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NDP will announce candidates after Christmas, says Walwyn


Residents are being told to expect the National Democratic Party (NDP), which currently sits as the governing party, to officially reveal its General Election candidates after the Christmas holidays.

“Work is being done to fine-tune our policy platform and full details will be unveiled in the weeks ahead,” said NDP chairman, Myron Walwyn, who will attempt to win his first election as leader of the party.

“We have an exciting agenda to ensure the BVI maintains its competitive edge in the world, to ensure we provide an improved quality of life, and to ensure that we can truly build a better future for all. The National Democratic Party is ready to contest the next general election,” he said.

He confirmed reports that his party will primarily comprise first-time politicians. Walwyn further described the NDP under his leadership as a “new generation”.

“More than half of our candidates are newcomers to politics, but they come with a wealth of experience in various areas. They have a profound love for these Virgin Islands and we look forward to bringing new energy, new ways of governing and new ideas to resolve the challenges we face as a territory.”

Unconfirmed reports have named well-known Rotarian Elvis ‘Juggy’ Harrigan, singer/songwriter Aaron Parillon, and Hipolito Penn as NDP contenders. High-school principal Sandy Underhill, Ports Authority board chairman Trefor Grant, and BVI Electricity Corporation boss Henry Creque were also reported as candidates for the party.

Meanwhile, Walwyn is promising greater involvement of residents under his leadership. The party chairman has also promised to provide what he described as ‘opportunities for greater inclusion and diversity of thought’ within his administration, should the NDP win a third consecutive election.

He further said: “The next general election, which we now know will take place by April 16, 2019, represents a watershed moment in our history … Which path to the future will you take and under whose leadership?”

“Now is certainly not the time for gambling with the future. There is just too much at stake. Leadership is going to be the defining issue of the 2019 campaign,” Walwyn added.

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  1. dun dun dunnnnnn says:

    Ohhhh the suspense!!!

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  2. ndp heckler says:

    We already know who those dead horses are

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  3. well meh boi says:

    I cant understand for the hell of me why those ndp candidates still holding government jobs?

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  4. ndp heckler says:

    I ain’t hear no plans about our 7.2 million$ ?…and what about those unlicensed contractors who were paid in full for that incomplete million dollar wall?…What about those extra millions that were wasted/stolen from our rent-free pier-park? I ain’t hearing about that 8 million $$$ that was borrowed for east end sewage and was secretly used for the cruise pier project?

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    • TALK!! says:

      Well way the 7 MILLION for the green house where we haven’t eaten not even one green onion…And Ask Carvin where 8 MILLION for the sewage gone.

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      • Hah says:

        @TALK!! that’s not a good example at all. NDP allowed the green house to rot just because it wasn’t their party’s project. What they forget is that the money wasn’t VIP money it was BVI money that they threw away.

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  5. lol says:

    a new generation of robin hoods

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  6. bvi says:


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  7. no not for premier says:

    never never never

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  8. Voter says:

    NDP all the way! Still the best hope to move the BVI forward! I’m loving the group of young people assembled thus far.

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    • lord says:

      Well if Sandy, diego, aaron, alvera, trefor, henry, mark, juggy, marlon, myron and hubert is our future, THEN WE GEH WHA THE DUCK GEH

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    • Also NDP voter says:

      I agree, NDP allllll the way. Myron is the only QUALIFIED one to run the COUNTRY. Myron is a realist,a true Politician. I could guarantee if you send all the Politicians from Tortola on a field trip to Washington to sit and work with the real power house boys in Congress, Myron and Doc will be the only two that will be able to handle it. Think about that.Myron,you stay on your grind and no matter what they say, the people who have your back could care less about what the haters have to say. When haters have to resort to slinging mud in the media to be reverlent, that is sad.

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      • No name says:

        @ Also NDP voter


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      • Prophet says:

        The ppl who gave away our 7 million to an airline with no due diligence done? U can’t be serious

        THe ppl who want to ban free speech everytime they are criticized? The Egyptian prince killed the US journalist

        U drunk on their koolaid?

        • @Prophet says:

          Are you sure you don’t need your head examine? It is the Saudi Prince that is accused of killing the US journalist at the Saudi embassy in Istanbul Turkey. I now see a lot of things that is being said about Myron is sheer fabraction. Prophet, you are a perfect example of just running your mouth lying.

      • well well says:

        Well how come he {myron} was never given a chance to act as premier since he is so qualified?

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      • . says:

        If Myron is the Premier, he will take what’s left of the riches of the BVI and leave the country poor.

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  9. Brutal Times says:

    The “dream Team” of Skelton and Smith along with a few other authentic natives was just that, our dream Team! We use to love them, and some still do. Just wish they had stayed together.

    Onward now we go to towards an uncertain future relative to effective leadership and good governance, versus “what’s in this elected position/office for me.”

    However, to paraphrase Jessie’s words, “keep hope alive!”

    Until the/that policy platform is revealed, many will remain in political intellectual limbo, however.

    Meanwhile, expected outlines on imperative positions such as:

    (1) Cost of living adjustments upward.
    (2) Flat wage and salary increase for all workers of the private and public sector.
    (3) Furnishing of over due increments.
    (4) Expansion of the HLSCC curriculum to include Master and Phd. programs in specific fields such as education, nursing and finance.
    (5) A comprehensive plan on infrastructure upgrade and development.
    (6) The expansion of old and creation of new economic pillows.

    The country needs economic growth, but also every man, woman and child of the poor to middle class of these Islands we call home.

    Hope they are planning on coming through for all of us.

    Brutal times we live. Brutal compromises we must make for all to live a little better.

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    • Yes says:

      I’m with you on this! Whoever can articulate REALISTIC plans surrounding these key areas will get my support. I’m not splitting my votes either, I want a team that has planned together to be my Government not the confusion nonsense that we have witnessed over the past few years. Anyone promoting a coalition Government, haven’t we learned? Don’t we see what happens when you have pulling and hauling? NOTHING HAPPENS AND WE SUFFER! I’m voting for the TEAM that I think is best suited to lead the Territory to better days.

  10. @lord says:

    If not them, then who? Do tell.

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  11. big sht says:


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    • To big shit says:

      You speak for yourself because the VIP has impressed me to be a party of the people.

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      • @big sht says:

        Hey, I got to give you props for trying soooo hard to make a dream a reality. Are you ready for your little star sticker the teacher gives out? LMAO.

  12. Joseph says:

    All because of bigotry against “island people.”

    A Black against Black disease directed at Myron.


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  13. @Joseph says:

    I agree with you 100%. I say, High Melenin Concentration does not equal Intellelectual Inferiority one bit.

  14. BVI says:

    Vip bloggers lol lol. The puddle yall posting won’t save you. Lol

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  15. Haha says:

    Facts, NDP failed themselves (internal drama, firings of party members, public bickerings),and they also failed their constituents. If Myron was such a good leader he would not have voted to go forward with BVI Airways he is a part of the reason why the $7 million gone.

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  16. Think About It says:

    I would rather be a in a heard of sheep led by a wolf than be in a pack wolves led by a sheep.

    Seriously thinking. Who you think will get things done.

  17. !! says:

    Yesterday I saw Mark Vanterpool sitting next to the ballfield, and Myron Walwyn sitting at the Sunday Morning Well. Old fashioned political stumping.

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