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Nearly 2 dozen additional samples being tested! Some persons living in dead woman’s building flee

Minister of Health & Social Development Carvin Malone.

While noting that the patient, whose death is suspected to be coronavirus-related “came into contact from an overseas source”, Health Minister Carvin Malone said nearly two dozens persons of interest have been identified.

He said these persons are those who may have come into contact with the patient before she died.

A total of 24 test samples were sent to the Caribbean Public Health Agency in Trinidad yesterday, April 17 and results are expected to return later today, Saturday, April 18.

“These samples were taken from the patient and 22 of her immediate contacts as well as case number-three who is now ready for retesting to confirm his recovery status,” Malone stated during a national broadcast Saturday afternoon.

Some persons living in patient’s building have fled

He said the individuals are persons who resided in the apartment building where the now-deceased woman and her family lived. That building along with neighbouring structures are now under quarantine.

Malone, in the meantime, said BVI health surveillance teams continue to carry out contact tracing as some persons who were living in the area have relocated.

“We are aware that a number of persons residing in the compound have since left. We implore them to call the medical hotline so that we can effectively have these persons examined and/or questioned so that we can determine their status,” Malone said.

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  1. Hmmmm says:

    So curfew on so how and why them ppl who leave. That means they don’t care about anyone else’s life. U were there all along so u need stay there and quarantine yourself gosh man. They should be charged when found

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    • Wow says:

      When found they need to be charged and if not from here be sent to their home country…. this is a total disrespect to us all especially you the government who is trying everything in your power to keep is safe. Look at this

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    • Concerned says:

      Exactly what i am thinking, they should be charged

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    • johnny cash says:

      I second you on that. these people need to be in prison after they being quarantine and release.

    • BuzzBvi says:

      Pretty easy to find them!! After 2 weeks of lockdown you should know by now who you are living with. Any extra people just broke curfew and moved in with you and should be reported to the police. Not hard for people with integrity.
      But people still haven’t told who the killed the little girl out west so maybe not.

  2. Not Good says:

    Some people fled the building after the news? This is not good

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  3. What's the reason to flee? says:

    This is messed up.. Why would you flee to other people’s houses after realizing that you lived with this lady? Now you’re going to get us all killed. Stay put and get tested.

    If you got contaminated, then sucks to be you, fine, speed recovery in Jesus’ name. But you have no right to be running away!! Jesus send help!

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    • Who did that? says:

      Why would you offer a fleeing person shelter??? Why??? What good would that do for yourself and the country? Nonsense!

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  4. Jah says:

    It have to be they are illegal made they have flee the building..

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  5. Jfhrurk says:

    It is time to get to know yourself better everyone get to know yourself better and I mean PRON!

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  6. Legal consequences says:

    Those who fled should be given a time window to turn themselves in and get tested to not only ensure their wellbeing but also, the community they are a part of.

    If they don’t, they are effectively endangering the public and should face the legal consequences of their dangerous and selfish behavior.

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  7. soo says:

    Rightfully they should have not been accepted by anyone knowing the seriousness of this Virus.
    Prayerfully I hope that non of them are infected because that will a catastrophe.

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    • Paranoia 1 says:

      Social Commentaries have a way blowing situations out of control.. Has anyone asked who should have been the First Responders … The Police or The Health Workers…And upon hearing the News Fear arises… suppositions and assumptions..Them People
      did not run they Fled….And with good reason all who claiming that would have remained calm are

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  8. 2 sides says:

    Maybe if people weren’t talking about burning their building down they would have stayed put.

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  9. jr says:

    I hope police find them and lock them up for 10 years minimum. Dem ms!

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  10. Oh no says:

    Please do not come living near me…

  11. Bam says:

    It’s all by design folks in the whole world who is the BVI to not experience a casualty from this fear driven disease rumor.
    1 until that autopsy gets done I don’t wanna hear sh*t about corona kill this lady
    2 another reason to house arrest us so called quarantine come on sheep’s.
    We are really far down the chain on following orders. Its a new age & time
    In the nexus few weeks whatever constitutional rights people across the world got or had is slowly being silenced taken away and remove to impose a new order upon the world. In the name of Coronavirus. You tell me the big difference between you and that so called criminal up at ballo the system put us all in the same level they all imprison us to have to be program when we can shop when we can remove our trash who gets to work what’s necessary social distancing and tmdint think this is just for the corona that’s what gonna stay in place people government is not doing their job they just taking orders and following protocols from the real players

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    • Facts says:

      I like the last part about the who calling the shots. By how the people manage to flee the building in the first place. Why wasnt law enforcement officers left to contain the building. This is a problem now one big mess. Smh who is in control in this place. Lord is madness on earth

    • SMH says:

      You do you, me and mines going follow Orders to avoid catastrophe. We nuh want to get no virus much less dead.

    • Not Good says:

      Confirmed Covid 19 death

      Plus one more positive With a bunch of people who fled the building still not accounted for

  12. Lol says:

    Lord running to go where

  13. sigh says:

    cant be that hard to get their names…..ask the landlord….might sound bad but after you get the names post them so the entire territory can be aware…..maybe some one can help after doing so….

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    • Hm says:

      But remember now I rent from the land lord but I have 2-3 person sharing. Land lord won’t kno all that

    • Ummm says:

      But, the landlord will most likely only have the names for the individuals who have rented the apartment…if the tenant allowed others to live there, then I am not sure the landlord will have those names

  14. Smhhh says:

    “dead woman” the way yall say things amaze me

  15. johnny cash says:

    The person who take um in is stupidity and putting his or her life at risk and his kids, if they have any kids. These person endangering the country now. this is not good. they should report to the health organization for they own good.

  16. Fully concern doctor says:

    How you all know is corona virus kill the lady, when you all don’t have any tester there to test if its corona virus the lady has. This just suspicion, plus the lady died to soon. She went to the hospital yesterday and died today? This seem suspicious and need to be investigated. Corona virus don’t kill people so soon. All the time they sending samples to Trinidad for confirmation and waiting weeks for a result, why all of a sadden they get the result so fast? Something just don’t adding up. The lady maybe an asthmatic and just have an attack, but they keep her isolated with no attendant. Because they thought it could be corona virus.

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    • Listen attentively says:

      Who said that BVIHSA can’t perform the test??? You are mistaken, they can test right here in the BVI and have been doing so. The samples are sent to Trinidad to confirm the results. Trinidad provides an official result. So far all results given from our labs correspond with Trinidad.

  17. V.I OBSERVER says:

    I feel the woman is an asthmatic and they class the woman as a corona virus patient and they never give her any attention in the hospital and she died. These government is only looking for reason to keep us lock down. They don’t have any scanner here to scan coronavirus patient? PLus where they get result from when is Trinidad they send samples to get test and wait weeks to get back results. Why all of a sadden they get result in 24 hours? Think about it, and ask why every time it coming to the end of the curfew lock down, they always have a case of the virus? Something don’t adding up.

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