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NDP executives now to ‘ratify’ party’s election candidates

Executive members of the National Democratic Party (NDP) are now set to conduct a ratification process in relation to the persons hoping to contest the next general elections under the NDP banner.

Neither the names nor the exact number of party members who are hopeful of contesting as NDP candidates have been officially announced. But NDP sources told our news centre that most members have declared their intentions to contest in upcoming elections.

Executive members are now organising a meeting to begin the ratification process, BVI News was told.

As the public awaits an official announcement in relation to the NDP’s election candidates, there are circulating reports that not all the current crop elected NDP members will be seeking re-election.

Members of the party were reportedly given until August 12 to declare their intentions of seeking political office through the party, which is currently under the co-leadership of Premier Dr D Orlando Smith and Minister Myron Walwyn.

On the opposite side of the local political arena, the Virgin Islands Party (VIP) has already selected at least six of the 13 candidates who will contest the next elections for the VIP.

They are Luce Hodge-Smith, Kye Rymer, John Samuel, Dr Natalio Wheatley, Vincent Wheatley, and VIP Chairman Andrew Fahie.

The next general election is constitutionally due in the summer of 2019 but there have been suggestions the political event might happen sooner.

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  1. voter says:

    kick them all out

  2. NDP?? says:

    Please no tricks, country has major problems. Crime for one has gotten out of hand under their rule.

    Under NDP- the country failed to recover from 2 hurricanes in 2017!

    Under NDP the local economy has lost over 2 billions and expected more of this. From lost of financial services, taxes, and lower tourism offerings.

    Lack of schools fully equipped, and a wide range of mismanagement of funds for national projects like roads, airports, and school walls.

    NDP has a lot of explaining to do, should the voters trust them, should we believe they intend to change this record??

    NDP is also porking it’s finger in the UK EYE, and is handling the negotiations badly.

    NDP CANT EVEN bring the prisoners back home!!! They good at attacking good people, but love to mislead and cover up there lack of leadership!

    NDP has no real answers, it’s more of the same, no expansion of nothing positive. Fact is, the new leader is not tested nor proven to hold his own.

    Too much decisive rhetoric, to angry when dealing with elected officials. Almost becoming violent when talking to others who disagree. Sends the wrong message to the youths.

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  3. @zach says:

    Old wine in new bottles..

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  4. PART OF HOW I SEE IT says:

    Concerning the NDP at large slate. Smith, Christian, and Skelton needs to be replaced. Only Myron Walwyn I see might be worthwhile for this cycle. On the district circuit, Marlon Penn and Maduro Caines and Turnbull might scrape a pass to keep them, but ALL THE REST HAVE TO GO. Flush them out for a stronger NDP

    I am rallying for the NDP this election cycle due to these following reasons and more:-

    From a leadership perspective(Walwyn vs Fahie). I think Walwyn is better than Fahie. Walwyn seem to have the better intellect and reasoning ability far more so than Fahie.

    Fahie was among those who have question and continue to question Walwyn’s legitimacy to run. Even though the constitution is clear that he qualifies. Why do people continue to entertain this non sense. MAJOR POINT DOWN, and brace for the backlash, as there are many naturalized people who can vote and there are alot of Belonger adult children with parentage (and nationality) from other places. Any party that seem xenophobic can lose a high percentage of votes for this very reason.


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    • To Part of how I see it says:

      Please be factual when you post. Myron is saying that Fahie is questioning his eligibility but up to now there’s no proof of such. All Myron is is drama.

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  5. true says:


    H—- waste of time no chance of getting elected O—-

    nobody else wants to run with M—-

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  6. Hmmm says:

    I am so disappointed in the NDP.

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  7. Truth says:

    The sooner we get rid of the NDP is the sooner the BVI will recover.

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  8. SMDH says:

    Bald head so busy trying to destroy the brown bommer over old dead things in the past that he can’t get his present members to work with him for the future. He’s to dam divisive and confrontational.

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  9. I wonder says:

    How come this site is the only site with this news? I wonder why?

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  10. Truth says:

    Truth be told that over the last 8yrs the ndp has gotten involved with too much under hand and questionable behavior with our tax dollars.

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  11. Stop says:

    The problem is that this new ndp leader cannot be t——

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  12. Okay now says:

    No one with any principle will run with this guy as head.

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  13. FACT says:

    It is dangerous to put a guy as Premier who believes in destroying anyone who disagrees with him.

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