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Mother pays for son’s sins | Man allegedly commits burglary while on bail

Michael Ashby being escorted from court on Wednesday, August 15.

A mother who had signed the bail bond for her son Michael Ashby must now pay a hefty $60,000 levy, which the court activated because her son reportedly violated his bail conditions.

Ashby was on bail for a burglary that happened back in May but Magistrate Christilyn Benjamin revoked that bail on Wednesday, August 15, when he appeared before the court for a new and unrelated burglary charge.

The court heard that Ashby committed this new burglary a month after he was granted bail for the first offence.

It is alleged that Ashby broke into a private dwelling in Diamond Estate on June 16 and stole three flat-screen television sets.

The Crown said the house was being repaired when the incident happened.


The court heard that Ashby gained access to the house through a window. Prosecutors said he allegedly left fingerprint marks while in the house.

It is reported that he was arrested on June 18 but denied committing the offence. He, however, provided samples of his fingerprints to police and was subsequently released.

The court heard the fingerprint samples matched those that were lifted from the home that was burglarized, and Ashby was rearrested on August 14.

“Show me the evidence,” Ashby reportedly said when he was rearrested. But the court heard he had no explanation when police showed him the fingerprint results.

‘I promise to not get in trouble again, I have kids’

In court, Ashby pleaded to be granted bail and noted that he is a father of four. He further noted that being remanded will create a backlog of his bills.

“Things rough with me after Irma. It might look bad but have leniency on me. Give me another chance and I promise I won’t get in trouble again,” said Ashby who appeared to be near tears.

However, a no-nonsense Magistrate Benjamin told Ashby he should have taken all those factors into consideration before he allegedly broke the law, especially while on bail.

The previous offence

In that first matter for which he had bail, Ashby was allegedly caught on video surveillance stealing nearly $900 worth of alcoholic beverages from a restaurant in Baugher’s Bay.

He reportedly burglarized the establishment on May 15 while equipped with a flashlight and a shopping bag. When appeared in court weeks ago for that offence, he was offered $60,000 signed bail. His mother acted as his signed surety, and a condition of his bail was for him keep out of trouble while on bail. If not, his mother would be made to pay the $60,000.

Ashby is scheduled to reappear before the court on September 21.

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  1. Mick Mars says:

    Poor Mommy. Can’t cut he a$$ now, gah cut a cheque.
    Sorry for all involved but you had your chance and you squandered it.

    With so much construction going on right now you coulda beg a labourer job and provided handsomely for your kids….but nah, you want to be a bandooloo, twice.

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  2. Smh says:

    That’s beyond f–ked up… Your mother sign your bail of 60 000. That mean she had sure hope and confidence in you… And you gone and disappoint her. How you could go out and rob knowing that if you got caught… She would have to pay that 60 000. Smfh and times already hard! Just wow

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  3. Young fool says:

    Mama you should of left him in there cause it’s nothing new with he. Now you gotta find 60,000 to give government system who already raping us sorry you have to go through this.

    Like 33
  4. Enough says:

    If she cannot pay she should be sent to jail. Too much foolishness going on in this place. Parents are a great part of the problem. What if he had killed someone while trying to rob them. If she had left him in jail he would not be out stealing. SMH. “His mother acted as his signed surety, and a condition of his bail was for him keep out of trouble while on bail. If not his mother would be made to pay the $60,000.”

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  5. Look says:

    There is a difference in loving your child and condoning sh-t… leave it up to me he was sleeping there forever

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  6. Brad Boynes says:

    Thus Dam clown will not leaenough.

    Like 14
  7. Brad Boynes says:

    Thus Dam clown will not learn.

    Like 15
  8. Luvz says:

    Wow! He should have thought about his mother when he decided to go out and rob again. That is real terrible now his mom has to pay this hefty sum.

    Like 17
  9. 1010xx777 says:

    Fool shoulda rob some gloves

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  10. Sis O' de Soil says:

    Sometimes it’s a harsh reality but we, as parents/adults- responsible or not, have to be accountable for our actions. He have to learn this tough lesson- simple. And his mom was a crutch for him and she too, being a willing participant by signing his bail, have to learn this tough lesson as well. Sometimes we got to leave our kids sit down behind bars because they’re going down the wrong path. I pray they give her some type of payment plan but she have to leave her son learn and learn the hard way.

