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NDP turned BVI into ‘failed state’, call elections now — Skelton Cline

Social commentator and radio talk show host Claude Skelton Cline has named the governing Premier Smith administration as the downfall of the British Virgin Islands and is now calling for an early election.

“The National Democratic Party (NDP) has taken our country and have turned it into a failed state,” Skelton Cline said during a rant on his radio show this week.

The former NDP supporter has suggested that he has lost all love for the party and believes the BVI needs to elect a new government ‘immediately’.

“We are in disarray and one of the ways in which to stop the haemorrhaging is to allow the people to go to the polls and make another decision about who will lead them,” he said.

The talk show host then criticized the governing party for doing what he suggested is a continuously poor effort at restoring infrastructure that was damaged during the September 2017 hurricanes.

He made specific mention of governments efforts in getting all public schools restored.

“Our schools are still not rebuilt, our windows not fixed. I don’t understand that the administrative complex where our good people work … are still in an environment that is not conducive for working. I don’t understand that there are no desks at the college,” he said.

Repairs to sections of some schools such as the original Elmore Stoutt High School campus in Road Town and the Bregado Flax Educational Centre on Virgin Gorda are ongoing.

However, repairs have been completed on a number of other public educational facilities such as Leonora Deville Primary and Robinson O’Neal Memorial Primary schools.

Notably, works to repair the aforementioned Administrative Complex in Road Town only started recently. Government received an $11 million insurance payout for the complex nearly six months ago.


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  1. justox says:

    Yes the country definitely need a new government. The country is in a bad state.

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  2. ndp heckler says:

    yes and i approve this message

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  3. Sauron Eye says:

    So you CSC are advocating for your ‘new NDP 2.0’ headed by your uncle with your other relatives being in the party also! Interesting turn of events to say the least! Will be interesting to see if you back Fahie and VIP or your family party funded by —–head!

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  4. Just stop already says:

    cline, it is time to just simply stop. You have a personal vendetta against the NDP. Take your dump or get off the pot.Simply stay in your lane and continue to feed your croonies what you have helped created when you were in bed with the same people you are now doging out. You got tossed out the LIMO at the end of the strip and you can’t seem to get over it.

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  5. @ just stop already says:

    Well said!

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  6. HAHA says:

    Look at this guy!!!! Partner, please go take a seat!

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  7. Interesting says:

    Now let me ask a question, if it is true that his uncle is now forming a party to include a few NDP candidates, will he support them? I mean, his uncle and at least one person rumored to be in his party are founding NDP members and current members of the Government Cabinet of which NDP is ruling. So, I’m wondering how anyone can support the new party while bashing the NDP. Based on the slate and other proposed candidates the now ‘NDP’ will be a totally new party once campaign time rolls around. I am patiently waiting for the hypocritical moon walking when the RWS party is launched.

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    • Truth Sayer says:

      @ Interesting – I hope you have a happy wait. Last I checked we still live in a democratic country and anyone is free to do as he or she wills. RWS in my opinion is not the only hypocritical one in NDP. There are many. Stories will come out in due time! So wait on!

  8. So... says:

    So nothing good has happened or is happening under NDP in the BVI? We went through the biggest disaster in the history of not only the region, but the most powerful storm recorded in the Atlantic EVER and our Government while they made missteps, have not laid off one single civil servant. How ungrateful are we? Look around at some of the other islands that are still reeling from damage and be thankful that while we are not perfect there is some slow and steady progress. Our RDA is being set up and initial loan funding of $65 mil already approved and will be used shortly. Why are we acting like everything is falling apart and nothing good is happening? Just like how we point out the negative things let’s be fair and point out the positive as well. A year after Irma I give the Government a B- for their efforts. If it wasn’t for the infighting for power we would have gotten much farther but most of them are on a goose chase for one man’s head and trying to fool us into thinking it’s about the country!

