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Mother sentenced for damaging son’s phone

Not the phone mentioned in the story

Not the phone mentioned in the story

A mother has appeared before the Magistrate’s Court in the British Virgin Islands for damaging her son’s mobile phone.

The court heard that the son (complainant) is 18 years old.

After pleading guilty before Magistrate Ayanna Baptiste DaBreo this month, Loralie Evelyn was fined $500, and was ordered to replace her son’s phone.

The Old Plantation resident has until the end of February to make the payment or she will spend two months at Her Majesty’s Prison.

She was further told to have her son’s phone replaced by March 30.

The prosecution claimed that, on May 30 last year, the complainant was at home getting ready for school when he got into an altercation with his brother over who should use the bathroom first.

The mother, Evelyn, chastised the complainant for arguing with his brother.

The complainant’s brother, at some point, slammed the bathroom door.

The mother reportedly thought it was the complainant who slammed the door, and so she took up his phone and shattered it.

When the complainant asked his mother why she damaged the device, she told him that he must not ‘put his things on her personal items’.

The matter was reported to the police and the mother was charged.

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