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NDP wants locals ‘cutting bush, cleaning ghuts’ while giving top jobs to expats


Among the reasons Ronnie Skelton said he broke away from the governing National Democratic Party (NDP) is that he grew tired of watching the party hand down menial blue-collar jobs to Virgin Islanders and Belongers.

In a statement seemingly addressed to locals on Sunday, Skelton, who now leads the opposing PVIM, said: “They (the NDP) do things like get you to clean ghuts and cut bush while you are much, much better than that. You can do much more than this.”

Skelton said that was not what the political organisation stood for when it formed two decades ago.

“When we started the NDP, it was about building this country and building its people — [fostering] country to own the businesses and to occupy high jobs in government … We have people in every home in this country with bachelor degrees, masters, PhDs. But every time an opportunity comes up for our people, we would find some reason why they can’t do the job. It is wrong and the Progressive Virgin Islands Movement will fix it and stop it,” the politician said.

Top government posts such as Superintendent of Prison, Commissioner of Police, Director of Public Prosecutions are some of the roles that the expatriate community still hold.

Skelton complained about those issues while giving remarks at his running mate, Melvin ‘Mitch’ Turnbull’s, State of the Second District Address in Brewers Bay.

Turnbull outlined the work he has done and the successes he has had as representative of the district during his term in office. Sunday’s district address was the third Turnbull has made since getting elected back in 2015.

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  1. BuzzBvi says:

    The people cleaning the bush and guts have not been doing such a good job if you look around. I am not sure they should be promoted to run the Police Department or be the Director of Public Prosecutions!! Let’s try cleaning those guts and cutting that bush properly before they get promoted or use perhaps the lesson is we should use expats for that too and get it done properly year round.

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    • smith says:

      You have it wrong he said there are capable people in the bvi that can do the top jobs stop bringing in people for them.

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      • @Smith says:

        Ronnie was Minister of Health for how long and which agency has more expats than this one? What efforts were made to actively train and recruit locals to fill those positions? This is just all foolish talk. They all expected Walwyn to fail and watching him take over and relaunch NDP in such a major way has them all talking foolishness now.

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        • @Smith says:

          How many locals studying in the medical field? However it does have locals working in various levels of the hospital. Nevertheless, It starts with the education system. What are we preparing our children for and are they exposed to enough – and how enticing is it for them to even come back home when they do graduate???

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      • Sonny says:

        It all starts with the schools, so many leave not being able to write and you expect them to be able to take senior positions?
        Road making skills are not even up to scratch never mind the countries finances. Make the most of the British connection and welcome in qualified people that can get things right from other countries and train our people properly! People here are too stubborn.

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    • hmm says:

      I wish I could press like more than once. Speaking the truth here.

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      • Well says:

        There are alot of locals who are sitting in certain strategic positions and are taking their roles for granted. No disrespect but they also needs to be cutting bush and cleaning ghuts. I could name 3 local CEO/MD from Government Agencies/Department that needs to be cutting bush rather than leading people.

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    • What Nonsense says:

      Look how you twisting words. If I understand what he meant why can’t you. Clearly the ones who clean the ghuts and cut Bush would not be the ones to be promoted to hold the high jobs.

      I am a BVIslander living abroad and would like to come but the opportunities are not there. When they are available, they are saved for expatriate friends and family. If I’m qualified and respected enough to get a good job abroad why not in the land of my birth?
      AT some point we got to stay stand up and say enough is enough. I am with PVIM on this one.

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      • @What Nonsense says:

        Have you applied for any of the opportunities that are always advertising? There is one on this website for Deputy Operations Manager at BVIEC? Are you qualified? Or are you just here to fan the fire?

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  2. District 6 says:

    This is especially happening in district 6.

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  3. Strpzz says:

    Who like to bribe people with bush cutting contract more than T and his colleagues. How do they authorize these contracts when you are in the opposition? Too much corruption with this new gang, their nable string need cut.They trying to sweep through the gates like Saints and they are worse than anything we had before. No matter how you white wash something its still a lie.