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    • youth says:

      Well said so. I agree with you a 100%. The government is doing good with the destruction that happen in the BVI. When I look at our country after these storms, I cried and cried and I said to my god and Jehovah, you will see us through. Many of us because we have American rights we jump up and fled this country. Our members of the house, there homes were destroyed and they stayed and tried to get this country back at a comfortable stage that we are now benefiting from. I just could imagine Doc Smith when he look down on Road Town from his home and drive and flew around this country how his heart aches. He stood up as a leader and a cheering person and he frought for our survival. He is a leader and we should give him praises. Yes, the government has did some things we do not like but the NDP is a good government. Many countries that did not experience this devastation cannot pay it civil servant and this government did. It is time for us to stop talking negative about our leaders and our country for us to received our blessing. These storms were a wake up call for us because we got to relax and was not studing God and he was jealous. This is a bless country, just sit on your porches, look out your windows, take a drive around and see we are still bless.

      To you Pastor, Priest and Bishop it is time keep praying for this country and stay out of politics. We the youths are hurting and we need you to preach the uncompromising word of god. We are dying daily and loss with out him. Our purpose on this earth is to win souls at any cost for God. Please for heaven sake start doing what God has put you on this earth to do.

      People of the BVI, let us work together, but away all hatred and malice. Let us put our beautiful country together again. I thank you for your anticipating corporation.

      May God bless you and our country.

    • wrong@so says:

      you think not laying off civil servants after storm and banking biz cut economy 50% ? they should have laid off 1/3 of those paid vote jobs before storm for the poor performance that visitors and locals bemoan. after the storm they should have for basic economic intelligence. instead they digging hole deeper by their obliviousness.

  9. Wrong move says:

    Government is not pants and shirt that we change on a whim, so I beg to disagree with the commentator. Changing a government can actually make things worse and not always better. The things that we are lacking are ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY. Too many things are happening “under the radar” in government. Only when a few government ministers and ex-ministers end up in JAIL will we see any real change. Not just replacing one set of theives and incompetents with another. What we need is another Lavity Stoutt or HR Penn. In other words,men of integrity.

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    • My Beef says:

      My beef is with the members of the House of Assembly, who instead of calling public meetings with the constituents of their various districts or paying for radio/television broadcasts and addressing the people of the Territory, much prefer to use that honourable house (that they often denigrate) to ‘throw out’ words at people. Sometimes it is just a handful of offenders, but instead of meeting with them individually and/or severally, they lash out at the general public.

      How much people so listen to their passionate and often boring rantings?

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  10. BviStrong still says:

    The reality that the BVI is failed state is not in evidence.

    There is no evidence that support such a strong claim.

    The governing party may have made errors, but show they BVI the evidence that those have led to a failed state in its authentic definition.

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    • Jefferson says:

      We are indeed a failed state. A failed state is one where the processes in place can’t be relied upon to administer the country. Here are examples:
      1) our leaders did not use good judgement or conduct due dillegence in spending our money ( BVI Airlines $7.2 million and spending $500,000 in preparing our airport for the airline that never arrived)
      2) our dump has been on fire now for more than 6 months
      3) our schools are heavily damaged and our children are suffering
      4) our basic utilities are unreliable and over priced
      5) our Finance Minister has refused to release the audit for the past several years raising suspicions of further misspending
      6) there are suspicions that our leaders have been receiving kickbacks from receipients of public spending
      7) our finance industry is under global scrutiny to be more transparent

      We are a failed state but we will recover. Let’s not pretend that we are not. We just need continued strength and good guidance.

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      • Dear Jefferson says:

        It is clear that you are an intelligent person, so I can only deduce that you are being willful in trying to mislead us using those weak examples as what a failed state is.

        You should be ashamed of yourself for presenting such a flimsy argument.

        I urge you to visit Somalia or even Haiti and I also assure you that you will be begging to be returned to the BVI in no time.

        Maybe you will even want to hug and kiss some of the leaders who mishandled some of our public money.

        No am not excusing their bad management, but to say we are a failed state is just ridiculous.

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        • wrong@dearjefferson says:

          compare haiti and somalia.
          you miss the main factor.
          bvi has 10x the money per capita.
          and is still a mess
          it is about relative waste and ineptitude
          or for your ease of understanding, working with what you got.
          they have not

      • @Jefferson says:

        Give me a damn break with the BS!

