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My gov’t does not determine Permanent Secretaries, Governor has no confidence in PSC

Premier Fahie

While making it clear that neither himself nor members of his administration had a hand in deciding who was appointed permanent secretaries of government ministries, Premier Andrew Fahie said Governor August Jaspert has shown he has no faith in the Public Service Commission (PSC).

Under the Virgin Islands Constitution, the PSC is the body responsible for recommending who should be appointed into the posts.

Fahie said while the governor was constitutionally within his rights when he recently rejected the PSC’s recommendations, doing so “signalled his lack of confidence in the members of the Commission to perform in a manner that protects Her Majesty’s service”. 

“This is a very serious aspersion that the governor has cast on the members of the Commission who are among the brightest minds of the Virgin Islands with long, unblemished careers and who are stalwarts of our territory,” Premier Fahie said in a media release titled ‘Setting the Record Straight RE: the Appointment of Permanent Secretaries‘.

He continued: “I am not privy to whether the consultation that is required according to the Constitution took place between the Governor and the PSC. However, if the proper constitutionally prescribed procedure was followed, the members of the Commission would have been asked to reconsider their recommendations and to submit new recommendations if they wish. Assuming proper procedures were followed, the PSC would have affirmed, and reaffirmed, its confidence in its recommendations after being asked to reconsider their submission.”

Notwithstanding the governor’s actions, Fahie reiterated that the BVI would continue to be respectful to the United Kingdom; however, respect “ought to be a two-way street.”

PSC is independent

Additionally, the Premier said some ‘internet trolls’ are suggesting that the PSC is biased towards his government and himself is mischievous

He however made it clear that “the PSC is an independent institution.” 

He pointed to section 91(1) of the Virgin Islands Constitution Order 2007 that states that the five members of the PSC are appointed by the Governor, two acting in his own discretion, and one each in accordance with the advice of the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition, and after consultation with the Civil Service Association.

“All the sitting members of the PSC were appointed during the term of the last government, not during the tenure of this current six-month-old administration. Four of those commissioners were not appointed based on any input from the current Premier, and two of those persons were selected by the Governor himself, including the Chairman of the PSC,” Fahie argued.

He added, “Where Section 91(2) of the Constitution Order requires the Governor to consult with the Premier in appointing the Chairman of the PSC. I was not the Premier at the time of that appointment, and therefore His Excellency, The Governor, would have consulted with the previous Premier. How then can the PSC be painted as biased to the new government? It does not compute.”

Misleading information

In the meantime, the Premier said since his announcement there has been a flood of commentary on the social media channels and online news sites containing inaccurate and misleading information. 

“The Internet trolls appear to be well organised and focused on substituting their misinformation in place of the truth, to create a distorted reality of what has taken place and to further their clear agenda to discredit and undermine your democratically elected government for the benefit of some other hidden interest,” Fahie said.

He said it was also ‘unfortunate’ that there were some inaccurate reporting from members of the media, which has only served to compound the confusion.

“Much of this tainted discourse purports that it was the Premier and the newly elected government that attempted to appoint individuals to the posts of Permanent Secretaries. Therefore, the Governor has blocked the “government’s picks. This is not true.”


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  1. Independent says:

    Next he will be calling for the people of the BVI to vote to become independent, instead of remaining an Overseas Territory. And of course it is the people’s choice. The UK is not forcing us to remain.

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    • Hello! says:

      What does all of this have to do with the news article above? The way I see it… this news site is anti-BVIslander’s period, and almost all of you bloggers on here are not from the BVI, and are jealous, vindictive, ungrateful leeches.

      Instead of saying thank you for a few years of employment and a beautiful environment to rest your heads, you have settled within to become nothing more than a bunch of ungrateful souls, evil ungodly blogging terrorist!! …Some seriously Shameful and Sad human-beings on this planet!

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      • @Hello! says:

        And you need to shut the F**k up and go have a seat somewhere sponge mouth. People can say what the F**k they want to say you A** sucking dim wit.

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      • WELL! WELL! says:

        That really packed a punch ‘as we all can see’! Those comments hit you at the filthiest parts of you….and all that sick, evil wickedness within came pouring out like vomit all over this news site for the whole world to witness the real truth of the matter! That many of you on here are vile, damaged souls!

