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Murderer gets less than 7 years for cutting wife’s throat

Lennox Da Silva outside the Magistrate’s Court

St Vincent native Lennox Da Silva has been slapped with a six-and-a-half year prison sentence for killing his wife at their Greenland apartment roughly two years ago.

His sentence is to take effect on the date he was first placed on remand.

“You have brought pain and anguish to the family … But, you have shown remorse, and I wish you well,” Justice Ann-Marie Smith said after handing down the sentence on Friday.

The court said the murder was aggravated by the fact that it took place in the presence of children. She said the crime was further aggravated by the use of a murder weapon and the fact that the offender made attempts to leave the crime scene before police arrived.

On the other hand, the court said the fact that Da Silva took responsibility for the offence, his ‘exemplary behaviour’ while on remand, his show of remorse, his no previous convictions and his early guilty plea were mitigating factors that worked to his benefit

The court said it also noted that the offender was ‘provoked by the victim’.

Impact statement

An impact statement written by the victim’s older sister, who is now the caretaker of the deceased woman’s children, said the youngsters are still affected by the grisly murder.

The court heard that the victim’s daughter has been recounting the events while the son refuses to speak about it, the statement reportedly said.

Model inmate

In the meantime, a report from Her Majesty’s Prison indicates that Da Silva is an exemplary inmate with good conduct.

The court heard that he acts as a mentor for other prisoners and is currently a bass guitarist at the penitentiary.

He is also involved in church.

Incident affected him too

And according to psychiatrist Dr June Samuel’s report of the offender, Da Silva was also affected by the incident.

The report, Justice Smith said, indicated that he had flashbacks, suffered from anxiety, and had difficulty sleeping.

She cheated on me

Meanwhile, the court heard that after cutting his wife’s throat, Da Silva reportedly told his nextdoor neighbour that his slain wife was unfaithful.

“Man, she got pregnant for someone else and got an abortion,” he reportedly said.

The court heard that Da Silva further told his neighbour that his late wife was sexually involved with two other men so he followed her to Pockwood Pond and witnessed her unfaithfulness on the night in question.

When she came home, she was reportedly peeved that he had followed her and started packing her bags to leave him, the court heard.

An argument ensued between the two, and she reportedly told him that gunmen should have killed him in Jamaica, referring to an incident which took place while they were in her home country.

Reports are that a gunman had shot Da Silva multiple times at her family’s residence in the Old Pasley area of Palmers Cross, Clarendon.

That incident was labelled as a robbery at the time.

“I felt like an evil spirit came over me … I saw black,” Da Silva said while recalling the night of the murder.

The offender killed his wife Sherika Nelson-Da Silva on Saturday, June 10, 2017.

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  1. duck1951 says:

    Looks to me like a real softball sentence . We are not talking manslaughter. this is outright murder without any remorse. Minimum should be 25 .

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  2. Murderer blood on your shoulder says:

    I think because he’s from St Vincent. I hope the other murderers get the same treatment. Unbelievable. That’s why killing will never stop because of the light sentences. I’m ashame of the system.

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    • OH OH says:

      Get ready you people from ST.Vincent.This is going to be ST.Vincent bashing week.

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    • That’s Why says:

      That’s why whor!ng will never stop because of the no sentencing.

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      • No name says:

        @ That’s Why

        I figure you are a man.

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        • @no name says:

          The men is the biggest w****s around. That is why I always tell my married friends, no matter how secure you think you are because you have a husband and you feel he is faithful or how much he claims he love you and BLA BLA, alllllll men have a side piece.Down to my 76 year old father have a side piece.

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          • Am sure.. says:

            There you are wrong.. Not ALL men..

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          • Dread says:

            How many side piece you got, women are the best at cheating harder to catch

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          • Yep says:

            That is why when I hear some of these married woman talking and bragging about their HUSBANDDDD AND FLASHING THE WEDDING RINGS I SMILE BECAUSE GIRL YOUR HUSBANDDDD HAVE A SIDE PIECE AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.ALL MEN HAVE A SIDE PIECE MARRY OR NOT.I also smile when the men is professing how much they love their wives.

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          • Female says:

            But it’s the dead woman that was the cheater in this case, so why you all on the men.

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  3. Talking Real says:

    “I felt like an evil spirit came over me…I saw black.”