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    • Reporter says:

      @BviStrong, I endorse the statement made by Mr. Claude Skelton. When you borrowing to pay the interest on your loan what else would you call it? If you took out a loan to build or buy your home and then take a loan t pay the interest on your lan that would look like a failed situation, (or failed Homeowner). Please don’t blame the situation on Irma and Maria. There’s no reason why with a tiny population of barely 30,000 and a budget of $300-million we should be in the position we are in with schools, private citizens and government buildings still in shambles a year after and again in the height of anthe active hurricane season. If it isn’t a failed state only one other thing comes to my mind; Insanity. Albert Einstein, renown scientist calls Insanity, “Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome”. We elected these Failed state managers two terms in a row.

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  11. WOW says:

    Too much corruption

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  12. Reply says:

    Mr. Cline should know a thing or two about a failed state. After all, this is a guy who allegedly ran away from the failed administration of his rumored associate, former Detroit mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, who was convicted of corruption, and is now sitting in a Federal prison for 28 years.

    Did Mr. Cline dodge a bullet? It appears so. He may have been lucky he had Tortola to run back to to escape the heat in Detroit. And even luckier to get a job at BVI Ports, a job for which he was not —— in my view.

    Now because his contract was not renewed, he is on an apparent mission to bring d— the government of which he campaigned with for office in the last general election, and has a pending case before the court relative to his non-renewal of the contract by the same government he was once a part.

    I say all of the above to suggest that people listening to this guy should consider the source.

    To say with a straight face that the BVI is a failed state after the country was devastated by two back to back category 5 storms, the worst in its history, is to miss-characterize what has gone on in the BVI prior and post hurricanes.

    Mr. Cline clearly has a clear motivation to say what he is saying. Those Cline boys simply like to talk, and that includes the other one who was running the BVI Health Service Authority, another case of someone having a job for which in my view they were not ——.

    As soon as both were shown the door, these so called pastors suddenly turned their s——- against the government that once give them jobs.

    The BVI has a lot of recovery left post hurricanes that will take years, but it’s an inaccurate portrayal to state categorically that it’s a failed state.

    I thought vengeance was mine sayeth the Lord. Apparently not by these two. These pastors needs our prayers.

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    • BVIslander Abroad says:

      Well said!!!

      With all that our country has gone through over the past year, it is ineffective for all this pulling and hauling to be going on.

      I too, am disappointed in the leadership and performance of the sitting government but by no means is the BVI a failed state. If you need examples of failed states look at Venezuela and Somalia, to name a couple.

      What the BVI needs are politicians who have love for the country and want the best for the country. Being in government is to be servants for the people. If you don’t have that mentality do not get involve with governance of the country.

      It is human to make mistakes but it takes great leadership to recognize mistakes, learn from them and then make changes to affect positive changes.

      Lastly, people of the BVI please go out and vote!!! If you don’t vote you loose your rights to complain!!

  13. Claude go sit down says:

    His uncle is a major part of the failed state. He is a founding member of the NDP party. He was deputy chief Minister and Minister of finance and Health. How many of us remember how awful he was as finance minister. We the people fired him. He came back in 2011 and won on the backs of the new people who came in the party and got back on his throne as health minister. What has he done for the last 8 years really. He finished the overpriced hospital and put in NHI which is failing but nobody talks about it. You hardly see him in the districts, he hardly helps anyone, he was totally absent following Irma and then he went to form a new party after losing the party elections for leader. You’re only hearing his voice now on the radio because he looking votes. Personally I am not voting for no 67 year old man to run this BVI. Give the younger generation a chance. They can’t do no worse than what people like Ronnie, Pickering, Orlando Smith, Fraser and Mark do. It’s time for you all to just go.
    So tell me what exactly he plans to do with this new party again? What change can he bring? All I see is just bad mindedness. He didn’t win the party elections so he run to go form his own thing. Childishness! The Clines, Turnbull’s and Skelton’s just looking power. Plain and simple.