  2. No, Andrew says:

    No, Andrew, just no man.

    In your release, if you had just stick to the facts you would have been better off, but you just dont know when to quit!

    You just insist upon going to far with your manipulative rhetoric which is designed to stir up feeling of persecutions where none exist!

    That statement should have been extremely short but you just had to run on about who persecuting you, who persecuting us and how you are not to blame for anything, it is always somebody else’s fault.

    Ok, then here are the questions/facts for you:
    – The governor has charge of the civil service, he can take or not take the recommendations of the PSC.
    – Why do you need to be privy to the consultations? you just admitted it is his prerogative if he takes the recommendations. Why is it personal to you? Did you try to manipulate the process? Are you mad that you now have a PS who is not the defacto one that you had running your office?
    – If you wish us to make an informed decision that the governor had no good reason for making his own selections, then tell us, who were the original recommendations? or maybe the PSC, who only you claim has been insulted by the rejection of their recommendations, release the original list of names. Let us try that in the court of public opinion too.
    – release the governor’s response to your irresponsible rant in the HOA about his decision making.


    if possible please do try to contain yourself with the attempt to stir up racial tensions in the BVI, WE dont need that along with everything else we have on our plate at the moment.

    I know its hard but you can do it, if you dig down deep deep deep deep ….a little more ….some more…down down, alllll the way down in your soul, where your ego-maniacal delusions of persecution does not exist, you will be able to do it.

    Find some depth and stop being a empty loud sounding pan!

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    • Facts says:

      These facts cut you deep, Governor…

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    • Sam the man says:

      Very well said Mr Fahie needs to grow up and stop being so easily offended by what the Governor legitimately decides to do! Not an inspired initial period in government so far…..all he seems do at present is moan and complain!

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    • Haven’t says:

      Haven’t gotten far in the article and I perceive Andrew to be a confusion maker but whilst he think he subtle with it, it is clearly being seen among the intellectuals of the Territory and, the intellectuals could be as young as primary school students.

      Get on with running the Territory. The time you here spending on this matter could be spent researching and analyzing the recovery loan (and it’s conditions) that the U.K. is to guarantee, O Newbie!

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    • Jahlove says:

      I agree 100% to your post. I think the Premier needs to stop listening to all these friends and supporters that are calling him and start running the country properly. You can’t please everyone. As government you have to make tough decisions and not just try to look good for your people. You been in opposition so long you don’t even realize that you’re in power. You are the premier stop opposing and start building and forming good relations and partnerships along with creating and producing new opportunities for the people of the Virgin Islands. It’s time to get serious and stop all of this talking and pleasing certain people.

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  3. Quiet Rebel says:

    The system is flawed. PSs worked close up with ministers so how can ministers have no input in who are appointed PSs. Their must be a comfort level and a working chemistry between ministers and PSs. Pure nonsense.

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    • Keep it up Premier says:

      See what happens when you play dirty Mr.Premier? You schemed and plot to make NDP look like the bad guys. You and the boy from Cane Garden Bay put on a award winning play. That Blue wave Party was a front that the boy from Cane Garden Bay formed to oust NDP. The boy from Cane Garden Bay is the reason VIP is in office today. Yeah word is that you Mr.Premier and the boy from Cane Garden Bay is working together on the low and he is promised a position sometime in the future. This too will bubble to the surface. All of you is going to get your cards peeped and called out sooner than later.

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      • Sure did says:

        And the boy from cane garden bay was informing the Premier of everything that was going on in the NDP camp when he was with them. To many people is saying the Premier promised the boy from cane garden a position for setting the whole thing up so VIP could win the election. The blue wave party was one big lie. I agree, all the lies and deceit is coming to the surface. When you play dirty, you are and will get F***ed back.

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  4. Mr Premier says:

    Let it go. Why is this still an issue with you. Stop the pettiness.

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    • @Premier says:

      It is called letting the cat out of the bag not pettiness. The people have a right to know who the ???es are.

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    • y says:

      y every other word out hurricane andrew mouth is ndp dont you think is time he move on but yet he still stuck on ndp dis n dat bring the mozzle or else we in trouble.