    I don’t doubt you. Where there is wickedness, the demons abound. All have to suffer the consequences of our evil actions. Some of us are currently align with wicked spirits with a pretext of being happy. But they know that their outcome will be a devastating one. How devastating though is the question.

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  4. Hmm says:

    Not sure if I agree with this as you killed someone but I’m not judge.

    All I can say …. is when your sentence is up, GO IN PEACE!

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  5. So ok says:

    Here goes another dirty old bastard sitting back living good ie… 3 squares a day free, free F***ing everything on my dime. Meanwhile, the older victim sister got to figure out a way to take care for the two children that this man damaged emotionally for life.

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    • @So ok says:

      Yup from experience she has a task on her hands there and these kids will need help and God’s touch to elevate themselves. Wish them all God’s speed.

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  6. TJ says:

    Another St Vincentian? Just saying..

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  7. Oh no says:

    He is living in a emotional H**L.Every night when he lay his head on the pillow,he hear the screams of the victim and those innocent children that he EMOTIONALLY HURT AND SCARED FOR LIFE.

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  8. Ladyf says:

    People please leave the man alone am woman went them bad woman come out there just what they do back in there country they bring it to the islands he is a good man and she was you in him for his hard working money he didn’t had to killer but he could not take any longer

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    • Who says:

      Who ever u are u full of he is a b*****d when to Jamaica to 2 women in one week he had his thing plan all along

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    • @Ladyf says:

      He knew what he got himself into.If it was that bad, he could have left. The problem with you men, you let P***y drive you stupid. Men is weak, that is why a WOMAN IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE THE DOWNFALL OF A MAN.

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  9. Reply says:

    This sentence is a travesty of justice. The BVI has become a place whereby you can commit the most heinous of crime including murder and get a slap on the wrist. It appears to me that anyone can commit the worst of crime, and somehow there are those among us who will justify their criminal behavior.

    What people need to realize is that today for me, tomorrow for you. The same justice system that fails one person, is the same justice system that will fail to give you justice should the need arises.

    7 years in prison for killing someone is just outrageous, and it’s just shocking to me that a female magistrate who is a mother would give such a sentence.

    Not only that, she appears to be sympathetic to the criminal:

    “You have brought pain and anguish to the family … But, you have shown remorse, and I wish you well,” Justice Ann-Marie Smith”

    What judge in their right mind wishes a murderer well? Something is wrong with that picture. In my opinion, the magistrates sympathies are in the wrong place, and I question her ability to remain on the bench, make impartial judgments, and leave her emotions behind.

    Whenever this guy gets out, and should he commit a similar crime, we can all look back to this sentence as the root cause.

    Who gives a flying cow if this murderer is “a model inmate”, or if his wife allegedly cheated on him? There is something called divorce. If things are not working out, that’s an option. Killing her is extreme and should not be condoned or made light of by the state.

    No one has a right to kill anyone, and I find it troubling that people tend to find justification and sympathies with criminals such as this guy.

    The system is broken and needs to be fixed, and part of this dysfunction lies with these magistrates on the courts. Some of these magistrates quite frankly need to be removed from their positions.

    As for the notion that this heinous crime affect him too, should we as a public feel sympathy for him for committing this crime? He ought to to be affected by it as no normal person kills another.

    The murderer claims he “.. felt like an evil spirit came over me … (and) saw black,”.

    He felt that way simply because he IS evil.

    Keep it up BVI. The world is watching, and the picture that comes out of these islands is not a good one, and will impact each and everyone of this country in due time. Keep it up.

    We are a society that has become very tolerant of crime and criminals, and that is never a good thing. Our judicial system is simply weak and a fosters a breeding ground for criminals. This is a killers’s paradise imo. No one can expect fair justice in this environment…no one.

    In the words of Justice Ann-Marie Smith: “I wish you well.”

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    • @Reply says:

      You are a fake – you don’t truthfully wish him well. You simply repeated what the justice said. I can read it in your comments. Please, he is not the only murderer alive today. Many in BVI are emotional and psychotic murderers working with the Devil and his demons and pretending to worship the Almighty God.

      Apostle Paul and Moses were murderers too. So, get your holier than thou self from here. The man has a second chance at life. Paul and Moses were also given second chances in life. Who the he!! any of you are to judge him.