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    • Voter says:

      YES!! I AGREE!! NOTHING MORE TO ADD! YOU SAID IT ALL!!! Print it and frame it, THIS IS THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Reply says:

      The fact that you have a member of the NDP and VIP running off and forming their own political parties after losing internal leadership posts is in my view the definition of sore losers.

      These are people who have had a chance to serve on multiple occasions with debatable sucess. I agree, give someone else a shot.

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      • Just to Clarify says:

        In internal election process for both NDP and VIP there was alleged inappropriate doings to gain the top spot. Each person now in the head position of each party, if the allegations are true then that says alot about their character.

        Either way I am for Team BVI and will be voting for individuals based on capability of taking this Territory forward.

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        • Reply says:

          Assuming those allegations are true within both parties, one would have to conclude that there was a conspiracy among delegates to change their party leadership. That’s a hard pill for me to swallow. I think the delagates voted their consiounces for the most part.

          The problem I am seeing here is that some people dont wish to follow after leading, and would rather undercut their party or going on their own. Its self over party and disloyal in my view. I don’t trust people who behave this way.

          I do agree with your sentiment of being Team BVI rather as opposed to a blind partisan.

    • Love for My Country says:

      Dear Claude Go Sit Down

      You must have been living somewhere else beside BVI when Ronnie was Minister of Finance. Check the records and you will find that he was one of the best Minister of Finance this country has had. It is because of him that all of us enjoy a tax break on our first $10,000.00 made. We had balanced budgets. He made sure that our Treasury had money. That is why he was overlooked for the position again. He did such a good job that it was said that who holds finance is who holds the power.
      We are in the financial mess we are in today with the RDA calling the shots because of some of the same younger ones you would like to see at the helm. And just a point of information, thank God for the New Peebles which held up through the category 5 Hurricane and provided shelter and food to many residents. It is money well spent!
      You ask what Ronnie can bring to the table? The answer is financial stability and accountability!

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    • hospital says:

      wonder how much the cement contract was for and who got it for peebles?

  14. How? says:

    How is the BVI a failed state? I don’t understand? We have issues like every other Territory/Country but a failed state? Really? Wow!

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  15. Shameful Pastor says:

    When he had his big job at port everything was fine. Since he lose that it’s a problem. I heard this man myself vow to take down the — after he lost his job so I’m not surprised. If this is the way pastors behave let me stay home on Sunday and watch TD Jakes. I am s—- of you Claude Cline. You are soo —- hungry. You and your clan will not get anywhere. The Skelton, cline and turnbull party backed financially by King ——– will f—-

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  16. Eagle eye says:

    What I’m surprise about is simple stop lights they can’t put back up all now.

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    • @ eagle eye says:

      Traffic seems to be flowing quite fine and actually a lot better without them things. We want them just to say we got them?

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  17. Political Observer (PO) says:

    True, NDP, the sitting government, has disappointingly underperformed well below normal and reasonable expectations. Moreover, the NDP is a moribund and lame duck government. Consequently, it is in the territory’s vital interest for the Premier to dissolve the HOA and set an election date without a respite.

    Nonetheless, despite the BVI current disappointing and alarming condition, it is important to note that VI is not a failed state; it may be approaching it but it is not there yet. The time is ripe though to stop the territory from becoming a failed state. Examples of failed states include Eritrea, South Sudan, North Korea, Syria, and Somalia.

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  18. Hiphop says:

    Failed state, let’s compare the NDP meet a broke treasury and built ut without layoffs, Claude meet a thriving Port authority and his first action was to —- personnel and d—– the —- to the point that they now for the first time need loans to keep going?.
    While I want us to get past the old politics let’s not throw stones when we live in a glass house.

  19. Not Factual says:

    The notion and or statemeny that the BVI is failed state is a fase one and not in evidence.

    There is no evidence that support such a strong claim.

    The governing party may have made errors, but so have every other governing body from the past.

    Moreover, no future party will be immune from error. That is the law of nature, human and political. Further, and more potently, learning occurs when errors are studied and corrected.

