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Much fear-mongering by independence critics — Skelton Cline

Owner of Grace Consultants and Chairman of the Cruise Tourism Committee, Claude Skelton Cline.

Social commentator Claude Skelton Cline has argued that there has been much fear-mongering projected about the BVI going the route of independence.

While hosting his weekly Honestly Speaking radio show, Skelton Cline said some persons have been arguing that the BVI is somehow under a safety blanket of the UK and if it moves, the territory will be the worse for it.

“They’re often times – persons who do this fear-mongering – refer to some of the worst-case scenarios, rather than the cases that are in fact very successful countries who have advanced,” Skelton Cline said.

Meanwhile, his guest, Dr Carlyle Corbin, said this was a factor in many territories.

Dr Corbin, according to a recent government release, is an international expert on governance who has been commissioned by the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) government to conduct an independent self-governance assessment of the BVI.

“It is often the case that the idea of moving, of change, comes with uncertainty and part of the uncertainty is because of the lack of … a comfort zone that exists,” Dr Corbin said.

Dr Corbin suggested, however, that the real question to be considered is whether taking the option of independence or free association will result in, as some may suggest, a rejection of the administering power and isolation from the rest of the world.

“These are some of the things that we hear in many of the territories, but the idea is really that independence or any change of status in current terms is more one of inter-dependence,” he argued.

Dr Corbin suggested that independence is unlikely to result in an isolated situation and pointed to relationships the BVI already holds with the OECS and CARICOM among other regional bodies as examples.

“Within that context, you find that the external affairs secretariat of the British Virgin Islands is really outstanding,” he said.


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  1. It goes both ways says:

    Also much fear-mongering being pushed by pro-independence persons alleging that the UK wants to take over the BVI, etc. It’s called discussion Claude and is needed so that the people can make a decision based on ALL the facts, not just CSK’s facts.

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    • Rubber Duck says:

      Let’s get rid of the UK so the Colombians can take over completely..

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    • Dishonestly Speaking says:

      Can you imagine The BVI is so corrupt, and there are people looking over us?
      Just imagine how things will be under people like dishonesty speaking and others like him?
      Those in his circle know what they are planning to make themselves richer.
      If you don’t police yourself others will police, you?
      Well, they are not policing themselves, and now they are planning to remove the police all together.
      These set of criminals feel the cookie jar belongs to them. Dishonestly Speaking, you are not entitled to taxpayers’ money.

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    • Bumpy says:

      @ It goes both ways
      Sorry the dislike was a mistake. I couldn’t have said it better myself. That power-hungry scoundrel is frothing at his mouth for Independence. We are in deep s**t now with UK oversight, can you imagine No Oversight, and CSC and crew in charge? God forbid.

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    • Crazy Joe says:

      He dresses like a Papa Doc Mark 2.

  2. Pandora's Box says:

    Like people have said so many times “Let’s put this to a referendum and let the people vote on it.”

    This next election (whenever it may be), put that question of independence on the ballot. Let the people speak.

    All these assumptions as to who wants what by all these talking ‘elites’ is all hypothetical until the voting public dictate otherwise.

    Have the various stakeholders state their case for either side, pros and cons, and be done with this.

    Let us the people decide, because I for one, am sick of this cat talking endless $hit!

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  3. @ PANDORA'S CSC says:

    well he has a way words , and as the saying goes ( every jack A*S loves to hear themselves BRAY , so he just showing off his skills ./ in the photo he is reaching for something , I hope it’s not a ( 357 MAGNUM )

  4. heckler says:

    Is this guy blind or something? Cant he see people from all those independent countries here fighting us for our jobs and belongership? He need to take off those dark shades

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    • Query says:

      Isn’t he (the Bishop) an offspring of a parent fleeing the poverty and hardship of an Independent Caribbean Country?

      Just asking. If so, he could influence the VI populace by letting us know firsthand, the advantage of independence of becoming an Island Nation in the Caribbean. A before, after and current affair of such matter.

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  5. Patriotic bvi says:

    you are so right,he need to take of his shades.