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      • Madness says:

        You are the one who is fake with your fake and lame a** use of the Bible to excuse and justify wrong. Your Christianity has really led you astray if you can mount a defense for this murderer. Who cares if he’s remorseful? Sentencing is supposed to send a strong message about what a society will and will not tolerate. Seems like wife killing has been given the go-ahead.

        Hope neither you nor anyone you know is cheating. Bye bye for you.

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      • Reply says:

        Not surprise here with your response. You are not alone in your thinking. The place appears infested with people like yourself. The BVI need a thorough cleansing of people with your mindset.

        Your response is typical of the criminal apologist you are.

        By the way, you seem to be reading comprehending challenged. I at no time stated or suggested that I wish this murderer well. Indeed, I don’t. I wish him h**l.

        Read carefully before you falsely accuse.

        It would be my pleasure to pass judgment against someone like yourself. I will lost you under the jail house if you committed a crime and was before me, and came talking all this bs.

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        • Read says:

          Read your last sentence. Seems like you don’t understand the traditional English interpretation of same. And he wishes you peace✌️ not h**l oh Holier than thou!

    • Your daughters says:

      Say loud and shout it out…He got away with Murder
      …what if it was your daughter, mother sister…will you still think it’s fair.

    • babkykk says:

      I think some of us fail to realize that in this system regardless of how we may feel about something there’s certain things that a judge just can’t over sentence someone they go off of books as well remember he is charged with manslaughter and murder so for him to get 15 or 20 years like we wish he would he just can’t get that much… we have to understand the law as well and not just criticize the judge for the sentences being handed down..

    • hmm says:

      today for him, tomorrow for you. Pray that none of your family members ever end up in a predicament like this. Mercy said No

  10. @So ok says:

    I’m not saying that I condone the actions of this man, but put yourself in his shoes… What would you have done? He was shot multiple times in her Jamaican home which was allegedly a robbery, Then he catches her cheating on him with 2 men and when he confronts her about the wrong that she did, she cusses him and says that “gunmen should have killed him in Jamaica”… THE MAN SNAPPED!!! What would you have done? Walk away???

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  11. Please says:

    This is a very disturbing case and sentence. I guess not knowing all the facts one should not judge. But the justice system needs to wakeup.

    There have been a number of men including in this country who have gone through h**l with women and chose to walk away sometimes loosing everything and have to start over.

    Although it may be hard to accept when a woman dont want you, you just have to move on especially if you feel that she has intentionally put your life in danger, then leave her alone.

    Make it worst if she is playing cat and mouse. But you dont have a right to kill her especially in front of her kids.

    But if one was to make a judgement you would say the problem was that he was weak.

    But life is never straight forward especially looking at someone’s else situation from the outside looking in.

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    • Injustice says:

      This is indeed absurd. There are people in prison serving more time than this man received for murder and they did not kill anyone. Having an illegal firearm and using it should carry two different penalties. This dude used a weapon to kill someone and got a slap on the wrist.

      How many married men carry on affairs with multiple women and they do not meet the same faith so why in the h**l he was seeing black when this happen to him. He did the same thing to his f***t w*** and she did not kill him. She left him to God, but it is true that karma is a b***h. He should have gotten the maximum sentence.

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  12. Slap on the wrist says:

    It’s a shame that’s all he got. So what the law is saying is….it’s ok to kill someone once you show remorse after SMH. I feel for the children who have to witness these type of brutal murders in the world

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  13. Wow...smdh says:

    So in the BVI you can get a slap on the wrist for slitting someone’s throat in front their kids if you say sorry afterwards… truly shocking.. But then again nothing shocks me in the BVI anymore…..

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  14. Well says:

    As long as he is on the first plane out of her to St Vincent. Let these islands deal with their own mess.

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  15. Bass says:

    Alyo stop bad mouthing vincentian men, they not the only ones who kill, I’m not saying it is rite but justice is served.

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  16. O please says:

    The man was shot in her homeland , did she force him to take her in Tortola and married to her.? Why didn’t he leave that time? These men think they can buy love. He was with a good woman and leave her for younger prettier one. He could have left her because they weren’t compatible from the beginning and he knew the type of woman he picked up. He should have walked long time. Look how many times men treat women bad and cheat on the women and women walk away why can’t men do the same? They think they own the meat that’s their problem. Should have gotten more years.