    Show the BVI the evidence that those errors have led to a “failed state” in its authentic definition.

    Hudreds of humanity are flowing to these shores daily in search of economic relief and upgrade, both Black, White and other.

    Its economic pillars have been breached, but they not broke, and there is very little unemployment.

    So what other than those mentioned elements represent a “failed state?”

    Lastly, there is no mass exodus from the state, and its economic resilence is steady and growing.

    If, indeed, the BVI is a failed state, why are so many complainers still in and drawing a salary and not exiting overseas to a less Failed state?

    Where there is room for improvement state the case. Where one can assist, do so. Let’s all contribute positiely to the rebirth and rebuilding of our home.

    Stop dressing it with negativity and falsehoods. Stop setting the stage and asking the former slaver to come and take over and lead you.

    You will never realize how foolish that notion is until you have lost your rights to live and run your own country freely.

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  20. Go Sit Down says:

    Claude go sit down. You only mad that you didn’t get your contract renewed. You just a b—–r person that didn’t get things your way. While we are at it, try bring back the people money you s—– for that Neighborhood project. You and Andrew can live – Two C——.

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  21. Lies says:

    To say that the Government has done nothing is far from the truth. Claude needs to stop putting a black cloth over his eyes because he is disgruntled about a personal experience with the Government. That’s just childish and petty.

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  22. Logical vs Ignorant says:

    Mr. Skelton Cline sounds like a blasted spoiled child. He had nothing bad to say about the NDP Administration when he ran the Ports cause his bread was being buttered.
    Why doesn’t he honestly speak about the lack of accountability for the contract — was awarded by the — regarding monies spent for the neighborhood project.
    How quickly we all seem to forget we had to vote out VIP for reckless spending, DRAINING THE DAMN RESERVE..The NDP government raised the reserve and was able to take the country out of a serious debt that the VIP party left it in and added to that the NDP put this country back in good standing to borrow. VIP left us in a state where we could not borrow any money at all and institutions were skeptical– matter of fact– down right opposed to loaning us money. He needs to speak to that if we “honestly speaking.”

    All he has done is paint himself as someone no one t——–s right now and someone who is bitter and clearly hungry for p—-. He need to take several seats..he and his “l—- talk show”…bout honestly speaking..chupse

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  23. Reasoning says:

    So you’re telling me that the current members of this Government, particularly the members for 2,7 and the At-large members Christian and Skelton are going to sit back and let this man make these claims about their Government and country? Are you telling me that because they lost the leadership elections to a man that they despise despite him carrying the party to election successes multiple times, trumps the country? I would love for Claude and others to keep talking and showing their true colors because we the people need this.

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  24. Reply says:

    So let me get this straight BVINews. I cannot state that in my opinion that someone had a job for which they were not qualified or use the word surmon?

    Where is the libel in those words? Those are widely held opinions.

    Come on. Stop running from imaginary law suits. What pastor is qualified to run a port or hospital without the requisite background?

    This is part of what is killing the advancement of the BVI…nepotism. Don’t stand in the way of people pointing out the obvious and the truth because of your irrational fears of a law suit. Your disclaimer for posting has you covered. Nothing I said is libellous.

  25. Officer says:

    Go n sit ur cac—–d self down u dont even kno ur own dam i—–y u a l— sheep in the wilderness of ur own i——y b——g a vote. But john public can see through ur c——d ways. Any questions about ndp n pair park should also come to u. Im a ndp n rather give wilock vote over – anyday. Wont even read ur article get the fambo out a here

  26. ndp heckler says:

    Well look how these NDP’s turning on each other

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    • Correction says:

      Claude was NEVER an NDP, Claude was and always will be a “ME ME ME!!”

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      • And Claude now Supports says:

        VIP. He is certainly not a supporter of his uncle new party neither do they want him there so lots of you are speaking out of turn and not knowing what you are saying.