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  4. Skank Hunt 42 says:

    And when you were one of them I guess you were fully in support until they failed to give you what you wanted. What a hypocrite

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    • Strpzz says:

      FYI I was never a supporter of him nor his former and current colleagues. I am not an opportunist like most infividuals here blogging looking handouts and now are the same ones questioning one’s integrity and demanding transparency. I know who I am and what i stand for and am not supporting this FOOLISHNESS!

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    • Gandalf says:

      My thinking exactly! If he won, nothing would be said, Because he lost, what he supported for so many years to keep the small man down, is now bad and he would never do such a thing! Set of two faced fools.

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    • @Skant Hunt 42 says:

      Clearly you don’t listen. He always spoke out against it. But he is a minority and is saddled by collective responsibility.

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  5. CW says:

    The locals who have an education and can actually do the work have the jobs. Otherwise, yes skilled labor is brought in to fill positions when locals cannot fulfill the requirements. This is done all over the world. Typical BVI complaining without stating all the facts.

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    • Me says:

      So right. An “outsider” would NEVER get a job that a local can do. An outsider who marries a local becomes a part of the local community. If qualified….why not??.
      Many locals who get bush cutting jobs are some of the ones who really are not qualified or only want to work sometimes. This comparison does not make sense. It’s not even like comparing apples and oranges both fruits but like fruits and ground provision.
      Come on employment of qualified non National happens all over the world. The BVI benefits. Don’t make that a serious issue. Capitalize on expertise whenever you an. This has been the practice of successive governments. IT WILL NEVER CHANGE

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    • You don’t read regional news says:

      You think it’s only the BVI this is happening? Check out the other Caribbean countries. The same thing we getting curse for fighting for here our Caribbean brothers and sisters fighting same way.

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  6. Dumpling hunter says:

    And you were right in the mix of it you hypocrite. Go sit your F…..g T.. Of L..d A.. Down.

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  7. Reply says:

    Sorry, but Mr. Skelton has no credibility in this matter to be leveling such charges against the very same party (NDP) he was apart and just left.

    How can he say with a straight face that he grew tired of watching the party hand down menial blue-collar jobs to Virgin Islanders and Belongers?

    What happened to his mouth when he was a part of the NDP? Did he have a stroke and was unable to speak up? Was he just in the NDP window dressing?

    If you was that tired of this practice, why didn’t you speak up Mr. Skelton? You certainly had the power and influence to make a difference if you so cared.

    Why all of sudden you have found your voice for locals after you decided to form your own party? This is bull crap if you want my opinion, and I am not buying what you are selling.

    What Mr. Skelton is doing here is quite disingenuous, and as plain as glass. He is seeking votes now, and trying to drive a wedge between locals who can vote and expats who cant to get back into office. He wants locals to get angry enough at this perceived injustice to vote for him and make him Premier.

    We all know the privilege to votes lies in the hands of locals and belongers, a privilege expats do not enjoy. Thus, it’s quite convenient for him now to make it appears that he cares so much for locals at the expense of expats.

    If he sat there as part of the NDP and watched locals get bush cutting, gut cleaning, and other menial jobs while the better jobs went to expats as he claims, then he was complicit in those bad deeds, and a coward.

    People should not be fooled by this divisive political stunt.

    Now, there has been a culture in the BVI where locals have been passed over and over for jobs. Sometimes, an expat was not even involved, as locals were doing it to each other.

    People got jobs and still do based on their last names and who they knew. It’s just the way life has been in these islands for as long as I can remember.

    We live in a different age now, and I do believe that every qualified BVIslander should get a fair shake at getting a job in this country we call home.

    At any rate, if Mr. Skelton felt that ”
    every time an opportunity came up for our people, we would find some reason why they can’t do the job”, voters need to remind him that he was part of that “WE”.

    If he felt giving low end jobs to locals at the expense of expats was wrong, he had an obligation to open his mouth and say and do something about it.

    He should not be coming to the public now that he is seeking votes talking this crap. If he had spoken up and fought for locals to get good jobs, I could say amen, but apparently, only after he left the NDP has he now found his voice. I guess he has fully recovered from his apparent stroke that once affected his ability to speak.

