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NDP government wasted $20 million, says Skelton

Suspicions that the governing National Democratic Party (NDP) has been consistently misspending taxpayer dollars were further confirmed on Sunday by a former NDP insider, Ronnie Skelton.

Skelton — who recently broke away from the NDP to form the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement (PVIM) — said the government has wasted money well into the high millions.

“There is, at least, about a $20 million kind of wastage in government. Somebody might argue that it’s not 20 [but] it’s only 18 or 15 [million],” Skelton said during an address in Brewers Bay.

He did not detail any of the areas in which the monies were misspent.

The PVIM leader, however, promised to be a better steward of managing public funds if his party is elected as the next government of the Virgin Islands.

Skelton pledged to “cut waste in government” then reappropriate the saved funds to improve the public service.

“We will get the civil service and the public service to be efficient again. We will put [the Department of] Public Works back to doing public works. So, ladies and gentlemen, we (the PVIM) have a plan. We know exactly how to get it done,” Skelton said.

Skelton served in the NDP administration as a government minister between 2003 and 2007 as well as between 2011 and the last quarter of 2018.

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  1. Jay says:

    Am I missing something here? But wasn’t Ronnie part of the same NDP government that he now claiming to have wasted money?

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    • expose says:

      he been there done that so he can talk

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    • Oops says:

      Is that not a partial admission of misspending or poor financial stewardship? What does he think that because he divorce himself from the party all that he did is absolved? Lol! Seriously?

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    • Grimy says:


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    • Citizen says:

      Ronnie really disappoint me; never saw the man as a being foolish and ignorant. Done!

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    • Wistleblower says:

      Wistleblower laws will prevent this type of waste and corruption from happening here again.

      Will Ronnie support these?

    • Simply Telling the Truth! says:

      What Hon. Skelton is doing is calling his former colleagues to account for decisions that they made to the detriment of the Territory’s economy that he never agreed with. When he was the Min. Of Finance, the Territory’s budget balanced, there was savings and he fought for and got every person in the Territory tax free income up to the first $10K. However, when he was no longer the Min. Of Finance, they made all kinds of decisions that his lone vote couldn’t keep them from making. Whatsmore, he had no control over how they chose to implement the good things that they agreed to. Records show that his hands are clean and his conscience is clear when it comes to fiscal responsibility, so he has every right to speak now. Bring them to account so things can change for the better in our Territory.

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  2. A Voter says:

    I believe Skelton is suffering from political amnesia. How dare he come out to address intelligent people blasting a party he was a significant part of? He was there when they were ‘wasting’the money. He aided and abetted in every decision the government made, now he has the audacity to be talking nonsense! Don’t be fooled people….Punish Ronnie Skelton at the polls.

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    • strupes says:

      Punish a man for speaking the truth??????

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    • @Voter says:

      Yes, punish him.Remember PEOPLE, we the voters control the power for a few months. Don’t forget that Ronnie. No matter what you say or how you twist it,you were knee deep in all of the mess. The same people of your Country that you had no time for you are now begging for votes. Nooo,your deck of cards got peeped.

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  3. News says:

    Hon. Skelton, in order to do these things you need to be able to win and with the slate that you currently have, I don’t see that as a possibility. You’re coming off as a sore loser now, like a man that just fell out with a woman and now he is up and down town talking about how bad she is.

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  4. ndp heckler says:

    Ronnie i believe you

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  5. truth says:

    I will now vote for skelton and mitch

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  6. wow says:

    So far he is the cleanest ndp of them all, the only one who is not under investigation

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    He (ronnie) is not a prevaricator like the new N– boss

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    • @one thing for sure says:

      shut to h**l up. Ronnie broke away from the NDP because of Myron. All of you refers to him an Island man. “go back a Antigua way he come from” Myron is not local enough all because his parentage is from two other Caribbean Islands. We aren’t no damn fools. You want to hit us with stone and tell us it is dirty. The BVI sure is a continent.But God will deal with everyone of you all. Wicked as h**l on earth.

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      • EyesWide says:

        @@one thing for Sure. Do you really believe that someone who claims they cannot protect the interest of a people of a Country deserves to be in that Country’s parliament? Only in the BVI that nonsense could stand and persons could have the nerve to believe voters should elect someone who proclaim they can’t protect the interests of the BVI people.I’m just baffled by this!

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        • Thank you says:

          To truly be a part of another country you must first respect that country.

          Let him had talk that crap in Antigua or any other Caribbean Island – you would only hear.

        • @eyesWide says:

          Did you read the whole statement or you are going after what you’ve heard. SMDH..

  8. Finally says:

    Thanks for opening Ronnie. I believe you too

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  9. big sht says:

    Vote for homeboy ronny for premier not no island man

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    • @ big sht says:

      You all will need them same island people who help build up and clean up this B.V.I. very soon. They become husbands, wives and make children for you all. Sets of ungrateful people you all are.