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  5. Give me a break! says:

    Andrew, what exactly are you trying to do here? You have stated that the Governor is constitutionally within his rights to reject the PSC’s recommendations, but because he has done so, it means that he lacks confidence in the PSC? So because he doesn’t agree with the recommendations it makes him disrespectful to “the members of the Commission who are among the brightest minds of the Virgin Islands with long, unblemished careers and who are stalwarts of our territory”?

    Where in the Constitution does it say that the Governor MUST agree to whatever the PSC recommends? Why are you trying so desperately to put the people of the BVI against the Governor?

    This entire vendetta towards the Governor is becoming a bit old now. Please try and find something constructive to do – like actually “moving the country forward”.

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  6. Come on king liar says:

    We know your Administration had hand in helping you pick the people you pick, just like your Administration had hand in helping pick the speaker.

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  7. Lies says:

    Never met someone who could l*e like Andrew Fahie. This man l**s for every single thing. The governor is right to get involved because look at who has been licking to put on important boards in the country. Look at the tourist board members.

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  8. eastern promise says:

    If it’s the governor who has the final say on this why did the premier allow GIS to release these non approved appointments? Surely all he had to do was discuss his wishes with the governor and he could have avoided all this embarrassment?

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  9. You know de crowd went wild says:

    they couldn’t cool down
    Ah say Liar de Lion losing he crown!!

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  10. vip heckler says:

    Why he dont go siddung from here trying to pi$$ on us and call it rain ? He needs to start telling the truth or else we will have to fact-checking everything that he says

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  11. Trolls says:

    Governor’s Internet trolls are out in full force…

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  12. Shoe on other foot says:

    What goes around certainly comes back around. Now he sees how those stalwarts in our community, professionals all, felt when they were callously ousted from the statutory bodies and told by the messengers that they were only carrying out directives given. To the extent that in some cases loyal party supporters still remain long after boards have been disbanded.

    Personally, I think that this recent statement went overboard. Sometimes some things are better left unsaid.

    We can only hope that it does not get any worse, as this ‘tit for tat’ mentality is not doing the Territory any good.

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  13. hmm says:

    This is exactly like when he said he has no influence over the proceedings of house of assembly but as soon as he told the speaker to swear in Mark Vanterpool it was done because clearly he has influence on the speaker. Same play here cause he has influence on the PSC.

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  14. BVI LOYALIST says:

    I tried my best to warn everyone I can about that man Andrew. Put a few comments on BVINEWS about him, and they were not posted. Showed facts and examples to people on the streets, yet they chose to ignore his shady past. So they turn up to the polls and vote VIP, especially them numb skulls in the first district. Well tek VIP in ayo mehdem skin. ANDREW should not be Premier.

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  15. Watchman says:

    Inaccurate information such as what has been reporting

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  16. you are the teacher says:

    Whatever is being said that is untrue in the blogs they learned from you and the VIP Mr. Premier.

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  17. Link says:

    Just read Andrew’s statement (more like a rant) in the link bvinews provided. Full of one sentence paragraphs with points scattered all over.

    Anyway, I guess I am one of the trolls he refers to because I can clearly see a future dictator who is trying to hide behind the people. For now.

  18. :) says:

    Some people never seem to learn at all. Every year, same strategy of spamming articles with negative comments and a bunch of baloney. The comments expressed in the news sites does not represent the sum total of the voting public. In 2015 you would have swear VIP would have won easily based on all the negative comments about NDP and the Pier Park saga. In 2019 it was worse. The Fahie slander was out in full effect. There were even articles that would have made you bet that Sylvia Moses would have won the district seat just based on the comments and likes. Myron was leading the election by 10,000 likes and 20,000 favorable comments. VIP at large stood no chance. When it was all said and done a lot of people looked like fools. Long story short, stop the foolish games. All of the keyboard campaigning doesn’t change a thing. At least be honest with yourself and have some balls and change your names to VIP heckler 1 to 20 because the mission is quite clear to everyone.

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  19. Oh well says:

    The premier need to get to stepping. He is doing more damage than good for the Country. Can a Premier be impeached?

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  20. Think about it. says:

    If you consider the long standing corruption, cronyism, millions of payer monies misspent and or unaccounted for, the poor state of the infrastructure, is it any wonder people don’t trust the government?

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