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Mostly private security hired to monitor returning nationals under self quarantine

The majority of the security officers tasked with monitoring returning residents — who are self-quarantined in isolated accommodation — are privately owned.

Premier Andrew Fahie gave that indication during a recent national broadcast on a local radio station while responding to questions on whether government was assigning the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force to monitor the returning nationals, or if government was hiring private firms to execute the job.

“It is going to be a mixture of all. But mostly private security though, because we don’t want to put that burden on our already stretched law enforcement. But wherever they are needed, they’ll be called upon,” the Premier said

“It is mostly going to be the private security along with some of the security that government also already have hired,” he added.

Reason for having mostly private security

Premier Fahie said the decision to employ mostly private security was not decided from the outset.

“We were going to do a check-in but as we look and got closer and listening to what some of our people are saying to each other about when they get home what they are going to do, we had to change in the last couple days to implement where there will be security for every single person to make sure that you stay in,” he explained.

The Premier did not mention the cost government will pay for private security services nor did he disclose the period that they have been hired for.

Efforts to seek these answers from the Premier were unsuccessful up to publication time. 

Security duties began from Wednesday

The Premier, in the meantime, said Cabinet decided that the security guards will commence their duties on Wednesday, June 3. That date was when the first two flights with returning nationals landed at the Terrance B Lettsome International Airport on Beef Island.

The nationals were then transported to their respective private quarantine facilities where they will remain indoors for a 14-day period.

Nationals with approved private quarantine accommodations will continue to enter the BVI up until June 15.

After that date, all nationals entering the territory will have to quarantine at a government-approved quarantine facility.

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  1. No vision says:

    Simple and cheaper solution was to isolate them in a designated spot and have few securities, fahie you letting the people down

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    • Nonsense says:

      Couldnt agree with you more. Seems like the government is just spending money but there are no discussions on how we plan to generate revenue.

      It should have been a mandatory requirement for all returning persons to quarantine in a designated facility with 24hr security. This seems to be solution to give money to the VIP friends

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      • Trust me - I don’t think so. says:

        We do need to monitor returning belongers because our people have proved that they cannot be trusted – claiming 7 times for free food and running the a/c whilst claiming electricity amnesty.
        However, it would be cheaper to have them wear ankle bracelets that send out an alert if they leave home – perhaps less cash into VIP owned security companies but more effective.

    • Voter says:

      Another racket!! SSB money in the pockets of cronies..,

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  2. Secret Bear says:

    That last line is not true. Until June 15, you get PRIORITY if you have your own private space. After that, those who need government-controlled spaces can come in, but people can still enter and stay in approved private spaces.

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  3. MJ says:

    This Government seems to spend a lot on Security firms. I wonder?

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  4. Security says:


  5. truth says:

    Truth be known…Doesn’t AF own or have shares in a security company? The same one he used? That is messed up. Treating those Nationals like prisoners. Wasting lots of tax payers money.

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    • SMH says:

      @truth ??? If People would obey and follow Orders and stop being ignorant and negligent they wouldn’t have to be treated as prisoners. They wouldn’t monitor themselves, so let them be monitored for the Benefits of ALL!

  6. SMH says:

    Stop talking s**t securty Office can not sit and working 12hr shift have 3 fifteen min break a day .and have to Walk up an down for the rest of the 12hr. Cant talk to no one while working cont help no one have them people in a Gray long sleeve shirt this hot sun but he is milatery come on we all human and all off that he pay them less to nothing he need not to get no job in the bvi.

  7. Vganejvd says:

    Hope u all have sense enough to quarantine sister islanders on Tortola. Too many beaches, secret hideaways and too little enforcement on the outer islands plus resources limited

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