    Like 15
  11. Gumption. Official says:

    That is freaking crazy! Understand the sign part and that’s how it’s goes but a child going against the signing and doing stupidness to get this kinda results is just freaking crazy! I really don’t know what kinda juice or bush most of those people are using today but it seems to be only creating more and more issues and sending them mad crazy!!!!

    People need to realize the only who win are lawyers- win the case they get paid -lose the case and they still get paid. I hope youngsters could start holding self responsiblies for they actions. Too much of our people are in the wrong circles of people who’s nasty and just no good to be in our decent community. I sit and I see the distributions just like how many of you see Whats casuing the distriction in our neighborhood. We have way too many popular negative people who’s only encouraging our youths to make very bad choices. Men! We need you for tomorrow! Please get your act together!!!!

    Like 18
    • hmm says:

      u really ask wat kind of bush these ppl r using, 98% of them who always in run in with the Law Smoke More weed than They Eat Food 🙂

  12. Romney says:

    I would pay the $60,000 for this lady but the magistrate would have to guarantee me one thing. This criminal would be behind bars for life.

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  13. Hi says:

    I feel sorry for no one
    A Mother knows her Children

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    • Sound cloud says:

      Not necessarily so. If you are a parent you would know that children behave a certain way in front their parents than when they are around their peers.

      I don’t know this young man nor do I care to know him. One thing to note is that he put him mother is a very bad situation. I am sure she will now think twice before standing surety for anyone.

  14. Well says:

    Certainly in solid first place position as ——bag son of the year. Bet his kids are real proud too.

  15. People says:

    U make kids u dont make them.mine now a day dont matter what u teach u kids them do what them want to do she only do what any othet mother would do for so people all u need to do is pray for the mother

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    • Hmm says:

      I so sorry. I as a mother would not bail my child for intentional theft, fraud, murder etc. unless its a misunderstanding and I know for sure my child innocent. The saying goes “if yuh wasn’t there yuh name wouldn’t call”

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  16. *Hmm says:

    Should’ve had me for a mother, his rass would be sitting in jail all now. You know what is $60K?? That’s not chump change. I wonder if anybody explained to this lady, I mean really explain to her what she was signing to & the kind of responsibility she was taking on.
    No chance in hell I was signing to that cause I dont run drugs, have a trust fund set up somewhere or one them politician to have $$ sitting round therefore I wasn’t about to put myself in that kind of position at all.

  17. Davida says:

    The young man is a S——–: he is not only an alleged thief but he has no Con——-; no appreciation of his Mother’s efforts!

    And he had the gall to ask the judge on his latest court appearance for BAIL again…!

    S———— come in various forms but, characteristically, they like to use people, are selfish, and have absolutely no regrets nor genuine apologies about doing so.

  18. Bishop says:

    Don’t save the rod and spoiled the child

  19. tsk says:

    where the hell she going to get that money from strupes

  20. What? says:

    What ‘child’ and what ‘kid’. Have you guys seen the picture and read that he is a father of 4? He doesn’t look like a ‘young’ man or a ‘kid’ to me. He is a grown man, father of many. His mother just just allowed him suffer the consequences of the May offence, whether that be jailtime or a hefty fine that he himself would have to look work to pay.

  21. Lady Bee says:

    This is a tough one! Who the heck has $60K to spare nowadays buddy!! :/

    I am sorry for the mom that she is now facing this charge. I trust that the court offers her sufficient time and an affordable payment plan to settle it. I will pray for you, Mom. Not just for you to settle this bill but for you to acknowledge that your son HAS a stealing problem and he needs help even while he is incarserated. You have a problem too, you need to wake up and realise that denying your sons’ problem won’t help him. It’s your child, yes! And I truly feel your pain as a mother myself but we cannot continue to hide and cover up who our chilren really are. Get help where it is due.

    I don’t know what I would have done had it been me to be honest. BUT, I sure know if I see any of my children going down a wrong path, I will try to find help for them and if they don’t want to hear or take corrective actions… Oh well, I was not going to be the one signing that hefty bail. No way! Prayers.

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