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National Unity Gov’t wants close engagement with UK parliament

Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley with chairman of the BVI All-Party Parliamentary Group, MP James Sunderland.

The Government of National Unity wants to maintain close ties with members of the United Kingdom (UK) Parliament, Premier Dr Natalio Wheatley expressed.

Dr Wheatley gave that indication during a reception hosted for his delegation when he arrived in the UK recently. The reception was put on by Chairman of the BVI’s All-Party Parliamentary Group (BVI APPG) in the UK, James Sutherland, MP.

“The Government of National Unity that I lead certainly wants to remain closely engaged with the UK Parliament on the issues of concern and interest to us and our friends here in Westminster,” Premier Wheatley said. “We believe that the BVI APPG is the right partner and the right entry point of this historical institution.”

Premier Wheatley said the BVI and UK has had a solid partnership over the years and said this partnership has yielded good results. He expressed gratitude for the UK’s’ support, particularly with vaccines the BVI received during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic two years ago.

According to Dr Wheatley, the UK and BVI are currently partnering on sanctions, which he said are proving to be particularly effective.

Premier Wheatley is expected to hold talks with UK Overseas Territories Minister Lord Zac Goldsmith and other officials where he intends to press for the removal of a UK Parliamentary Order in Council being held in reserve to enforce the BVI’s compliance with agreed-upon governance reforms that were established in the wake of a damning Commission of Inquiry (COI) report last year.

“Looking ahead, my administration continues to be focused on reform,” Dr Wheatley said. “We remain committed to good governance and strengthening our institutions. A great deal has been done and we will continue to press ahead with reforms that will propel us forward as a modern democratic society.”

Issues related to the environment and the BVI’s financial services industry are also expected to be raised during those discussions.


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  1. Nice says:

    Keep up the good work.

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  2. Sell out! says:

    We have to vote out this @$$!ick&r

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  3. Doubt says:

    he will succeed with his dream of removing the Order in Council passed by the UK Parliament after the CoI was published in May 2022. But he can waste of lot of BVI taxpayer’s money on this fruitless trip to London. The new but inadequate Register of Interests law is a major impediment towards removal of the Order in Council.

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  4. Flaky fake says:

    Did he tell you all how he was allegedly cursing you all out before Head Coach got arrested and he became Premier. This man is such a fake.

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  5. PT109 says:

    one time you want independance next thing you want to maintain close ties with members of the United Kingdom (UK) Parliament, You are a 2 face person you will say anything if you beleave it will get you what you want.

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  6. YES TO THE UK says:

    This man is a piece of work, he speaks very bad about the UK now he is over there sucking up.He is no good for the BVI,the UK need to get rid of him and take us over and help us clear up this mess the 2 governments put us in.

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  7. aaa says:

    this m** m** cannot represent me just selling us out to the slave masters

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  8. @YES TO THE UK says:


    Besides, not every BLACK human want to be ruled, dominated and oppressed by the EU man ever again.. . Them days nah cum bak, yo see mon.

    Africa, India and the Caribbean are prime historic examples.. There is no, given the vile hatred that still exist within them.

    Not everyone wishes to be ruled by an entity whose lands, finances, wealth , and whose entire existence n earth is due to robbery, thief, en
    slavement, murder, human extermination, hatred and inhumanity.

    One shudders to think what they will do to and with the 30 thousand+ VIslanders if they could get away with mass extermination today.

    No offense to anyone, but some should consider thinking through personal, geo-politic notions before wishing them on an entire population of people.

    This is the 211st century not the 12th, 13th, 14, etc century where.


    Clearly some still view BLACK VIslander LIVES AS INFERIOR AND INSIGNIFICANT.That is a clear indication of inferior thinking..

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  9. Not nice says:

    I only hope it is ñot ví islanders taxi payers playing for this reception

  10. sindee says:

    Are there any side thing on that trip?

  11. Observer says:

    people come on news sites and talk down to the uk and do not want them to take us over. Talking about colonial power and how they want them independence. Do you people realize that when the tourist come here and y such up to then when they get in your taxi or visit your restaurant that you are still slaves????? You act nice and treat them better than your own just for the money. You clean their rooms, cook their food and take care of their every need just like slaves.

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  12. YES TO UK says:

    @@YES TO THE UK I feel sorry for you you and a lot others like you are living in the past. The UK was no trouble to us until the VIP got in power they thought they could rule the UK, all what’s going down in the BVI and the UK its our own people caused it. The UK owns us, we are not Africa or India most of the people in the BVI know that independence would be bad for us, maybe you want a country like china to rule un.

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  13. Unity will continue... says:

    Listen carefully people. Think. This is a warning that unity govt doesn’t have interest in an election, they want to continue being in control..

  14. Big Richard says:

    Oh it will be “a close engagement “ after UK takes charge Can’t wait.

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