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  17. something to think about says:

    I guess the man was trying to speak to his wife. The wife that he devoted himself to, would turn around and tell him that the gunmen should have end his life. Other factors that was laid before him that day. His anger got the best of him.
    No one on earth can condone a murder. But he right now is living in his own h**l. He has to relive that ordeal for the rest of his life and the children that suffered the terror of their Mother being killed by their supposedly Dad.

  18. A Vincentian says:

    He should’ve gotten more years! Doesn’t matter how well behaved he was or whatever! She is dead! Children are going to suffer! Whatever happened between the two, who is he to blow her lights out? This is basically telling us his actions were okay. Sentence him for his actions, let him pay the price. Feeling sorry can’t bring her back. Hit him that 25 to life.

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  19. Troll King says:


    She was a *** person!!!!!

  20. Lost says:

    There are three sides of a story. Sad thing the dead cant tell her side. However a word to the wise: ladies if you dont want a man break even before going around beind his back. Stop misjudging men as being weak because they dont lift a finger towards you in an argument or they allow you to embarrass and ridicule them in public. Stop taking people’s kindness for weakness. Noone has a right to take a life but no one should be made to feel less than human.

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  21. Blackstar says:

    This judge is a crazy a** woman for giving this man 7yrs!!! After the fact that he committed such a heinous crime in front these two precious kids!!!! Crazy!!! I’ve seen where she gave a guy 10 yrs for attempted murder so what’s wrong with her with this man been lenient on him giving him only 7yrs….. I guess she really don’t know how I feels to loose a love one you know that belly pain sympathizing with this evil man. She needs to revisit this case and redo her time of sentence for this evil wicked cold hearted man.

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  22. System backwords says:

    And for having unused gun you get 9 years these ppl really backwords boy he took a whole life and his wife own at that

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  23. Cant believe it says:

    The problem is that a lot of these old and middle aged men are in denial. They cannot see things for what they really are. What the h**l would a young woman want with a man almost twice her age – besides his d**n wallet. She must get sex from elsewhere. You guys better get that in your d**n head and accept the reality of life.

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    • Real Talk says:

      You older and middle age men need to understand the only reason a younger woman is with you because of the $$$$ in your pockets.A older or middle age man cannot perform the way he is suppose to unless he pop some viagra and hope he don’t pass out before he is finished.

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  24. Confucius says:

    What part of “Thou shalt not kill” does the judge and this “man” not understand?

    The sentencing is a joke and a source of shame for the country!

    Remorse and good behaviour notwithstanding, the man went into a rage, and SLIT THE WOMAN’S THROAT in front of her children! He is nothing but a cold-blooded murderer.

    How can this judge know if or when his uncontrollable rage will return? How can she guarantee the public safety? Absolutely ridiculous!

    Another poster (@So ok) said, “THE MAN SNAPPED!!! What would you have done? Walk away???”

    My answer is YES, I would have walked away. I would have left her. The fact that he “snapped” and committed murder in front of their children indicates that he is incapable of controlling his temper and is prone to violence. The fact that you seem to think he was justified, is equally concerning!

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    • Reply says:

      Exactly. Confucius, you are a level headed thinking person. Unfortunately, there are a bunch of sick minded individuals in this place who would justify just about anything.

      I’m of the opinion, that they are hopeless, and people who become aware of their positions/thinking on matters such as these should avoid them like the plague.

      “It’s not what goes into the mouth that defiles a man, but what comes out of the mouth, this defiles a man.”

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  25. Lol says:

    I won’t even bother waste my time and type anything long or get upset at the injustice. Anything goes in this little lawless territory. Good luck…

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  26. Kill Bill says:

    Some ppl just to damn childish…reading all of these comments right some Of Yall just Cruel to others if I was Ocho ik U would have Done Da Same He Wouldnt Have Killed Her If She Didnt bring Up Wen she Got Him Set up In Her own Home Town which was In Jamaica…..ocho was robbed and shot becaz of her….yet some of yall worrying bout his sentence yall really need to get a life fr…. ayooo really like to judge ppl for no damn reason….ocho Was a good man he doesnt really trouble ppl ??‍♂️??‍♂️

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  27. Repent says:

    The man was robbed, shot and almost murdered and then cheated on with 2 men all of which she threw in his face. Humans are just that humans. He snapped. He killed her in the moment. Justice been served! Get over it!!!

