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Mysterious figure in public accounts: $589,916

At the end of two financial years, the Auditor General was still struggling to account for a mysterious monetary figure that she said appeared in the territory’s accounts in the year 2010, when the Virgin Islands Party was in government.

The figure, which has been labelled ‘Suspense Amount’, is $589,916.

At the end of 2011, then Auditor General Sonia Webster noted that she still could not account for the figure.

It is not yet clear if clarity has been achieved as annual reports for the years after 2011 are yet to be completed or made public through the House of Assembly.

In the 2011 report, which is the latest to be made public, the then Auditor General explained: “An unresolved amount of $589,916 presented itself in the 2010 accounts in what appears to be an incomplete posting. After efforts to resolve this balance were unsuccessful, the amount was placed in Suspense Accounts. This amount remained unresolved in 2011.”

“These amounts are unacceptable and greater effort is required to identify, resolve, and remove the same from the accounts,” added the then Auditor General.

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