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Mother gets chilling message; autopsy report released

The late Sherika Nelson. Photo provided

By Davion Smith, BVI News Online Staff

While sharing details of a report based on an autopsy conducted on murder victim Sherika Nelson, the bereaved family has claimed that the victim’s mother was sent one of the most chilling voice messages and images moments after the murder was committed.

According to Apostle Dr Gerald McLean, who is the deceased woman’s uncle, the image sent to the mother showed her daughter’s lifeless body apparently with chop wounds lying at her home.

The photo, along with a voice message, was sent to Yvonne Morgan, who is the mother of the deceased.

The victim’s family is claiming that the heart-rending message was sent by Lennox Da Silva – the deceased woman’s husband, who has been charged in relation to the murder. But BVI News Online has no proof the message was sent by the accused.

According to the victim’s uncle, the person in the voice message told the mother of the deceased: “Mother-in-law… I just killed your daughter. Come and get your granddaughter.”

The uncle, in an exclusive interview with BVI News Online, stated that the ‘grand-daughter’ referenced in the voice message is the deceased woman’s four-year-old child, who reportedly witnessed the murder.

Nelson was butchered with a knife after nightfall on June 10 at the Greenland residence she shared with her husband, his son, and her daughter.

Based on an autopsy report, which the victim’s family shared with BVI News Online, the cause of Nelson’s death was: “Hemorrhagic shock as a result of multiple incisions; respiratory failure as a result of a severed airway, air embolism from the severed neck vessels, incised left ventricle, and direct cardiac trauma from the incisions to the left ventricle.”

The 27-year-old deceased woman is a Jamaican national.

Her 52-year-old husband, who has been living in the British Virgin Islands for several years, is a native of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

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