers at exp.

  35. vaxxine says:

    I find this article quite ironic. Recently I sold a car for just over $10,000 and the Bank wanted all kinds of documents to prove I sold a car. it took nearly 2 weeks for the cheque to be cleared during their ‘investigation’. But if you have $800,000 in a boat which is unexplained that’s fine – no documentation required! One rule for the criminals, one for the non-criminals.

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    • shedding some light says:

      I think if you read Myron’s actual post on his page you would see that it was a neutrally written piece. BVI news seemed took the step of their own to attribute it to previous comments from various persons on the subject. Myron’s post did not do that.

  36. Onlooker says:

    Thanks for that contribution Myron. It thought it was balance and fair.

  37. Anonymous says:

    what it mean by volunteers… it just means not paid for hard work. If we break from UK we worried there no control over drugs, murders or crime. not all us do these things. Rich are rich men no matter what color or where they live… they dont care about poor people as along they get big house and money. dont see dirt under his nails. God is the judge.

  38. antivax says:

    what it mean by volunteers… it just means not paid for hard work. If we break from UK we worried there no control over drugs, murders or crime. not all us do these things. Rich are rich men no matter what color or where they live… they dont care about poor people as along they get big house and money. dont see dirt under his nails. God is the judge.

  39. down2earth says:

    As a lawyer, one would think that one would speak from evidence! Let the wealth be explained – built through bank or otherwise.

    Stop ass-u-me-ing!

  40. Hmm says:

    The “Lodge” can help individuals by selling their soul to the devil. You can amass great wealth. It does not have to be by selling drugs.

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