    Sir, rebuild your life. There’s nothing you can do about that woman. Truly and truthfully repent.

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    • Well says:

      He should have F**k*d up the other two men that he claimed she was messing with. They walking around scott free with their free for all ding a ling ruining someone else relationship. Tortola is to small for people to be messing around on each other. You might think your S**t is secret but someone knows what’s good.

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  28. CW says:

    Look at these comments



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    • @CW says:

      what’s up ritard and scum bag? you foolish and a psycho.

      soon you gon be up for murder, hate crime murder.

      the maggots in the septic are more evolved and human than you.

      even the maggots will refuse to eat your horrible flesh.

  29. Doolaard says:

    She provoked him ?????? Well, does that justify a brutal killing????

    • @Doolaard says:

      It doesn’t! However, we should all be mindful of the way that we treat people. His mental state was obviously pretty unstable and her very carefully selected words were intended to do exactly what they did…..destroy him. She however, underestimated the intensity of his anger and met an unexpected death. Both parties are at fault! I personally believe that he should have received a 10 year sentence for his action.

  30. @Haa says:

    That s**t is hella unfair
    I hope to god , Anyone else that kill someone gets the same 6 and half years he got !
    It is very unfair to see someone kill someone and get 6 1/2 years !
    It doesn’t matter at the end of the day what the hell she did to him , She set him up and he got shot but he did not die !
    Leave the woman alone that’s all he had to do instead of killing someone
    Tortola is f**king backwards and this sentence is very unfair !
    I hope all these killers get the same sentence

    • LIT says:

      I agree with you and its so vexing to hear this.
      Man getting more time for so call raping a frigging lil girl who willingly opening she legs, then the men who taking people life away!
      THIS MAN CHOP HE WOMAN HEAD OFF,,,,,,,, and yall think it fit for him to just stay in jail while we feed him for free for the next 6 1/2 years???? Then yall go let him out to roam free to kill again when he woman cheat on he ugly a** again? Then wha going happen to she???

  31. Hate to say it but... says:

    The men in Tortola is horn dogs. They have a decent woman/wife and they would prefer to leave the decent woman/wife for a pretty face and a pretty shape.The pretty face and pretty shape is looking for someone to pay the bills and rent. When are you men going to learn. I bet he wish he had stayed with the woman he had. But,if I had known always come to late.

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    • Darkness says:

      Not all have pretty face and good shape. Many ugly like the sin they committing and shape like a swine.

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  32. Wow says:

    If I ever kill someone my excuse will be “An evil spirit came over me. I saw Black”… Let’s see if that gets me off the hook too…

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    • @Wow says:

      He saw black,some say they see a red dot or red light flash. I am saying I know men who wife send them over the edge with rage and what the men did,step off.

  33. LIT says:

    IYA GA TO BE KIDDING ME!!!!! 7 years???????? Just that????? So leh me ask, I can chop off my BF head and only expect 7 years to? Or is it cause the man not from here they give he a lil bly???? REGARDLESS he deserves what he took from the lady, LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  34. HMMMMMM says:

    So Yhats gets 25 to life for shooting but this guy right here gets LESS THAN 7 YEARS FOR CUTTING HIS WIFE THROAT???????????????? this right here i bull. PERIODTTTTTTTTTT

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  35. dont care says:

    people need to consider what the police charged him with and then what sentencing goes along with that charge.

    It appears the charge don’t carry a heavy sentence and 7 years was max.

  36. John Knauss says:

    I personally only see two possible sentences in this case. Which is simply a case of murder. Death or life in prison. Cheating is absolutely wrong if married. BUT, it can in NO INSTANCE be an acceptable excuse for murder. A real man would simply “walk away from the relationship”…. without violence… and NEVER LOOK BACK. 5 years (2 years already served” for murder? That sentence is criminal to me.

  37. Wow says:

    I am very disapointed after all a human life a young woman a mother,a daughter, a sister where is the justice?? Karma was all he got when she cheated on him Karma ,he cheated on his previous woman with her so what if she cheated on him he deserve what he got and he had no damn right totake her life. He should spend at least 25 years minimum.

