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Nat’l Security Council considering to get more help from UK

Governor Jaspert

The National Security Council (NSC) is now considering whether further external assistance from the United Kingdom (UK) is needed to tackle corruption in the territory.

Governor Augustus Jaspert made that statement during Tuesday’s media briefing to announce the territory’s quarter-billion-dollar cocaine seizure — largest ever in the history of the BVI.

He said: “I am currently considering other forms of training and support from the UK, both immediate support that will enable us to conduct more effective border patrols and long-term capability building of our agencies. I cannot go into further details as this is still being discussed with NSC, but I will update as soon as appropriate.”

“These actions will help us protect the borders. But they need to be matched by actions to help protect against corruption. I believe that we have not done enough over the years to ensure that no kind of corruption can take place within our institutions in the territory,” he added.

Time to send a clear message

Governor Jaspert, who is responsible for national security, said he believes now is the time to send a clear message to potential perpetrators that the BVI is no place for crime or corruption.

To do so, he said robust legislative reform is needed in the territory to make institutions more transparent and to protect against persons abusing their positions.

“We urgently need the proposed legislation — an Integrity Commission, modernised Police Act, an Unexplained Wealth Order and other anti-corruption measures. I am pleased that these were included in my recent Speech from the Throne and hope that the Premier and members of the government, in light of this weekend’s developments, can move swiftly on this agenda and progress important governance legislation, which is now long overdue,” he stated.

Will do all in my power!

The governor further said he will be doing all within his capacity to ensure that the BVI remains a safe place where the territory can continue to operate at the highest standards of integrity and governance.

“I will not allow BVI to become a place where serious organised crime plagues our communities or where crime and corruption plagues our institutions. BVI remains a safe place to be and a caring and kind community. For that, we are the envy of many. But we should not take this for granted or allow ourselves to become complacent,” Governor Jaspert said.

In September, after the territory had experienced an increase of reported smuggling, Governor Jaspert made a request to the UK to have the British Royal Naval vessel HMS Medway deployed to the BVI to help the local forces secure the territory’s borders.

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  1. Local says:

    Governor we need more patrol boats from the UK government here can pay for fuel and food supplies for the crew but we need it asp you in charge of security not the premier i backing you on this.

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  2. Unexplainable says:

    The Asset Seizure and Forfeiture Act 2020 Is obviously brand new – clue’s in the name. Yet has no provision for whistleblowers. Nobody has addressed this either to industry or publicly.

    The US has a system where those who materially help dismantle criminal activity share in the proceeds of assets seized and there are strong legal protections with respect to keeping those who assist confidential. Why was this omitted (although there is a provision for our authorities to be so remunerated so it’s clearly been considered to some extent)?

    For the avoidance of doubt, this isn’t to suggest that someone should get a couple of kilos LOL!

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  3. Heckler says:

    Governor please do and while you are at it please get these cats to pass the whistleblower laws and FOI laws.

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  4. Listen says:

    This man has an agenda.

    He ain’t do Jack when he was here and now using this to further his agenda.

    We had UK officers and special UK units before. What was the benefit? Did we the tax payers get value for money?

    Bottom line we need an investigation of the force from top to bottom and we need properly qualified officers and police investigating procedures no matter where they are recruited from.

    It ain’t that corruption is any different that in the UK and around the world or on the increase in the BVI – it’s that we have an incompetent police Commissioner and investigators for years and also Governors who have done nothing over the years to properly beef up National Security and solve crimes.

    All this press conference and interviews and pics sent to the Sun newspapers are jokes and aimed to embarrass the country when all that been going on is that we have people in position and systems and tactics that are incompetent!

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    • Hmmm says:

      His agenda seems to be to protect the BVI from corruption from within…. I can’t see why any upstanding person would have a problem with that.

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      • Hmmmmmmm says:

        Only ALL the politicians who have their tentacles everywhere.

      • Says who says:

        So what happen to all the other years he been here and also the years before that? In one month a press release and leaked photos in the Sun will fix what before he leaves in January.

        FYI these are not new problems these are just failures by the Governor and the COP in a new year.

        Ain’t everyone here stupid. Smuggling of drugs and people ain’t new but what has this Governor and COP done over the years to address?

        How come no Governor ain’t do a press release when the Police Officers in that recent Trial got arrested?

        Tired of the games give us action man.

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  5. Chosen says:

    Even though you get more patroll boats from the uk and have them dirty customs and marine police running the boats nothing will not change will be more drugs and guns coming in

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  6. Patriotic bvi says:

    We do need all the help we can get.andrew fahie government is do to much nonesense.

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  7. Thank You! says:

    YES! We need help. Too many gun, stealing and drugs…all the stuff that will bring this place down and make tourists not want come here.
    Thank you Gov Jasperts!

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  8. WEW says:

    Time to dissolve HOA and bring in London.

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  9. Thank you says:

    YES! Man with a plan. You know what is going on here. Recent security concerns – just the tip of the iceberg.

    You are going to arrest some very interesting people!!!

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  10. PT9 says:

    Governor Augustus Jaspert ,You are right It’s time we put a stop to all the drug and gun running if we don’t put our foot down now it’s going to get worse, So think you are making the right move we need man power from the UK Custom’s, police, and other law enforcement . Put a UK cop and UK customs on the patrol boats along with local captain police or customs. We also need to have a good look at the shipping port

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  11. concern says:

    Good job Governor Jaspert. Thank God we have the help of the UK with security issues or we would be completely over-run by the bad guys.

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  12. Watching says:

    Unexplained Wealth Orders! These are a must if the Government is serious about tacking Corruption and Money Laundering in particular. Then again, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

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    • @Watching says:

      This is why the beneficial ownership of the offshore corporations needs to be public. Can you imagine how many politicians and cronies have money hidden in these accounts. Make them show where the wealth came from. Billions came in in revenue over the years and right now the government doesn’t have a pot to piss in. Where did the money go?

  13. Anyone checking? says:

    And is anyone checking the tankers that come in from Venezuela and moor at Pockwood Pond to fuel the power station???

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  14. Norris Turnbull says:

    There is a man in the Virgin Islands with expert knowledge and experience in Border Management, Administration and Patrol. Why not consider this person for immediate help?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Gun boat and sneaky political diplomacy take over seems like brewing underneath.Plain and simple for the keen eye to see.

  16. Black Nationalist says:

    That UNEXPLAINED WEALTH ORDER going to screw us all gooot damn it man.

  17. At says:

    least they did not create wealth off of slavery and murder of millions and millions of human beings for centuries.

    There has always been one particular group of people who do not want Black people to have two things: 1) wealth and 2) military might in any form.That is fact.

    Why is that?

  18. Mere Truths says:

    “We’re supposed to be at people’s beck and call when they want us to entertain them, or make them some kind of money.

    But if we ask for being autonomously wealthy on our own…all a sudden everyone has a hissy fit”

    The factual truth is, 99.9% of caucau people do not want people of Africa descent to have money.

    That is an historical fact. That is why they are continuously creating laws to make it difficult for them to make money, to take away what n they have, to keep them poor, broke and begging and relying on them for a crumb.

    Along with his ultra hatred for him, he hates to see him well off. Sadly, he most happy when he is in a poor, hungry destitute and starving condition.

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  19. Anonymous says:

    It is really annoying me when you have black people who support what they know to be racism against their own. They have this illusion in their minds that somehow they are different or will be accepted by the White man in the in here and in the UK. They will be rudely awakened one day.

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