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National Unity Government not a coup, Premier defends

Cabinet ministers in the newly installed National Unity Government.

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley has sought to dispel any misinformation claiming his Government of National Unity was a coup.

Dr Wheatley tackled the issue at a press conference last Friday while also thanking the public for their patience, engagement, and support as the government embarks on the reform process.

“As a people, we must continue to press ahead. I encourage everyone to remain engaged and to be active participants. As we debate reform, let us do so on the basis of factual and accurate information. It is a disservice to the public to share misinformation,” Dr Wheatley said.

“I was highly disappointed recently to hear persons on the airwaves just last week saying that the current reform process is the product of a coup here in the Virgin Islands that brought the Government of National Unity to power. This is blatantly false and spreading such a falsehood is completely irresponsible and self-serving,” the Premier added.

He said the Virgin Islands Party met in early May – following the arrest of former Premier Andrew Fahie – and elected him (Dr Wheatley) as Chairman of the party.

“I am the leader of the Virgin Islands Party. It was then confirmed in writing by all of the elected Members of the Virgin Islands Party, all of the elected members of the National Democratic Party and the elected members of the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement that they supported me leading as a Premier the Government of National Unity,” Dr Wheatley said.

“No coup has occurred in the Virgin Islands, and it is important that persons not spread such falsehoods, which is highly irresponsible, especially by persons in elected office,” he added.


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  1. Hmm says:

    Then why don’t you present the Report that your lawyer who you paid 8 million to defend from the COI to the people? Every time you come to the people with a project you never have the details on the cost or why it cost so much.

    You are something else. In many respects, you are worst than Fahie and your grandfather who was as honest of a politician must be so disappointed in you. Is it that the report has damaging evidence of corruption or is it that it has facts that show breaches that could distort and stop plans of a UK takeover.

    So to save your own skin you power broke a deal to not bring it forward to challenge the UK and you will do what they say to save your own skin. The people will suffer. If the intentions for the people were forthright in all of this the report would have been presented and the people would know really what they are up against.

    But it seems only civilians and not politicians go to jail in this place. I really don’t know how some of you politicians and those in authority sleep at night not to mention the people turning a blind eye to what is happening to them right in front of their eyes as clear as day.

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  2. Truth says:

    Yawning! Give me something better to read bvi news

  3. JUDAS says:


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  4. LOL says:

    It was a coup de e tat ask Covid Malone for reference

  5. Judging from the looks of these 5 says:

    The BVI is in big big trouble….MAY THE LORD HELP US ALL

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  6. sturpss says:

    election cant come fast enough tbh.

  7. People need to read more says:

    The problem we have in the BVI is that we don’t want to read or be fair. The Premier already said the law firm will charge another million dollars for the report Carvin calling for because it was not a part of the original agreement with Government. Is that how you want to see public funds spend during this difficult time when so many people are struggling. Please read:

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  8. Donors of campaign says:

    We need all contributions and donors to political parties and candidates to be public information in the next general elections!

    Unite bvi for example needs to be open about their interest in the government of the Virgin Islands. Also if they are supporting candidates it should be transparent on funding and taxes it pays or contribute.

  9. heckler says:

    I didn’t know that a deck of cards had in five jokers?

  10. We are in real trouble for true says:

    None of these never sold a bag of popcorn yet

  11. @ people need to read more says:

    Who do you think you fooling so what about a 4.3 million dollar building for five students in JVD you think that is a priority over knowing the future of the Country?

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