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      • umm says:

        please pay no mind to ppl talking crap, not all of us have that nasty mind set, I for one love the so called Island people. xoxo you are wonderful and appreciated.

  10. LOL says:

    I like how he exposing the duttyness. I am glad he defected so he could expose the nastiness

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  11. Anonymous says:

    V— on August 1, 2018 last year published embezzlement & the deliberate attempt to crash the airline.

    The articles speak on how these person defraud us and now the matter is in the District Courts of New York

    Then on august 3, 2018 v–o publised smith sold BVI Airways for 650,000 & promise of millions more and that said matter is in the Supreme district Court of New York and R—-E know this. HE NEED TO STOP THIS IS A BIG COURT CASE THAT IS GOING ON BECAUSE THEY DEFRAUDED THIS GOVERNMENT IN SELLING A PLANE THAT THEY DID NOT OWN. THE GOVERNMENT IS WAITING FOR THE COURT HEARINGS TO FINISH

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  12. Qiestionable says:


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    • Stupid says:

      Poor you typing in all CAPS as if you think the message will become any clearer. We voting Ronnie and Team PVIM! You can type giberish for all you want because the TRUTH is TRUTH and FACTS is FACTS.

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      • Really??? says:

        Ronnie is part of the party that have us how we are today. The NDP raped the BVI of our finances and now that ‘tongue and teeth fall out’ the stories coming out. I have always been a supporter of the NDP but my eyes are opened now. As Picko said ‘DRAIN THE SWAMP – THE WHOLE D*RM SWAMP’

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        • Run says:

          Since you know it all and want the so called swamp to be drained. Go and run! But for now you sound ignorant as hell. Use some wisdom and listen and pick sense out of nonsense! SMH

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  13. Qiestionable says:

    If we the people had the option to use NHI or other insurance providers wont such budden be not soley on the Government?RONNIE DID YOU THINK THAT THROUGH PROPERLY?

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  14. Appreciated says:

    Those who truly understand party politics and politics will know that as a party member you do not know everything your party members are doing and even if you do you alone cannot control members. What’s going on in he USA with the Republican Party is a perfect example.

    I am happy that some brave ones are able to speak out. Don’t mind the haters – they are brainwashed and for self and not country.

    Keep talking Ronnie we the public are listening. I do hope that soon we will get rid of party politics in this little country.

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    • @Appreciated says:

      So bravery kicks in after getting your a$$ cut in an internal leadership election? Nobody is questioning whether some of the things Ronnie and/or Mitch are saying is true. What’s in question is their motives because if the NDP was so bad why did they contest the elections rather than forming their party from the outset? It’s only after they lost the elections they formed a party, so in essence NDP only became bad after they lost the internal elections. How can anyone trust them after this? Mitch better get comfy over on that side because if he is lucky to be re-elected that’s where he will be. Ronnie will be relocated to Fish Bay like 2007.

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      • Eyes Rolling says:

        A Politician is elected to serve the people. I would think it apparent that before you walk away from a bad situation you would have done all you could do to make it work. That’s just logical, but logic does not always cut it does it. Were you there when any discussions were had among members? I wasn’t so how do you know what went on? You also seem to be God predicting outcomes. From how I see it, standing up for truth aint popular or easy but sometimes necessary. Perception is a serious thing so I encourage you to pay close attention, the motive for a politician should always be the people. PVIM is the #1 Option.

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      • Hater me say says:

        Let M be brave enough to address these very same things then. He only threw the Premier under the bus when it suited him. We the people with sense have a lot of questions for him. Not every vote in an internal or general election can be bought.

        He’s relying on the vote of those from other countries who are now able to vote here but they too will soon learn who they truly voting for.

        I support the brave any day! Hate and loyalty have some of you blind and senseless.

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    • @Appreciated says:

      You are so right. Because Ronnie, Mitch, Archie and the men of the Cloth, yes men of the Cloth undermined the Government and the party and form their own party. There is something call Karma.

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  15. Just ice says:

    The man responsible for a good share of “wasted” money himself…

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  16. Eagle eye says:

    If you Rhonky had win leadership of the NDP we wouldn’t hear your opposition tongue now.

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    • Haha says:

      Have you been listening? Tis only so much one can talk privately. Opposing Tongue? I’ve been listening at the Rallys and this is not new news, it’s just the manifestation of all that was happening privately. When you want to see change, sometimes you must become the change you seek. So that excuse of not winning internal elections is FUNNY and easy ting to talk for NDP! Thank you for the change Ronnie! That’s Boldness!! PVIM ALL THE WAY

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  17. Hellloooow says:

    Ronnie is like a drowning man who is grabbing at a straw,he”s desperate, but the truth is, a kingkom devided by itself cannot stand.

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    • Who's Kingdom says:

      Myron’s Kingdom? It’s funny how some people mistake boldness for weakness. This constant banter about PVIM’s candidates who were former NDP members is desperation at best. Vote for who you voting for, concentrate on your campaign and stop trying to bring good men down! The records speak for itself Periodt! Tell me, Who’s really grabbing at straws. Nonsense!

