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Mothers told to call cops on criminal sons

Bishop John Cline

Mothers are being told to alert the police if they suspect their sons are in possession of guns or if they are involved in criminal activity.

President of the BVI Christian Council, Bishop John Cline made the call today, amid an upsurge in gun-related crimes in the territory.

According to the clergyman, getting the crime problem resolved is a collective effort.

“We need to pull our heads together and do as much as we can to restore our core values, decide what we want the BVI to be, to look like, to function like from a social, moral, spiritual and governmental standpoint,” he told BVI News.

Turn your children in

Cline said a number of law-abiding family members are aware of the nefarious activities their relatives are involved in.

“We want to rely on our sisters, mothers, and brothers who have to come to the realization that your son, your brother, your siblings might end up dead if you don’t stop and turn them in.”

“So, report the crimes and you are going to have to turn some of your children in. Call the police and say ‘my son has a gun, or suspicious things’, whether it’s money, drugs.”

Don’t be afraid

He further urged the community leaders to reach out to young men who appear to have ‘lost their way’.

“We need to not be afraid to meet with the young men that feel like they have no other way to resolve conflict than through gun violence,” Bishop Cline said.

“This weight is more on the community at large than on government or law enforcement. Because we don’t want a whole lot of law enforcement.We don’t want a police state. We want peace and safety,” he reasoned.

I am my brother’s keeper

Meanwhile, President of the Mentoring Anointed Leaders Everywhere (MALE) group, Henderson Tittle said a programme geared towards assisting young men across all communities in the BVI is now in the pipeline.

He said the programme is called ‘I Am My Brother’s Keeper’ and will be rolled out by April.

“We are very much concerned because some of the young men who passed away who was shot: their brothers and friends are part of the MALE programme. So it affects us also. We are hurting as much as everyone else,” he said.

He took the opportunity to make an appeal to the young men to find alternative ways of resolving a conflict.

“I know we are going to offend each other at times. But we can settle our differences another way. An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind. And it’s time for us to start to come together. The revenge, the fight, the hatred for each other; we need to find a common ground where we can settle our disputes instead of using the gun.”

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  1. Shame says:

    Sad to say, but most mothers and family members turn a blind eye to their sons/relatives criminal lifestyle because they depend on them to financially support them and so they refuse to call the police or try to talk them out of their criminal ways.

  2. West says:

    How can they turn them in when, they criminal sons give them thousands of dollars every week?

  3. Wendy says:

    Note the absence of the word ” Father” in his speech and in all articles the media has published.

    Interestingly,if I am correct, the Bishop himself is a father. His list of references to families in this crisis omits fathers.
    I have to conclude that it is a reality widely accepted,that families in the VI are without fathers. Normalcy!
    The latest murder victim was also a father or perhaps,not really and no where have I seen nor heard reference to the victim’s father either. Normalcy!

    Women in the VI need to be ” woke” and fix the mess is my opinion.

    • foreal says:

      The women need to take over the task of controlling these little boys with there toys. They need to man up and grow some cahoonas rather than resorting to weak methods of fightin

    • Father says:

      Well I’m a father and I would turn my son in, in a heartbeat. Either that, or I will beat him down and I would be the one getting turned in.

    • @Wendy says:

      I read it twice to ensure I did not miss the mention of the father. He needs to take a seat if he cannot properly address the matter. That is a glaring OMISSION and speaks volumes. The men are at the root of all the problems in this society. Say I said so!

  4. Very obvious says:

    “We want to rely on our sisters, mothers, and brothers who have to come to the realization that your son, your brother, your siblings might end up dead if you don’t stop and turn them in.”

    Typical BVI. No mention of a father. That’s why these d**k swinging hooligans think they can do whatever they want, dear old Dad did.

  5. Richgdgy says:

    Fathers,Mothers,Aunts,Uncles,Grandparents,make no difference.Everyone and I mean everyone has to get tough on getting HIGH!Stop the BS and get to work!Less drugs,less crime.Plus you guys have a SANCTUARY BVI.Man how could you guys lose such a BEAUTIFUL part of the world.Answer=Tourists that demanded drugs!

  6. Well says:

    I am going to say this, if you want to get mad, go right ahead. There are a lot of absent fathers due to the fact that a lot of women, not all have children for men that is married or just no good men in general.What good is going to come out of that. However, I think, the married men or no good man who fathered these children should be castrated.

  7. Young Black Male says:

    Do you think you can get some negligent black men to make an apology for what they have done to some black women though? The black woman is most important to the BLACK family. NOBODY CARES MORE ABOUT THE BLACK MAN MORE THAN THE BLACK WOMAN and all some of them is disrespect and disregard them, I’m a young black male that from young I had no interest in gang activities because I grew up in a single parent home and my mindset was stuck on how to take care of my mother so she can take care of the house. If more of these young boys had more interest in taking care of their mothers and sisters, nieces and cousins they wouldn’t have time to be on the block all day getting high and trying to impress one another or shooting after one another. YOUNG BLACK MALES you have forgotten about the BLACK WOMAN she will help you once you help her I CAN PROMISE YOU THAT, you cant ride a bike with no chain can you? The black woman needs to be taken care of and it starts with the black man.

    • I am in total agreement says:

      I would like to encourage you to remain true to yourself and your family and your payoffs will be great. Whenever you get the opportunity, speak out and encourage others to step up and do their part for the betterment of our community.

  8. So true says:

    Totally agree with you. A few of them (mothers) are members of your church Bishop. Not getting only mother’s but anyone that is has knowledge of persons involved in such activities. It’s about time enough is enough.

  9. Strupes says:

    Your mother ?

  10. Donnell says:

    So true

  11. Wise1 says:

    Yes now mashup people families and blame parenting 4 rising crime rates.

  12. Yahwehbenyahweh says:

    The children of yahweh are being misled by false prophets

  13. Enough says:

    Parents need to stop enabling their children in bad behavior. It takes a village is still true; every member of a family is responsible for what happens in that family. Don’t accept criminal behavior from your children. Call the police stop the madness.

  14. HUH??? says:

    Why is fathers missing from your plea John?

  15. Real says:

    Mr cline and the Bvi public first up is our force is corrupt… what the commissioner needs to do to control the force is to clean it up so we could have a safer Bvi…The latest of crimes that been committed is relatives of your very own colleagues so simple either you turn in your relatives or resign from the force… too much covering up going on

  16. Justly, mercy, humble says:

    Offence will come. Whether you are right or wrong u have no right to hold on to an offence. Why become a fugitive as Cain. He who kills by the sword dies by the sword.

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