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  6. BS! says:

    This process requires at least TWO votes.
    The first is for the people to say if they want to go down this path. IF they vote to do so the second vote is to agree that they STILL want to go down that path once all of the terms and conditions are negotiated, agreed to and properly explained to the people.
    Don’t get stuck in a Brexit S**Tshow where everyone voted for one thing and was then force-fed something completely different. Make sure you have read the tin and you know whats going to be inside before you take the lid off.

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  7. Common sense says:

    Does anyone really think the people of this territory would want to consider going independent after seeing first hand how the current government personnel behaved in their live performance with the COI, and, what came to light. Instead of bringing in so called “experts” to make a case for “their” taking further hold on the territory, perhaps they should hold a referendum of the population to determine independence versus UK intervention. Of course, this writer doubts the government will dare go there.

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  8. Anti stupidity says:

    Let us look back for the last 60 years at the caliber of persons who led their people into independence.

    Is there a trinidadian Eric Williams in the bvi. If not tell me is there a barbadian Errol Barrow. If not what about a Jamaican Manley father or sun.

    Ha maybe let’s comes down a bit what about Milton Cato or an Antiguan Bird.A St Lucian John if you cant find any of those caliber of persons and all you are seeing is a foy boy, or jumping Jack Cline

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  9. DHL says:

    If Claude and his VIP gang behave the way they do with the UK watching, can you imagine what they would do with only us watching? Right in the middle of the COI with the world watching the VIP they still continued with terrible practices. Independence under the VIP would be the end of us.

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    • Seconded says:

      under NDP too. where are the independents. this time around we want them because this thing needs to get mixed up. the party system is not working for us anymore.

  10. BVI Future says:

    The first question we need to ask is whether we have a viable economy that will sustain independence. We import everything that we need, from food to toilet paper. What do we export? What is our educational system like? What is our infrastructure like? What is our Gross National Product (GNP)?

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  11. LookSee says:

    This is scary and unnerving. Looking listening hearing a host of proven and demonstrated dishonest,manipulative, self-serving semi illiterates attempting to maneuver our future for their personal enrichment. The country is overrun with various and unrelenting crime. FULL occupancy prison. Illegal immigrant detainees conveniently escaping, Guns miraculously escaping detection at VI border while a pretend amnesty in tandem. If ever there was a time for concern, ’tis now. We in serious trouble with or without Independence. No light at the end of the tunnel.

  12. UKM says:

    Claude Skelton Cline. You really need to give up on this independence thing the only people that would gain from a move like independence is people like you the VIP government, and other governments.
    Take a look around in the BVI look at how many people we have working in the BVI from those Islands that gained their independence, taxes in their homeland is very high they are here even if a lot of them don’t like the people of the BVI. The VIP government is working hard to kill the charter industry, if we got our independence the Trust Companies will pull out you can count on that. The countries in the Caribbean that gained their independence most of them survive by taxing the people to death. Most of us stand with the UK, try something else Claude, if you guys think you can try to pull that off without our say so you will see the biggest demonstration the BVI has ever seen and guest what the UK ship will be there to keep the peace.

  13. Jah Know says:

    “Dr Corbin suggested, however, that the real question to be considered is whether taking the option of independence or free association will result in, as some may suggest, a rejection of the administering power and isolation from the rest of the world.”

    This is not what we are afraid of. What we are afraid of is ppl like CSC and the ppl in government doing as they please and squandering our tax money. They will be even more co**upt and calling God’s name to justify their actions.

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  14. Umm says:

    Who can recall the at-large from VG suggesting going independent soon? Them better get this crap off the table for now. We’re not near ready for this and definitely not under this party nor NDP.

  15. One day says:

    When the day come that CSC passes, I hear they going to give him an enema and bury him in a shoebox. So full of it. Go back to Detroit.

  16. LookSee says:

    We are drowning in a quicksand of human regret as the BVI disintegrates from its wanton disregard for self-preservation.
    Poverty, nothingness, and chaos are our comfort zone.
    Engulfed and squeezed in by a multiplicity of humanity clawing desperately for life and survival from too good to be true Independence in their Independent Island Nations, killing our success and the character of our land to attain success as they know it.
    CSC knows firsthand and so he assumes leadership in this arena.
    Narcissism and its demonic force at play.

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