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‘My duty to BVI transcends any office’ | Flax-Charles embraces change in portfolios


Newly-appointed Junior Minister of Trade & Economic Development Shereen Flax-Charles is embracing the recent decision made by Premier Andrew Fahie to swap ministerial portfolios with Junior Tourism Minister Sharie de Castro.

In a public statement on Wednesday, November 27, the Territorial At-Large Representative said her duty to the territory transcends any office and her love for the BVI continues to drive her to excel as a junior minister.

“I am honoured to have been entrusted with the dynamic portfolio of Trade & Economic Development. Our manifesto makes clear our shared dedication to small businesses, economic diversification and human capital development,” Flax-Charles stated.

She further said: “I am embracing this new opportunity. I am fresh, I bring the perspective of an entrepreneur and an innovator. I am willing and I am able! I look forward to receiving ideas from our business people and the wider community.”

The former Junior Minister for Tourism said she believes the switch to her new portfolio will be an easy one, adding that she is ready to tackle the tasks ahead.

“Tourism in the BVI is maintained by the creativity and enterprise of entrepreneurs across this territory and so this transition is as natural for me as the sail from Virgin Gorda to Tortola.

I anticipate the formalisation of my new role and engaging with you the business community to execute impactful initiatives.”

Moments after BVI News reported that Flax-Charles was being bumped from the Junior Minister for Tourism portfolio on Tuesday, November 26, Premier Fahie confirmed the reshuffling with his administration.

There has been some amount of controversy surrounding the reshuffle with some residents questioning the Premier’s reason for the swap which has been described as abrupt.

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  1. Looking On says:

    From the moment I begun to read I realize the following statement was why she embraced the switch.

    “The former Junior Minister for Tourism said she believes the switch to her new portfolio will be an easy one, adding that she is ready to tackle the tasks ahead.”

    This woman is a business woman. She came from a family of business people.

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    • Outlook says:

      @looking on. Mrs Flax-Charles has Mr Fahie just where she wants him. He will soon be eating out her hands. The power of a woman don’t play. He should know; he was birth by one. He will learn- believe that.

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    • 2 Cents says:

      Her remarks could be her cover too.

      Remember there is more than one way to skin a cat. Let the bad boys believe all is well. ?

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  2. Hmmmm says:

    Hon. Flax, really? If you are not crossing the floor do you have another option but to embrace your new portfolio?

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  3. Vg says:

    Well spoken she is going to be the first female premier of the vi

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  4. Goodness Sake says:

    @looking on, you must be living under a rock, for sure not on virgin gorda. That family is the …

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  5. Translation says:

    I’m sorry for my remarks in the house of assembly, I accept my punishment and I will never speak out against that chairman again.

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  6. STAR says:

    Situation+Task+Action+Results= PMI (Performance Measured Indicators). Members are getting to their tasks without completing anything of sustenance- action and results. Impossible to function effectively in any situation. Framing these flowery words does not produce measurable results. Seems like their T&C imported publicist is raking it in to keep the show going. Time will tell.

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  7. For sure says:

    The clock is ticking away for sure, tick, tock, tick, tock….has the field been leveled for all or just for the chosen few, as usual. Time to start doing what’s right and just. Time will tell for sure.

  8. The captain says:

    has to start getting it together; he’s making his team look like they don’t know what they’re doing. The rookie practice is over.

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  9. vip heckler says:

    It’s like this one ain’t realize that she was demoted?

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  10. Welsah1 says:

    The horse and pony show from this admin continues…what we want are measurable results. Fancy words not cutting it this time around.

  11. Sorry says:

    We will not be fooled with this talk. Try something unconventional…

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  12. unbelievable! says:

    What Andrew is doing is pure foolishness!

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  13. Believe it or not says:

    Barry did say, “We will hear.”

  14. Let’s see says:

    In other words, what is she really saying is: sit-down, shout-up, and accept what Mr. Bigs is dishing out.

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    • Mr. Bigs says:

      Victimization on steroids; even in his own camp. Look how he chastised this supposedly strong woman and have her smiling into submission.

      @let’s see. You have it right. She just got the memo. She knows now never to cross Mr. Bigs and his circle of merry men. The memo said, “from now on, she must learn to sit down, shut up, and accept what Mr. Bigs gives. And don’t forget to give a Bigs smile to the public when doing so, or else.” Can’t believe how submissive she sounds in this speech; just who she thinks she fooling with this one.

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  15. Napkins says:

    Anyone. When will we get the ? ? ?

  16. Just a minute of your time says:

    Since the comments section in the article on violence and abuse on children was blocked. This short clip will be posted here. Caribbean children will rise- if adults don’t.

    In memory of our children, gone too soon.

    Make it a wonderful day.

  17. Disinterested says:

    Decision made to stay part of the team, it is not earth shattering news that, if only for now, that the Hon Flax-Charles has warmly embraced her new portfolio, despite the abrupt action that cause eye rolling, jaw dropping about junior ministers reshuffling. The Hon deCastro may express the same sentiments. Stay tune though, for school chiren saying watch moves at TB.

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  18. strupes says:

    This was a wasted vote

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  19. strupes says:

    This was a wasted vote…That all i have to say

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  20. oh ho says:

    she will tell an a** so

  21. CW says:

    Shereen is absolutely fantastic and the right one for the job. Congratulations to her and the BVI! Wonderful news.

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    Now that Hon Flax-Charles has taken the post can we not get matters moving along with all the back log of non-belonger applications PLEASEEEEEEEEEE. If the Premier want his 1000 jobs in 1000 years these applications need to be processed!!!

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    • Yep says:

      Agree with you… there must be a huge pile of approved applications that are awaiting signature from the premier’s office.

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  23. yes my girl says:

    Hon Shereen, take the high road. It’s a learning experience. it’s politics…but we rooting for you. Go on Boss lady

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  24. Heading for the Hills says:

    The women is gaining power slowly but surely. Here is a perfect example of just how Silly and weak a man is. Andrew hand those two women a lot of power on a silver platter. See, women lead with their heart and men lead with their ping ping, that is why a man will always be brought down by a woman.

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  25. Eagle eye says:

    Shereen is shame yuh think we stupid Shame-reen.

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