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My health is not a concern, says Skelton


Amid claims that leader of the newly-formed Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) Ronnie Skelton may be unfit to potentially lead the territory as the next Premier because of health issues, the former NDP legislator has made it clear that he is not unwell.

“Am I looking after my health, am I paying attention? Yes, I am. As a matter of fact, I just came back from the Mayo Clinic to make sure that I can live another day,” Skelton said at a recent conference with members of the media.

“My health is not perfect … [but] is this going to kill me tomorrow? I don’t think so,” added Skelton who, up till recently, served as the Minister of Health in the NDP government.

And when specifically asked whether his health is projected to become a concern in the next five to 10 years, Skelton replied, ‘no’.

Questions about Skelton’s health surfaced sometime after it was reported that he was, in fact, leading the PVIM, which currently has seven candidates to contest the upcoming general election.

These questions surrounding the legislator’s health may have been linked to a major medical procedure Skelton underwent after he suffered a pulmonary embolism some two decades ago.

A pulmonary embolism, effectively, is the sudden blockage (a clot) of a major blood vessel in the lung. Such a blockage can stop the flow of blood in the lung which can be deadly.

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  1. ndp/vip heckler says:

    I will prefer a sick ronnie any day over our finances rather than a slick myron or a slick andrew

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  2. Live life says:

    Anyone of us can die at anytime whether young or old. So I won’t support the people who are making his health an issue. The objective must be to live and be productive until you conch out. He wants to do that, and he has all right to do it.

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    • Run out says:

      @Live Life, I couldn’t agree with you more. The tactic being used against Honorable Skelton is a cheap and low blow below the waist. It is obvious that those who are using this man’s health as their political tool has run out of things to smear the man’s good name and are now resorting to his health status.

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  3. Hmmm says:

    It’s more your character (than health), that is in question Sir.

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  4. I have been watching says:

    My health is not a concern only my motives. Up to this minute Ronnie nor Mitch has been able to put forward a proper reason why they left NDP to form PVIM (Political Vultures in Motion). There are three things that I have noticed that may have been the cause and I’m looking at the family ties and also the behavior of certain persons and pastors. The first thing is when the government did not renew claude cline’s Contract at the Port. Claude is Ronnie’s nephew and Mitch’s first cousin. From that time — attacks on the NDP started and — only attacked certain cabinet ministers who I believe did not support — going back to the Port. The second is the firing of John Cline. John is Mitch’s uncle and Ronnie’s best friend. This is why Mitch crying about who should get fired and who should not. Look at the behavior of John Cline even on Facebook and you will see he is holding a g—–. We all see Claude frothing at the mouth every Tuesday on the radio. The NDP for him was the best thing until his contract was not renewed. The third thing was that internal elections for the NDP leadership. Both Ronnie and Mitch ran together and both lost. Now both went to form PVIM. When I analyze this is all personal and not about the people. It’s about getting p—– and r———–. I see it clear as day and they can’t even hide it. This whole movement will fall down because it is built on m—–. Watch it you see.

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  5. Hmmmm says:

    “My health is not perfect … [but] is this going to kill me tomorrow? I don’t think so,” added Skelton

    Do we know what this afternoon or evening holds for any of us? Tomorrow is a long way from now …

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  6. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Is this line of questioning signals that going forward every Leader of a party and Deputy will now be required to release their bill of health. Confident that if Ronnie’s personal doctor had advised him that running for political office as the leader of the BVI was severely hazardous to his health he would have step aside, putting his health first. Is power so addicting that people are willing to put power over personal health and family? No. I would be surprised if any politician is this reckless and power hungry.

  7. FDB says:

    IF Ronnie is Qualified to be the next Premier, and he is willing let him go for it. Only God knows where death is. Why is death coming into the picture. Ronnie I with U all the way….,

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  8. Reality says:

    He was minister of health and did not trust the hospital he managed to give him a check up. I have been in Peebles and the doctors and nurses do a fantastic job . Ronny you say you support local for jobs but dont trust them with your own health.

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    • Strupes says:

      What do you know about this man? Do we have doctors at the hospital in specialized areas no.

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    • voiceofthevoiceless says:

      What nonsense I am hearing? You cannot tell a Man where to get his health care treatment. Even if they had specialist care at the local hospital, if he felt more comfortable seeking treatment abroad that is his prerogative. How do you marry support of locals with one’s right to choose his/her preferred health care provider?

      This is life and death let us get real here.

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  9. Windy says:

    obviously He’s referring to his physical health not his mental health

  10. Mash One says:

    People do get sick as they get older,but if you are the Minister of Health why do you have to go overseas for medical help?This telling me that if you don’t have money to get medical assistance overseas you are going to die at Pebbles?just as I have lost two of my best,each have died two days after have been admitting to the hospital! The same hospital that you are in charge of cannot save your life, you have to go overseas.What happen to the people who don’t have the money like you?

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  11. Ausar says:

    ..The level of care given at Peebles should be the focus here.

    All of you bloggers who have lost loved ones at Peebles should be even more concerned.

    That Ronnie can afford to travel overseas for health care, while so many without proper funding are forced to accept shoddy services here, are sad.

    As the Health minister, one would expect a level of empathy for the indigent and his actions as the Minister in that position should have reflected that.

    His need for offshore care, however, suggests his total lack of trust of the system and our need as constituents to be less trusting as well.

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