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Motorist who bites cop fined over $9K after 5 years

Magistrate's Court at  John's Hole, Tortola

Magistrate’s Court at John’s Hole, Tortola

Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards slapped Jahnoy Walters with a $9,250 penalty in the Magistrate’s Court today in relation to seven offences for which he was convicted.

Walters, who reportedly bit a police officer, was also charged for wounding, resisting arrest, damaging property, disorderly conduct, unlawful possession of cannabis, reckless and negligent act, and reckless driving.

He was found guilty of four charges yesterday, but he pleaded guilty to the other charges on previous occasions.

While sentencing the 29-year-old BVIslander this morning, the senior magistrate said she will not imprison him because the incident happened more than five years ago.

Magistrate Richards sentenced him as follows:

Unlawful Possession of Cannabis – a $1,000 fine or two months in prison if the sum is not paid.

Wounding – $3,000 compensation to the officer he bit, and a suspended prison sentence of 15 months. That sentence has been suspended for two years. Effectively, this means that Walters will only serve the 15 months if he commits another offence within two years.

Reckless and Negligent Act – a suspended prison sentence of 12 months. That sentence also has been suspended for two years.

Resisting Arrest – a $1,000 fine or two months in prison if the fine is not paid.

Damaging Property – a $2,000 fine or four months imprisonment in default of not paying. He is also to pay $1,500 in compensation to the person whose property he damaged.

Disorderly Conduct – a $250 fine or 30 days in prison if the fine is not paid.

Reckless Driving – a $500 fine or another 30 days in prison if the fine is not paid.

What happened

Reports are that on December 27, 2011 police noticed a vehicle in the vicinity of Purcell Estate swerving from one side of the road to the other.

It is reported that the vehicle collided into the fence of Qwomar Trading Ltd, and damaged a water tank in the process.

Police reportedly signalled the vehicle to stop and Walters was identified as the driver.

The law enforcers instructed him to exit the vehicle, but Walters reportedly refused. The police warned him that, if he did not open the vehicle doors, they would have been forced to break the vehicle glass open.

“Break my f*****g glass… f****g $500 for each glass,” Walters reportedly responded.

The court heard that police saw the offender trying to conceal something before he opened the door.

It is reported that he exited the vehicle and started to push the officers away.

Police tried to arrest him but he resisted.

While resisting, Walters and one of the cops fell on the ground and started a tussle.

Eventually, the police managed to handcuff the offender. Walters still managed to bite one of the officers, the court heard.

After subduing the offender, police reportedly searched his vehicle and found a relatively small quantity of marijuana.

He was subsequently charged.

He is scheduled to return to court on June 23 to report on the payment of the fines.

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