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Move them! RT parking lot used as illegal dump site

Derelict vehicles located inside the parking lot opposite Pusser’s in Road Town.

The Department of Waste Management said it did not authorize for the parking lot opposite Pusser’s bar in Road Town to be used as a dump site for derelict vehicles.

More than 100 derelicts have been deposited at the said lot over the last few weeks.

“Somewhere along the line people started bringing vehicles out there, and when it was brought to the Department’s attention, we put an immediate stop to that,” said Manager of the Waste Management department, Greg Massicotte.

He added that contrary to what is being said, the Department is not responsible for the large number of derelicts seen there.

“Out there is not a derelict vehicle site nor was it our intention for it to become that.”

Massicotte noted that the legal derelict vehicle dump site is located in Sea Cows Bay.

The waste management boss, in the meantime, said owners of derelicts now have an additional two weeks to remove them from the parking lot, and from other public spaces before the government steps in.

“We gave everyone the 31st of October deadline because we felt that was significant time for the people to salvage whatever vehicle they had to, deal with the insurance and secure their vehicles on their private properties,” Massicotte lamented.

He indicated that those notices were ignored and now the Department is issuing a second warning.

“What we have been doing is putting notices on all derelict vehicles … with the hope of having them removed within a two week period or after a two week period. So once the notices go on the vehicles, the owners have another two weeks to remove it from wherever it is. So far we have put on near 300 notices.”

He warned that should the government be forced to step in and remove those vehicles, they will be exported and recycled along with other metals that the territory generated as a result of Hurricane Irma.

Negotiating with Recyclers

The general manager said at the moment, negotiation is underway with a number of recycling companies abroad.

“So right now, we don’t have a definite destination but we are in conversation with various recyclers,” he said.

Derelict vehicles dumped in Road Town


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