    I get tired of these folks with their shenanigans. They should know before they get ahead of themselves as the campaign season kicks in that we the people are paying attention, and we will call them out and hold them accountable for their actions whenever the opportunity arises. So thread lightly.

    Come right or don’t come at all. Come wrong? Expect some push back.

    Bottom Line: Don’t be fooled people; read these politicians like a book, and vote accordingly.

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    • Oops says:

      Pinochio don’t care if his nose is getting longer? SMH!

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    • Rubbish says:

      Listen Andrew Fahie sat with the VIP for many years while they milked our country. He did not have the guts to remove himself from the corruption. Fahie has no credibility to be leveling any charges against anyone! The very same party VIP Party who over ran every project they touch of which he is a part of. These wicked people in office.

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      • Reply says:

        If your post was in response to mine, please do not assume I am in the VIP camp. I speak truth to power the way I see it regardless of individual or political party.

        I agree with you relative to Mr. Fahie and the VIP. Let us not forget, prior to the NDP winning the election, it was the VIP that had this country in a mess.

        They spent money like drunken sailors, and borrowed it like crack heads. That’s what led up to the NDP being swept into office, and the restricting Financial Protocols being imposed on the country by the U.K.

        So, Mr. Fahie and the VIP cannot point a finger when it comes to the country’s finances, because 3 are pointing back at them.

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        • @ Reply says:

          Authentic truth has its own agenda. and, it chooses its own time and voices to exact its validity.

          Who among us can factually dispute the truth mentioned?


        • Puppa says:

          This Line is a Classic ,it is Hilarious .. ‘’They spent money like drunken sailors, and borrowed it like crack heads’’.

    • At Sorry says:

      And Skelton objected to many things but its the system that needs to change. He cannot change that by himself with 4 others who like it like that. He spoke out and what he could change he did, especially in the HOA. I understand how politics work. Everyone is used to get it but then the concentration of decisions can be left to two persons if we are not careful. So you be careful how you judge as Ronnie is not that person you are trying to paint.

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    • BuzzBvi says:

      Yeah, don’t be fooled till you get the envelope. Then be fooled. Your bought out vote will only hurt the rest of us.

  8. bvi strong says:

    bigman every time you talk you makes matter worst for you, what a hypocrite, boss go sit down, you can come with all the counter talk you want, you will still lose your deposit, you were instrumental in the mess that we in now, i aint want to see or hear you.

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  9. Youth says:

    Mr . Minister

    I am so disappointed in you. I wish more of us take up national pride and clean our roads and ghuts. After Irma I took on myself and clean my surroundings and road and I sat and saw many sit and do nothing . The government got big dumpsters and place them and many sit and up to now do nothing.
    If we want top positions we must pursue and get it. Many of us did it. It cannot be given, we must earn it.

    That is why our country is still dirty. Instead you encouraged those that are sitting daily drinking and smoking to take up national pride you come with your robbing. You lost our votes.

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    • @Mr Minister says:

      strupes. Are you so delusional. He is saying that this is not all we are good for. Not that it shouldn’t be done or has its place. May God give you what you deserve.

  10. Whistleblower says:

    Me Ronnie, will you agree to support the whistleblower anti corruption law if you are re-elected?

    Instead of promising to bribe the people by promising them better government hand out jobs will you agree to encourage more bussinesss to come her to create more jobs? Or will you make it easier for us to start new businesses that will employ more of us?

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  11. not good says:

    you give NDP Boost because you were together with NDP Thing about some thing different

  12. Shameful says:

    Like him or not, Hon. Walwyn has done MUCH MORE than Skelton and any of the others when it comes to training our people and providing opportunities for them to excel. Our Minister of Labour traveled the world, saved the sharks and built a beach. While the Minister of Education put the YES and other programs in place to help our youth. He also spearheaded the development of a proper Technical and Vocational School that is already reaping benefits.

    For Hon. Skelton to make it seem as if Hon. Walwyn isn’t doing anything to help locals progress is beyond me. Let us look at the facts and call a spade a spade. Hon. Skelton was Minister of Health and under him, 2 expats were made CEO of BVIHSA. What measures were put in place to ensure that locals fill spots at the Hospital and other HSA areas in the Territory? Did he go above and beyond to ensure these things were done? I think not. I am voting for persons based on their records, not based on old talk.

