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Mother, daughter busted with marijuana at home

Jost van dyke

A 56-year-old woman and her adult daughter have been brought before the Magistrate’s Court on Tortola following a police raid, which uncovered marijuana at their White Bay home on the island of Jost Van Dyke.

Cecilia Callwood and her daughter Necia Callwood pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled drug.

According to the prosecution, Cecilia was found with eight grams of the drug while her daughter had about 34 grams.

Reports are that, on April 6 last year, police executed a search warranted at the women’s residence.

During a search of Cecilia’s room, the cops reportedly discovered various amounts of marijuana.

They also found marijuana seeds, and a cigarette with cannabis inside, the court heard.

When cautioned in relation to the find, Cecilia reportedly told the law enforcers: “Dem are mine; it’s marijuana.”

The court further heard that the search continued to Necia’s bedroom, where police found a quantity of marijuana as well as brown bags containing marijuana seeds.

“Everything you find in here is mine,” Necia reportedly told the law enforcers.

The search was extended to the dining room where police found a purse with marijuana inside.

“It is weed,” Necia admitted. “I was looking for that purse for a while now.”

Meanwhile, though admitting to the offence, the women told Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste DaBreo that they did not have marijuana seeds at their residence.

They further told the court that the seeds found were ‘sorrel’ seeds.

Cecilia was then granted $10,000 bail. The magistrate offered $30,000 bail to Necia.

Both offenders, who were ordered to attend drug counselling sessions, are scheduled to return to court on April 28.

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