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  27. Watch over this place Jesus says:

    The NDP should never had taken in Claude Cline or Mitch Turnbull. They are both cut from the same cloth literally. Two very un——– people. From the time Claude Cline came home and said he was running my spirit never took to him and it’s worse now. When he called Danica an empty k——– pan I saw the u——- that he truly has inside of him. Mitch the s—-h. Mitch the b—-h. The same Orlando Smith that you continue to embarrass walked up and down the second district asking people to vote for you. R– Adams did the same thing. But of course you did it all by yourself. Now you dis——- the Premier and throw R— in the incinerator. You wanted to creep before you could walk. Never held a ministry. Have nothing to show for yourself except your b———–s and a———–e but want to be Deputy Premier because daddy told you that you were anointed. You dis——- your leader publicly and yet ronnie turn around and run with you for leadership of the the NDP. What does that say about Ronnie? It makes me think that he was one of the puppet masters behind of —. I sit and analyze things. I will pray that none of you get to run this country. Claude, Ronnie, Mitch, Pickering, All pure —-!

  28. Very concern says:

    Mr.Cline are u aware the damage ur causing this BVI u so choose to call home.Ur only spewing hatred.Take a feep breath ask God to guide u cause ur on a course of d———n personally.And to end it stay away from that plcace u call a pulpit u —– God at heart ur attitute is not someone of the c—-.

  29. Seriously?? says:

    If it is true that the failed members of the NDP will be forming a party of their own, what make them think the people of the VI will vote them in as Government. We are not foolish people. Out of your own mouth this government has failed us so why would we put them back in because they call themselves by another name.
    The one Minister who has made and continues to make visible signs of improving his ministry is being badgered and criticized because of jealousy and spite. “Dat Make Sense?” I would think any logical thinking person planning on voting in the upcoming elections will want to elect someone with a proven ability to move things in a positive direction despite the challenges. This shows someone who is focused and determined to accomplish set goals despite the noise.
    The good thing is that all the deadbeat NDP members gone and the party chair can concentrate on forming a stronger NDP party for the people of the BVI.
    Past behaviour is indicative of future behaviours and he has demonstrated in both Education and Culture, that he is in touch with reality and is a GREAT Leader.

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  30. Clabos says:

    Strong leadership takes courage. Leadership motivates others, especially the less fortunate. Leaders must be visionaries and plan future direction for the organization or territory. A leader must be honest and truthful at all times. Ethics in leadership demands transparency and disclosure. Leaders without good character will mislead others and fall short of our expectations.

    New Virgin Islands Government

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  31. Musa says:

    The only reason we na start any thing is becouse we want to make sure u have no share of that cash.

  32. Somewhere USA says:

    All I am going to say at this time is, Cline, how can you say the current Government of your Country is responsible for the BVI being a failed State. My question is did you Cline really explain to the people of your Country what really happened in Detroit and why you left? The same Country you ran back to for protection, you are now throwing under the bus. Do you not have any shame Man?

  33. VG68 says:

    Everyone is related (aunts, uncles, cousins – first, second, third, etc), brothers, sisters ….. and thus, there will always be favoritism. Until such time, individuals can see beyond their personal family relationships nothing will change. There will always be favoritism played at the polls. If the time arrives when an individual can look at a candidate & vote on their experience, accreditation and honesty as opposed to their lineage – then and only then will there be a change.

  34. Ausar says:

    I say, the good former Ports Director has made a salient point. But he too, WORKED for the “failed” state.

    Did he not contribute to it’s “failness” in some form or the other?

    What I would like to hear is his plans to “unfail” the position this country has found themselves in.

    As of to date, no solutions, yet, have been forthcoming.Hence, his statements should be taken with the proverbial grain of salt!

  35. Facts says:

    Listen he have spoken truth… ppl look at nonesense.. the things that matters we all bypass. After our country got damage by irma last year the same money they took to do carnival could have rebuilt Elmo stout high school.. the same rich that fix and help virgin gorda during irma build over North sound primary school with cafeteria library and others.. they made money from carnival and still kids are still splitting shift… think of the kids future for God sake.. carnival is a group that gave s the government more work.. But instead they gave the country yo catch it self they show us that education values nothing. Virhing gorda kept little functions but no village etc.. these are way to think..

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