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  13. hmmm says:

    professionals don’t flock to BVI for working on cutting bush. All you are causing with this is a riot, when all the bush cutters agree and go on strike. Then the country wont recover, as the bushes will overgrow while they all apply to run for the high end jobs. SMH

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  14. Citizen Rights First says:

    The issue stated by the legislator is one that is a constant state of intellectual disturbance for many, for many years.

    Indeed, the top salaried jobs of a country should always have its citizens as first and number one priority for filling those posts, period!

    It is the duty of every developed and developing country with a thriving economy to secure its top jobs for its citizens.

    Where there is insufficient qualified citizens to fill those post, then and only then should outside skills and know how be imported.

    If Mr. Skelton is not absolutely right on that issue and in that regard, then who is? The expat?

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    • Nuance says:

      This misses the point that the local should get the job if they meet the criteria. There is always bleating about a high paying or visible senior role when it goes to someone not considered a belonger yet very often there just aren’t enough or any with the requisite experience and skill. Sometimes there are but it is unlikely for example, with the school system and infrastructure as it is that BVI with its population can provide enough people who have a high standard of education (not all degrees and universities are equal) and the requisite genuine hard yards in the applicable industry. If people cannot get what they want here in terms of the professionals at least, they will go elsewhere. This is already happening and if things don’t change will increase. Cayman for one is happy to be accommodating while dealing with exactly the same concerns about opportunities for their own population. The issue is not binary but we need to be on a better part of the sliding scale.

      Of note is that the last immigration policies and anti-expat situation has contributed to the lack of decent education facilities as compared with other IFCs. So for every dollar our youth’s families enjoyed up front in dodgy payouts, that is dollars taken out of the country’s infrastructure and investment in their education, opportunities and future.

  15. Working class says:

    Mr Skelton started out blue collar with BVIEC so why is he calling down blue collar work? Even Trump show more respect for the blue collar coal miners in America.

    Skelton you and your party will not get my vote.

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  16. Don't start says:

    Ronnie, you need to go have a seat somewhere in the corner and keep your mouth shut and go train your little whipping boy from CGB who is out here doing your dirty work for the position you promised him. I would love to see you and Mark have a public debate so Mark can tear your behind up on stage. The NDP rally was good. And if you saw it,which I am sure you did, Mark set the stage on fire.You know the NDP team is going to be hard to beat that is why you are trying everything to sway the voters. RONNIE,IT AIN’T WORKING. Go explain how much of the budget you had to spend on Jolly Ranchers,Peanut Butter cups and String Cheese to the Kid and Minnie Mouse to jump ship.

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  17. leaches says:

    But skello,
    You only mention three positions
    You all must know that when you politicians talking
    Is not fools listening we are well educated people so as a lot say go sit down and ress your corrupt self you had your chance to do the right thing .

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  18. Hash Tag says:

    Ronnie, the only thing you did was boost NDP ratings. Nothing you say is going to sway me. You were a part of it. I don’t F..k with party jumpers.

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  19. Dream on says:

    If you want locals in top positions, invest in education so there are smart educated driven people to chose from. An one who wants a top position has to work, and study for it. No one should get a top position based on where they’re from, or on their family connections. That does not seem to have served the BVIs that well. Giving out bush cutting contracts is no different than the cash envelopes given out to entice locals to political rallies. It’s bribery.

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  20. Political Observer (PO) says:

    Every country looks out for its own first. This is the practice in most of the 100+ countries from which BVI residents come from. There are positions being held by others that Locals/Belongers should be capable of doing and should be doing, ie, Port Director, Commissioner of Police, Supt of Prison…….etc. Nonetheless, we cannot blame the holders of these positions, for they were just recruited for these positions.

    The blame must rest squarely on the shoulders of successive governments. These governments have not done an effective job of effectively training locals to perform jobs from Premier to bush cutter or ghut cleaner. They failed to put strong policies in place and forcefully enforced the weak ones that are on the books. Furthermore, self hatred plays a part in hiring others over locals. It is an open secret that some locals dislike seeing the advancement of other locals. It goes back to the social stratification that occured after Emancipation on 01 August 1834. As such, they prefer to see others hired over locals.