  38. Disgusted says:

    Shame on the j***e for devaluing this woman’s life. Murder is NEVER an acceptable response and no amount of crocodile tears will bring her back. This is a terrible day in the BVI

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  39. I"ll say it says:

    The judge is a heartless J**k***. The man slaughter the woman in front of her children. I don’t think the judge took into consideration or care how those children is suffering emotionally. I guess when the one that gun down the woman not to long ago is going to get a slap on the wrist also.

  40. So I'm wondering says:

    My husband is cheating on me, but he doesn’t know that I know. Suppose one night while he is sleeping and I snap and chop him up for cheating with a meat clever. I wonder if the judge will go lenient on me also.

    • Well we never know says:

      If he provoke you is another story. Supposed he said the other woman or women are way better than you and uou know you are doing your best. How would you feel????

    • CAPTAIN HOOK says:

      If he is cheating on you, why are you still with him?

  41. Macka says:

    I’m going to start killing too. I won’t be locked up for long.

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  42. Justice says:

    All whoring man and woman shall meet the same fate. Facts of life.

  43. criminal says:

    i need his lawyer asap

  44. Anonymous says:

    Some of you on here who doesn’t have anything nice to say about this girl!!! Shout the f— up..god give life’s not f–ing man.. so he doesn’t have know right to take any.. she’s a mother, daughter, sister etc.and whatever she want to do with her body it shouldn’t matter.. this f—ing ugly lean head man is garbage ain’t s**t and having a nice beautiful girl like her make him possessed, and insecure.. this sentencing is a slap on the wrist but karma is a b-tch..

  45. @kill bill says:

    Was he such a fool to get robbed and all of that and then went straight back for her in Jamaica and married to her? What was so sweet? He should have learned his lesson and move on. Is he the only man that got cheat on , if everyone who get cheated on including me should snap what a world we would live in.

  46. bianca says:

    Vincv man like them so who make it bad for ppl like me out here trying make it in life.

  47. island man says:

    Wrong witness statement ” caretaker of the deceased woman’s children, said the youngsters are still affected by the grisly murder.”

    As far as the story the deceased only had 1 child a daughter. The other child is not the deceased child but a child of dasilva from a previous marriage. And that child of dasilva is not living with her. How can she witness such and it is not truth.

  48. Dirty cheaters says:

    Since he used the defence that he lost his mind and saw black, I guess I will use the defense that I saw red when I chop up my cheating husband and his side piece. It is only a matter of time I pull up to the location they meet up at every Wednesday and Friday nights. What they don’t know is I had a tiny camera put in my husband car,no audio but video and I see everything.Okay now keep playing me.

  49. OMG says:

    It doesn’t matter if he becomes a preacher, priest, rabbi, etc, etc. He is wicked. How could a human being slit the woman’s throat in front of her children? And just look at that smirk on his wicked face!

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  50. cpd says:


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    • Reply says:

      As per law, if my memory serves me best, 3 months in prison qualifies for deportation. Despite his slap on his wrist, he will be deported back to St.Vincent, no question.

      By the way, for those who think speaking out against this murderer is a slight against all Vincentians, please know that many of us do not share that view.

      There is good and bad in all cultures. One murdering Vincentian should not taint all Vencentians. I personally have many Vincy friends, and I know them to be good law abiding people.

      Lasty, since you have been away for quite some time, I am sure you may recall a period in our home when these kinds of crimes were unheard of.

      What do you think of the state of our country at this moment in time looking at this from afar?

  51. Think about it. says:

    So he was provoked by her cheating and setting him up to be killed, which is probably why he got a short sentence.However, they need to make it where Vincy people need to have a Visa to enter the Bvi becathis is ridiculous tho. The majority of gruesome crimes that occur in the Bvi are by Vincy people.They act like they’re uncivilized for real.

  52. God is good says:

    Only God Knows. He have no right to kill her. But God said if we come boldly to him and confess our sins, he’s faith and just to forgives us. Sin is sin. You tell a lie is sin you kill is sin. You call this second chance. God is ever merciful. No one knows this man hear, only God. Thats why he got this less sentence he didnt get away, hes doing his penitalty. But it just not a long long.

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