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  18. Really Ronnie says:

    You wasted the 20 Million on them than s**t of machineries you have bought and brought in from China. Them thing catch fire the very first time they were used on the roads… Ronnie We know you are the d**n Chinese MINISTER…

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  19. Punish the man says:

    At the polls!

  20. Ditch says:

    Ronnie & Mitch!

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  21. TurtleDove says:

    Just like Mitch….This would have had more credibility had those words been spoken while he was in the Party. It would have been better for them to kick him out of the party for speaking the truth. Now nobody knows who is telling the truth.

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  22. Questionable says:

    Ronnie promised a scrubber for Cox Heat garbage dumb site. The government has spent already $500,000 under his Ministry and to date we have not have such Scrubber and he cannot and before he left the NDP Government his ministry cannot confirm when such equipment will arrive. This is not wasteful spending?

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  23. A man says:

    How much did Ronnie and Mitch cream off for themselves? Or is the problem that they found it harder to access the cookies?

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  24. Political Observer (PO) says:

    The Hon R. Skelton (AL), former MHSS, MoF, is speaking truth to power. It is regrettable that he did not summoned the courage to do so sooner. Was he being a loyalist as long as he could? Nonetheless, better late than never. This alleged squandering of resources, lack of effective stewardship……..etc needs some accountability.

    The ship of state has hit a sand bar and is leaning to the starboard and profusely taking on water. Which government can right the ship? Which party has the “juice” to move the ship off the sand bar and back on course? Electorate that is your homework for the test in the coming weeks.

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  25. soso says:

    This man has no shame.

  26. BA says:

    Poor thing rock the boat bro please don’t tilt it shame on you

  27. lol says:

    tell Ronnie go and come he was Minister of Finance then Minister of Heatlh so no matter what he say he still was apart of NDP and having his party name chance still dozen make a different YOU WAS THERE so wheel and come again.

  28. Admiral says:

    My Skelton, if you were selected as the NDP Chairman, would you be making there statements ?? SMH…

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  29. Admiral says:

    Mr Skelton… If you were elected / voted as the NDP chairman, would you be making these statements?? SMH… The Best of Politricks…

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  30. Accountability says:

    Now Skelton never jump ship early in the game. He stayed there. Never a vote of no confidence. You were there. You sat and allows all these evil things to pass in cabinet. It was ok then. If you were elected chairman would we have heard these things? I say not.
    You should say ‘we.

    One thing the BVI people know is how to go to the polls and send a message. Even those who rally with you are not going vote foe youall.

    NDP Red and NDP blue cannot be trusted. Neither can VIP

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  31. Mr. Hodge says:

    The issue on whether or not Mr. Skelton is now “spilling the beans” isn’t the issue. The problem that we have here is we practice politics instead of GOOD GOVERNANCE. “IF” Mr. Skelton felt that the NDP government was wasting money and everything else that he knows that they were doing all he simply had to do was cross the floor and join the opposition and speak truth to power from across the isle. But that would mean no ministerial post and all that comes with it. (like Mr. Christian quitting the party and expecting to keep his Jr. minister post. Anyone seen him lately?,,, I digress) So what was more important? your aiding and abetting or your character? how does that commercial go “check again Ms… please, check again”

    • Not so Simple says:

      There would have been a political and financial fallout to the Territory as a whole from him crossing the floor. Hon Skelton knew this and didn’t want his actions to contribute to the further destabilising of our economy. He cares very much about this Territory and it’s people, not just about himself. He has a very long view of things, preferring to delay personal gratification so that the future of generations to come can be secured; something that several of his former colleagues still need to learn.

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      • Oops says:

        Say what! Man get that crap out a here bout political and financial fallout! Oh snap you may be right after all political and financial for his bottom line not that of the BVI. And here we are after this so-called honorable loses party leadership his next big bet is to secretly form a party, while holding a ministry. How’s the political and financial fallout for the BVI looking.

  32. Tortola says:

    He is so damn fake

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  33. Get to stepping says:

    Ronnie the S…e master and Mitch the house boy need to get to stepping. Oh,and don’t forget Archie the tray holder. Yes Masa.

  34. No nonsense says:

    Send call MI 6 and carry ALL a dem by ur royal highness. Have her let them cough up their assets and put it bvi treasury. If dem try putting in family names. Do the same to them. The NDP is like morning sickness.

  35. Home Boy says:

    Ronnie is guilty of what he’s talking about. He will never be one of the At Large candidates winning at the polls, this is his last chance as a politician. People are not foolish, RIP my brother!

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  36. Strupzz says:

    Ronnie you can’t talk you was once apart of the same NDP GO SIT DOWN !!!!!

  37. limit says:

    da QUEEN need to strip alla dem of what da got an use da funs to build this country back ,let dem c how it feel to be broke

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