    Moreover, employers exploit workers from the outside because the workers are more motivated to work for less and can abused them in other ways,ie, threatening to vacate their sponsorship…..etc. They pay others less or little a nothing but charge high prices as if they were incurring high labour charges. Set a greedy b……s some of them. Locals are abused at least twice. First, they are not hired and secondly, they are saddled with high prices. It is all about the bottom line, the Benjamins………..etc.

    Ok. Fellow Virgin Islanders, you are not off the hook. You must prepare for, be a team player, be productive, be reliable……etc on the job. For example, a likle cloud making up is not a good reason for not showing up for work. Lol. When we migrate, we go to work in rain, snow, sleet, traffic jams……etc. Furthermore, what is happening in the BVI is not unique, for it is also happening in neighboring countries……etc Antigua and Barbuda……..etc.

    Ok. I’m not averse to recruiting expats, for there are circumstances where such recruiting may be needed, ie, speciality skills, limited capacity, surge needs (after disasters, Irmaria). The current situation is divisive and government, locals…….etc must fix it. Just keeping tings real.

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    • ReaLPol says:

      Real talk. Real hablar.

    • Sunrise says:

      It all starts with education. If we had spent the $1.5 (wylwyn’s wall) on repairing our schools our children wouldn’t be exposed to rain and mold. If we had spent the $7.2 mil (Orlando Air) on improving the quality of our education we would have better educated job candidates. If we had spent the $50 mil (pier) on education on retooling our curriculum we would have more qualified employers and more jobs and a clear future. Instead of improving of children’s education our ministers made strange unexplained decisions that appear to have benefited them or their family members.

      We need whistleblower laws to prevent this from happening again. Call the person you wish to vote for and demand that they support this measure and say so publicly.

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  21. BVI says:

    Mr Skelton, Don’t mind the talk, stay on message and do what you have to do. You record speaks for itself.

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  22. z6ne says:

    The —- minister want to give we $40 for our votes

  23. Hmmm says:


    From my collection, you were minister oh health. If you have a proper system in this lace the government would not have to pay other people to do these job. Look at our country littered with garbage under your tenure. Littered
    Where is your natural pride.

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  24. Judge Smails says:

    “well, the world needs ditch diggers too”

  25. Hellloooow says:

    This is biasness on skelton”s behalf. Skelton himself knows two things for sure, 1) if expat should ever get caught cutting bush or cleaning gutit will be a big problem with the locals, and 2) to be honest, that”s about all these guys want to do. Try cum agen Skelton..

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  26. At Sonny says:

    I think it would be a grand idea if you would read again your comments and think about going to school. What say you?

  27. Shorty says:

    But under his leadership gender affairs coordinator is an expat, hospital CEO were expats, head of environmental health is an expat all under the ministry of health who deals directly in the process of hiring candidates under their ministry portfolio.

  28. Well well says:

    The wall Minister has some dedicated bloggers. All this focus on pr – pure smoke screens.

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  29. Horrible says:

    You was a gross failure as health minister and you the part of the government for 7 years and now cry foul on them! Became a habit for the politicians to use the local card before every election. Locals not that crazy to believe you!

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  30. @Well well says:

    At least we know what the Minister is about and where he is comming from.

  31. Bushman says:

    What is wrong with bush cutting? You disrespect and demean people who do manual work. It’s an attitude here that makes us stupid. We sell Nature’s Little Secrets and dont give one damn about our nature. In fact we destroy it at every opportunity. And instead we act like success in life is wearing a suit and driving a big car – that’s what makes you “better than that” is it, Mr Skelton? It’s true bvislanders should be given top jobs where qualified but this idea that the only people of value are those who wear a suit and look fancy is symptomatic of a sickness we have here. We don’t value our people or our nature for what they are. Money is all, while true value elsewhere apparently doesn’t exist. We can do much better and all these PVM/NDP/VIP jokers are not our solution for better life.New blood please, with original and people oriented thinkers!

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    • Ausar says:

      You’re so right, “Bushman”!

      There is nothing wrong with an honest hard day of work, regardless of collar color- blue, white or otherwise.

      That there is still negative attitudes in this country toward this industry, reflects on the condition of the flora and fauna, the unsightliness of strewn trash, and the non-chalance in which as a country, management of waste, in all its forms, are viewed.

    • CW says:

      You are absolutely correct. Work is work and if you do it, you should hold your head high.

  32. What do you think? says:

    The politicians enslave our people and disenfranchise then by holding them to a lower standard than expats. We should hold our people to higher standards and PREPARE them for the top jobs. Preparing means ensuring that they get the right education and training But definitely not putting them in positions because they are bvi islanders. Doing so will kill BVI…
    Our people continue to be fooled by the rethoric of these slave masters we call politicians in the bvi.
    Strangely enough though I am not sure they are aware that they are not helping future generations by doing this

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  33. big s**t says:

    Is Myrun fooling the expats telling them that he could give them passports and he know he cant?

  34. Hey Ronnie says:

    I bet you can feel it now BOBO. Your Sea of Blue Party canot beat NDP. To late to be running scared BOBO. I agrée, I would love to see you and Mark in a one on one public debate. And I would love to see the kid from CGB and Marlon in a one on one public debate. The poor kid from CGB will freak out and run.

  35. Home Boy says:

    What Ronnie Skeleton said drew great interest that caused so much blogging. Some that makes sense while some don’t.This is talking season as Skeleton himself call it, and sure bet he’s doing some real talking. However as it relates to the subject CW blog makes so much sence and I totally agree with the comment. It’s amazing what some people say during campaign season, this time is exceptional. That’s what fighting for POWER dose. Can’t wait for this whole Election is over, it barely started and I must agree with Walwyn that it’s a whole lot of Badmindedness going on. My God have mercy on us and direct this election.

  36. QUEEN says:


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  37. SeaSalt says:

    While we are at it, Mr Skelton we the people of the BVI are still waiting for you and your clang to give us the reason for breaking away and forming your own party. Let’s start there so we can start to reason. Otherwise, you will surely be a sore loser.

  38. BuzzBvi says:

    So right. If bush cutting and cleaning the guts, roads, beaches and the lands littered with cars, debris, and the general mess of people along the roads and waterways was something that was a regular paid job there would be pride that all of the islands could wear. Bush cutting and gut clearing appears at election time to buy off people.
    Proper jobs for people that cannot be the next DPP, or judge or Attorney General that will mean things are clean all year round, maintained all year round, give value to people of all capabilities and education and you will have a country that can be proud of its people and of itself.
    Everybody needs to be valued to build a nation or even just a territory.

  39. Train says:

    Ronnie, go train your hand puppet from CGB.

  40. Eagle eye says:

    Is who hired the Trini to be CEO of the hospital? Ohhh locals is important now that election is here.

  41. Give Jack he Jacket says:

    Let’s take a poll: Who holds the big jobs? Locals ain’t get no increment or raise in a while…If the expats can do the job better give it to them…but don’t go St Lucia…Jamaica etc to higher a principal and then post it to locals when they apply telling them post done full… really…When expats are paid most of their money goes home to build up their life there (they got good business head) locals still living paycheck k to paycheck

  42. Billfargo says:

    I have been working as a cleaner for the last 10 years and I am pretty good at it! Will be coming to the Virgin islands soon……….

  43. Really says:

    BVI does act like busha…dem want to be the new slavemasta.

  44. CW says:

    Read these comments. Notice that, at a minimum, half or more are in barely readable sentences riddled with misspellings and poor grammer and syntax. If this is what the BVI offers up for filling skilled labor positions, it’s amazing that we have any employment of locals at all. Instead of focusing your anger on the expatriate community, perhaps focus your attention on education to lift locals up to the point they can successfully compete for skilled positions. You’re in an English territory! Learn to communicate like professionals. Or complain in broken English and wonder why you’re stuck in menial tasks ????.

  45. Hmmm says:

    Ronnie go sit down

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